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    A Florida man was arrested for domestic battery after striking his live-in boyfriend with a cup of ramen noodles, police report.

    Michael Herrick, 40, and his beau “got into a verbal argument at their residence in regards to questions of infidelity,” according to an arrest affidavit detailing the confrontation Friday.

    The 12:30 AM dispute in the couple’s Pinellas Park home turned violent when Herrick threw a cup of ramen noodles at the victim, who was struck in the neck by the noodles. Herrick, cops noted, said that “water was thrown on him” prior to his noodle tossing.

    After cops concluded that Herrick was the incident’s primary aggressor, he was arrested for domestic battery. The 6’ 7”, 200-pound Herrick was booked into jail on the misdemeanor count and released from custody yesterday afternoon on his own recognizance.

    Herrick’s rap sheet includes prior convictions for grand theft, passing bad checks, and violating probation.

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    A thief forced their way into a Michigan home Wednesday and stole the resident’s cat, according to police.

    The home invasion was discovered around 11:30 PM when the victim returned to the Ypsilanti Township property. The suspect apparently entered the home through the kitchen window.

    In addition to stealing the cat, the thief also made off with a laptop, cops report.

    The Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office is asking members of the public to contact them if they have information about the cat burglar.

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    Meet Joshua Ivy.

    The 27-year-old Tennessee man--nude and carrying an unopened can of Coors Light--was arrested early Friday after residents of a Florida beach community called 911 to report “a naked white male banging on their windows and doors.”

    When police arrived at a condominium complex in Santa Rosa Beach, they discovered Ivy was “completely naked and appeared extremely intoxicated.” Ivy, whose speech was slurred, could not recall how much booze he had consumed, where he was staying, or how he had gotten to the Grand Isle Condominiums.

    But he did have an explanation for why he was pounding on doors. Ivy, a police report notes, said that he was “searching for someone to have sexual intercourse with.”

    Ivy’s 3:30 AM quest, however, ended only with his arrest for disorderly intoxication. He spent about five hours in custody before posting $1000 bond on the misdemeanor charge.

    Police found Ivy’s clothing in the condo parking lot.

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    An ex-con bit off a chunk of his boyfriend’s ear during an early morning spat at a Florida residence, according to cops who arrested the accused assailant on a felony domestic battery charge.

    Bruce Tolbert, 31, and his beau of two years tangled early Friday at a St. Petersburg home, court records show. During that encounter, Tolbert caused the victim “permanent disfigurement” by “biting and severing his left ear.”

    When St. Petersburg police responded to a 911 call, “there were no witnesses to the incident.” However, Officer Max McDonald reported, "a portion of the victim's left ear was missing." The severed chunk “remained on the ground at the scene of the incident,” added McDonald.

    Tolbert, seen above, was subsequently arrested for aggravated domestic battery and booked into the Pinellas County jail. He is being held in lieu of $50,000 bond. Tolbert, who works for a seafood wholesaler, has been ordered by a judge to have no contact with the victim.

    Tolbert’s rap sheet includes multiple arrests and convictions. He was released from state prison in October 2014 after serving about seven years in custody for grand theft, robbery, and carjacking.

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    A 12-year-old Texas boy who led police on a car chase this morning before crashing the SUV he was driving into a utility pole may have been intoxicated, according to cops who arrested the child.

    Around 7:30 AM, a patrolman spotted the suspect's vehicle weaving in and out of traffic on an Austin street. When the officer sought to pull over the car, the suspect continued driving.

    With the police in pursuit, the fleeing vehicle struck a car traveling in the opposite direction. While that head-on collision did not stop the suspect’s flight, the driver subsequently hit a utility pole and rolled his car (seen above).

    It was at that point that police determined that the driver was a child. The boy, who was alone in the vehicle, suffered minor injuries and was transported to a nearby children’s hospital for treatment.

    The minor, cops say, is facing several possible juvenile court charges, including driving while intoxicated, failing to stop and render aid, and evading police. Due to his age, the boy was not identified by police, who also declined to say who owned the SUV the child was driving.

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    No, forehead tattoos aren’t just for kids!

    Floridian Secundino Cardenas, 67, has, for some unknown reason, a reflection on giving and getting respect inked in Spanish on his noggin.

    Cardenas, a Miami resident, posed for mug shots Sunday following his arrest on two counts of felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

    Cardenas, a registered sex offender, is being held in lieu of $7500 bond at Miami’s Metro West Detention Center. Scheduled for a November 14 arraignment, Cardenas has been ordered by a judge to stay away from his alleged victim, a family member.

    The defendant's forehead tattoo declares, “Yo soy el indio Colon respetame que yo te respeto.”

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    An Ohio man has pleaded guilty to public indecency for attempting to copulate with a red van parked on a Dayton street, court records show.

    Michael Henson, 35, was arrested in mid-August after police received 911 calls reporting that a man was “pulling his pants down and swinging on stop sign" and getting intimate with an auto.

    When cops confronted Henson, he was only wearing gym shorts and shoes and "appeared under the influence of some type of narcotic." Which would explain why a witness reported that Henson placed his penis “in the front grill of the van and began humping it as if he was having sex with the van.”

    Henson communed with the van “for a while” before passing out in a nearby yard, witness Marjorie Evans told police.

    Seen above, Henson was hit with a pair of misdemeanor public indecency charges. In a deal with prosecutors, he pleaded to one count, while the other was withdrawn, according to Municipal Court records.

    Henson was sentenced to 60 days in jail, though the bulk of that term was suspended. While he was ordered to pay $111 in court costs, the payment of that fine was also suspended. He will, however, spend a year on community control and must undergo mental health counseling if required by probation officers.

    Henson’s rap sheet includes multiple narcotics-related convictions, as well as other convictions for public intoxication, theft, receiving stolen property, and carrying a concealed weapon.

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    A Wyoming man who arranged to pay a prostitute with a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder and French fries was arrested when he showed up for the illicit encounter, food in hand, only to discover that he had been snared in a police sting.

    As part of an undercover operation, cops in Casper placed a Backpage.com ad in the guise of a hooker trolling for clients.

    Investigators charge that David Mangus, 22, answered the ad and arranged last week to meet the purported prostitute for sex. But instead of paying cash in return for oral and vaginal sex, cops say, Mangus worked out a deal to provide the hooker with food instead.

    Specifically, a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese and a medium size order of French fries.

    Mangus, seen above, was arrested when he arrived to meet the supposed hooker. He was carrying a bag with the McDonald’s grub when undercover officers took him into custody.

    Mangus was charged with soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor. He was booked into the Natrona County jail and later released.

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    A Minnesota man wearing a Donald Trump mask was punched in the face early today as he walked on a Rochester street with a male friend wearing a Hillary Clinton mask, police report.

    According to cops, the 23-year-old victim was attacked just after midnight by Gabriel Majak, 35. Police say that the masked duo was posing for photos with passersby on a downtown street when Majak approached and threw a punch at the man in the Trump mask.

    The victim was not injured, though the blow broke his glasses.

    Majak, seen above, was subsequently arrested and charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and property damage. Majak was booked into the Olmsted County jail, where he is awaiting arraignment on the three misdemeanor counts.

    Majak’s rap sheet includes multiple convictions for trespassing and disorderly conduct. He was arrested last year for making terroristic threats at an Army recruiting station in Rochester. According to police, Majak warned recruits that “future soldiers will have their heads cut off like chickens.”

    In a plea deal, Majak earlier this year copped to a reduced charge and was sentenced to 49 days in jail and 60 hours of community service. Additionally, as part of a one-year probation term, he was barred from using alcohol and drugs and was ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

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    Two 18-year-old women dressed as clowns were arrested last night after they jumped out of a car and chased after a pair of petrified girls, according to Michigan police.

    The victims, both 14, ran from the screaming clowns to police headquarters in Roseville, a city in suburban Detroit. The children, cops reported, were “in hysterics.”

    Officers dispatched to investigate the 9 PM incident quickly located the costumed suspects (whom cops described as “morons” and “idiots” in a press release). Upon spotting the cops, the clowns took off on foot, but were quickly apprehended.

    The suspects--Elandra Sledge and Jaime Sailinis--were dressed in “full clown regalia from head to foot,” police reported. The duo “stated they thought it was funny to terrorize unsuspecting pedestrians,” investigators added.

    Sledge (left) and Sailinis are pictured above. Photos of the duo’s respective costumes are seen beneath their mug shots.

    The teenagers were charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, and booked Thursday night into the Macomb County Jail (from which they were subsequently released). Sledge and Sailinis are scheduled for an October 20 District Court hearing.

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    A 12-year-old New Jersey girl was arrested last night for a “killer clown hoax” launched from the Instagram account “Killerclownfromnj.”

    The student, whose name was not released by cops, appears to be the youngest person, to date, collared for making clown-related threats.

    In the Instagram post, the girl made an “unspecified threat” to a public school in Toms River. According to police, “Killerclownfromnj” warned of visiting the middle school tomorrow morning. “The poster also added a series of emoji’s implying violence,” cops added.

    Investigators concluded that the “ill-conceived hoax” posed no “credible threat to students.”

    The Instagram post was tracked back to the girl by cybercrime investigators who arrested the child on a third-degree count of causing false public alarm. The student is also facing disciplinary action levied by school officials.

    Note: Police initially said that the threat was posted to Twitter, but subsequently corrected that report to say that the message was on Instagram.

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    A Florida man is jailed on a domestic battery charge after slapping his girlfriend in the face with a sex toy, according to police.

    Micah Norman, 34, was arrested Saturday evening following a confrontation with his live-in girlfriend at a residence in Madeira Beach, a city west of St. Petersburg.

    A criminal complaint alleges that Norman and the 29-year-old victim were arguing around 10:20 PM when Norman grabbed the woman and shook her. He subsequently “struck the victim in the face with a sex toy,” a sheriff’s deputy reported.

    Seen at right, Norman was charged with domestic battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. A judge has ordered him to have no contact with the victim.

    Norman, who is being held in lieu of $200, has prior arrests for drunk driving, disorderly intoxication, battery on a law enforcement officer, and resisting arrest.

    The complaint indicates that there was an “indication of alcohol influence” with regard to the incident.

    Court filings do not further describe the sex toy used in the alleged battery. The complaint notes that no weapon was seized by police.

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    A New Jersey man is facing a lewdness charge after fellow beachgoers spotted him wearing a “homemade, clear plastic wrap bikini, where his genitals were clearly exposed.”

    Stephen Wojciehowski, 59, was arrested Monday in connection with his alleged indecent exposure earlier this month on a Long Beach Island beach.

    Wojciehowski, seen at right, is free on bond in advance of court proceedings on the misdemeanor charge.

    According to the Beach Haven Police Department, several witnesses reported that the suspect “spent two days on the beach” wearing the Saran bikini. The subsequent police investigation resulted in Wojciehowski’s identification and arrest.