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    A Wyoming man who arranged to pay a prostitute with a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder and French fries was arrested when he showed up for the illicit encounter, food in hand, only to discover that he had been snared in a police sting.

    As part of an undercover operation, cops in Casper placed a Backpage.com ad in the guise of a hooker trolling for clients.

    Investigators charge that David Mangus, 22, answered the ad and arranged last week to meet the purported prostitute for sex. But instead of paying cash in return for oral and vaginal sex, cops say, Mangus worked out a deal to provide the hooker with food instead.

    Specifically, a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and a medium size order of French fries.

    Mangus, seen above, was arrested when he arrived to meet the supposed hooker. He was carrying a bag with the McDonald’s grub when undercover officers took him into custody.

    Mangus was charged with soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor. He was booked into the Natrona County jail and later released.

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    A Minnesota man wearing a Donald Trump mask was punched in the face early today as he walked on a Rochester street with a male friend wearing a Hillary Clinton mask, police report.

    According to cops, the 23-year-old victim was attacked just after midnight by Gabriel Majak, 35. Police say that the masked duo was posing for photos with passersby on a downtown street when Majak approached and threw a punch at the man in the Trump mask.

    The victim was not injured, though the blow broke his glasses.

    Majak, seen above, was subsequently arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and property damage. Majak was booked into the Olmsted County jail, where he is awaiting arraignment on the three misdemeanor counts.

    Majak’s rap sheet includes multiple convictions for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He was arrested last year for making terroristic threats at an Army recruiting station in Rochester. According to police, Majak warned recruits that “future soldiers will have their heads cut off like chickens.”

    In a plea deal, Majak earlier this year copped to a reduced charge and was sentenced to 49 days in jail and 60 hours of community service. Additionally, as part of a one-year probation term, he was barred from using alcohol and drugs and was ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

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    Two 18-year-old women dressed as clowns were arrested last night after they jumped out of a car and chased after a pair of petrified girls, according to Michigan police.

    The victims, both 14, ran from the screaming clowns to police headquarters in Roseville, a city in suburban Detroit. The children, cops reported, were “in hysterics.”

    Officers dispatched to investigate the 9 PM incident quickly located the costumed suspects (whom cops described as “morons” and “idiots” in a press release). Upon spotting the cops, the clowns took off on foot, but were quickly apprehended.

    The suspects--Elandra Sledge and Jaime Sailinis--were dressed in “full clown regalia from head to foot,” police reported. The duo “stated they thought it was funny to terrorize unsuspecting pedestrians,” investigators added.

    Sledge (left) and Sailinis are pictured above. Photos of the duo’s respective costumes are seen beneath their mug shots.

    The teenagers were charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and booked Thursday night into the Macomb County Jail (from which they were subsequently released). Sledge and Sailinis are scheduled for an October 20 District Court hearing.

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    A 12-year-old New Jersey girl was arrested last night for a “killer clown hoax” launched from the Instagram account “Killerclownfromnj.”

    The student, whose name was not released by cops, appears to be the youngest person, to date, collared for making clown-related threats.

    In the Instagram post, the girl made an “unspecified threat” to a public school in Toms River. According to police, “Killerclownfromnj” warned of visiting the middle school tomorrow morning. “The poster also added a series of emoji’s implying violence,” cops added.

    Investigators concluded that the “ill-conceived hoax” posed no “credible threat to students.”

    The Instagram post was tracked back to the girl by cybercrime investigators who arrested the child on a third-degree count of causing false public alarm. The student is also facing disciplinary action levied by school officials.

    Note: Police initially said that the threat was posted to Twitter, but subsequently corrected that report to say that the message was on Instagram.

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    A Florida man is jailed on a domestic battery charge after slapping his girlfriend in the face with a sex toy, according to police.

    Micah Norman, 34, was arrested Saturday evening following a confrontation with his live-in girlfriend at a residence in Madeira Beach, a city west of St. Petersburg.

    A criminal complaint alleges that Norman and the 29-year-old victim were arguing around 10:20 PM when Norman grabbed the woman and shook her. He subsequently “struck the victim in the face with a sex toy,” a sheriff’s deputy reported.

    Seen at right, Norman was charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with the victim.

    Norman, who is being held in lieu of $200, has prior arrests for drunk driving, disorderly intoxication, battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest.

    The complaint indicates that there was an “indication of alcohol influence” with regard to the incident.

    Court filings do not further describe the sex toy used in the alleged battery. The complaint notes that no weapon was seized by police.

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    A New Jersey man is facing a lewdness charge after fellow beachgoers spotted him wearing a “homemade, clear plastic wrap bikini, where his genitals were clearly exposed.”

    Stephen Wojciehowski, 59, was arrested Monday in connection with his alleged indecent exposure earlier this month on a Long Beach Island beach.

    Wojciehowski, seen at right, is free on bond in advance of court proceedings on the misdemeanor charge.

    According to the Beach Haven Police Department, several witnesses reported that the suspect “spent two days on the beach” wearing the Saran bikini. The subsequent police investigation resulted in Wojciehowski’s identification and arrest.

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    New York City police are seeking the public’s help in identifying a woman who used her high-heeled shoe to bloody a 75-year-old man during an attack last month on a Manhattan subway train. 

    According to cops, the suspect was arguing with the victim as their train pulled into the Times Square station before noon on August 19. The attacker, cops allege, removed one of her shoes and slashed the pensioner across the face.

    The victim suffered a laceration during the assault and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

    In a bid to identify the suspect, police released the above photo, a still from a cell phone video recorded by a passenger. Investigators estimate that the stiletto attacker is about 25 years old, weighs 120 pounds, and is 5’ 7” tall.

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    An accused thief’s distinctive “man bun” helped lead to his apprehension in connection with the swiping of video surveillance cameras from a Florida business, according to a court filing.

    Police charge that Landon Hall, 26, last week stole four video cameras from the Villa Laundromat in St. Petersburg. Hall allegedly removed the cameras from their mounts while concealing his face with a “yellow colored pocket square” and a shirt.

    Hall’s efforts to hide his face were not successful, according to a sheriff’s deputy who noted that, “The defendant also had a very distinct ‘man bun.’”

    Seen above, Hall was identified by a cop with whom the suspect had multiple prior contacts. Hall was collared Sunday afternoon for grand theft. He is locked up in lieu of $2000 bond on the felony charge.

    Hall’s lengthy rap sheet includes busts for trespassing; retail theft; narcotics possession; robbery; loitering; credit card fraud; burglary; and possession of drug paraphernalia. Prior mug shots indicate that Hall’s “man bun” is a recent tonsorial touch.

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    A California man attacked several victims with stolen crucifixes during an early morning rampage that ended with his arrest on robbery, burglary, and assault with a deadly weapon charges, cops report.

    According to the Ventura Police Department, Forrest Brantley, 35, broke into the gift shop of a Spanish mission early Thursday morning and stole a pair of crucifixes.

    Brantley, seen at right, then attempted to rob a victim of their phone in the mission’s parking lot. “When the victim refused to give Brantley the phone, Brantley hit that victim with one of the crucifixes,” police charge.

    Brantley then began walking down Ventura’s Main Street “and did the same thing to two more victims, striking them with the crucifix,” cops reported. He subsequently broke the car window of a 75-year-old man who was seated inside the vehicle and “struck the man, causing him injury.”

    After breaking into a thrift store and stealing a bicycle, Brantley “approached another victim...and battered that victim by striking him with the crucifix.”

    Officers subsequently apprehended Brantley and booked him into the Ventura County jail on an assortment of misdemeanor and felony charges. Locked up in lieu of $202,500 bail, Brantley is scheduled to appear in Superior Court this afternoon.

    The victims targeted in the crucifix attacks sustained minor injuries, said cops, who added that the 75-year-old victim was treated at a local hospital for a “moderate injury to the face.”

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    Two Georgia residents are locked up on charges that they phoned 911 with false reports about evil clowns lurking outside a van.

    According to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office, investigators were dispatched last night to investigate a report of “unknown persons dressed as clowns standing outside a white van.”

    After the van’s owner gave deputies permission to search the vehicle, no clowns or costumes were found.

    During a subsequent interview with deputies, Brandon Jerome Moody, the man who placed the 911 call, initially claimed to have seen “clowns around a white van parked on Hammett Road.” Moody, 26, then changed his story before admitting that he fabricated the clown tale.

    Moody, pictured above, confessed that he was aware of “all the complaints about clowns and the schools being on lock down.” This week, local cops reported receiving several calls about “clowns in a van and in wooded areas trying to talk to children.” Police warned that “this behavior is not cute or funny” and could result in criminal charges.

    During questioning, Moody also told deputies that his sister-in-law had also placed phony 911 calls about clown sightings. Rebecca Moody, 27, was later apprehended.

    Charged with obstruction and unlawful conduct during a 911 call, the duo was booked last night into the county jail.

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    Meet Cindy Jean Underwood.

    The 39-year-old West Virginian is locked up on $10,000 bail after she allegedly put out a cigarette in her boyfriend’s eye, according to court records.

    The attack, cops say, occurred Monday as Underwood and Jeremy Hughes were arguing in the home they share in St. Albans, a city in Kanawha County.

    As the pair squabbled, Underwood jammed a lit cigarette into her beau’s eye, police charge. When cops arrived at the residence in response to a destruction of property complaint, they summoned an ambulance, which transported Hughes to a local hospital for treatment of an injury to his left eye.

    Hughes complained to police that he "did not have sight in his eye."

    Pictured above, Underwood--who is facing a felony malicious wounding charge--is being held at the South Central Regional Jail in Charleston. She is scheduled for a September 22 preliminary hearing.

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    A career criminal with the surname Coffee was charged yesterday with throwing hot coffee on a fellow inmate at a Florida jail, according to an arrest report.

    Investigators allege that Andrew Coffee, 53, admitted to dousing the 21-year-old victim with coffee, but denied punching the younger inmate in the head (as victim Chauncey Jones claimed). Throwing the coffee, Coffee explained, was “better than actually ‘beating his ass,’” the report notes.

    Coffee reportedly told investigators that he has “been getting annoyed by Jones because he is much younger.”

    Seen above, Coffee is a repeat felon with a lengthy rap sheet that includes an attempted murder conviction for which he served more than 11 years in state prison. Coffee is being held in the Vero Beach jail without bond following his arrest last year for allegedly attempting to kill a sheriff’s deputy.

    During a traffic stop, Coffee sucker punched Deputy Christopher Lester and then shot the cop in the leg, an attack that was recorded by Lester’s dashboard camera. Lester returned fire, striking Coffee in the legs and torso.

    The coffee battery, a misdemeanor, is the least of Coffee’s abundant judicial troubles.

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    After breaking into a home on Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts man removed a four-month-old puppy from its crate and then doused the animal in purple paint, according to police who busted the man on a variety of criminal charges.

    Investigators allege that Felix Reagan burglarized a home in Oak Bluffs Saturday afternoon and later stole an automobile that he subsequently crashed.

    The burglary victim, Tamara Gemme-Crawford, said that a ground level window had been forced in and several items were taken from her residence. Additionally, cops noted, “the victim’s dog had been painted with purple paint.”

    In a Facebook post directed at Reagan, Gemme-Crawford wrote that, “you took my 4 mo. old puppy out of the safety of his crate where he was no threat to you and poured paint all over him, you put him outside in a strange area like a dirty shoe, and for That I will NEVER forgive you !!”

    When police received a description of the disheveled burglar from a neighbor, they immediately suspected Reagan, who was busted in June for a similar break-in. When cops located Reagan, he was in possession of “prescription pills, a driver’s license and credit cards” taken from the burglarized home.

    Reagan (seen at left) was charged with breaking and entering, auto theft, destruction of property, cruelty to animals, narcotics possession, and assault on a police officer.

    In her Facebook post, Gemme-Crawford called Reagan a “cruel low life animal abuser,” and pledged, “I will be there in the court to watch you cry like a baby when you are not allowed to go home!!!!” Gemme-Crawford's dog, a border collie named Grayson, is seen above.

    Gemme-Crawford told TSG that her puppy was in his crate in a closed, air-conditioned room. “He had water and his toys and he was not a threat to anyone,” she said.

    Gemme-Crawford surmised that the dog--who was not injured by the paint--was barking since Reagan appeared to have given the animal a bag of apple fritters before dousing him with paint found in a cabinet. Reagan, Gemme-Crawford added, then “threw him out the door.”