Officer, There’s A Sudsy Naked Guy Bathing In My Pool

Meet Matthew Hicks.

The 32-year-old Hicks--soaped up and naked--was taking a bath early Saturday morning when a Louisiana woman dialed 911 and reported him to cops.

That’s because Hicks was bathing in the woman’s Calhoun, Louisiana swimming pool. According to a probable cause affidavit, the victim “advised that [Hicks] soaped himself down then walked to her back door and began ‘humping on the door’ (glass door).”

Hicks was busted walking down the woman’s driveway, He was naked save for a pair of black rubber boots. Hicks, who admitted bathing in the woman’s pool, was asked by cops why he humped the woman’s door. “She saw me?” he replied.

Hicks, a Glendale, Arizona resident, was charged with trespassing and “genitals in public” and booked into the Ouachita Parish jail, where he posed for this mug shot.