Turns Out ‘X’ Marked The Spot For Notorious Florida Pool Defilers

An update on the case of notorious pool defilers Andrew Harris and Michael Cline:

As TSG originally reported, the Florida teens were arrested in August for allegedly smearing feces across the bottom of the pool at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Golf Club in St. Petersburg. Said waste was provided by the 18-year-old Harris, who, cops reported, defecated in his shorts and then dove underwater to smear feces “all across the bottom of the pool.”

Court records show that both defendants recently pleaded guilty in connection with the repulsive incident. As part of his sentence, Harris, pictured above, was ordered to pay $1007 in restitution to the hotel.

Now that the case is closed, photos taken by a crime scene photographer (we pity the poor lensman) have been released by the St. Petersburg Police Department in response to an open records request.

The first photo in the series offers a survey of the full pool. The second image zooms in on the area vandalized by the teens. Photo three gets uncomfortably closer to the place where X marked the spot. For especially curious/demented readers, photo #4 gets even closer and--WARNING--is just plain gross. To view it, you’ll have to click the period at the end of this sentence.

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A new Jackass episode- Licking the brown stains off the pool floor...& not throwing up! PRIME TIME punishment!
Corn? how did corn get into the pool?
Boo-hoo. You obviously don't have any kids...
you mean "poo-hoo"
Oh joy, is this how you (would/think) your children should be raised? Did Mommy always cover up your "little" transgressions so that you think this is normal behavior? The two of them should have been fined then sentenced to clean the pool under adult(that excludes you Dieter) for two pool seasons so they could see the error of their ways.