Acquitted Killer George Zimmerman, Wannabe Cop, Saves Family Of Wannabe Astronauts

Meet the Gerstles.

The Florida family was traveling in their Ford Explorer last Wednesday afternoon when Mark, 52, lost control of the SUV, causing it to “go off road and roll over” on a Sanford highway off ramp, according to a Seminole County Sheriff’s Office report.

Along with Mark, the vehicle’s other passengers were his wife Dana, 41, and the couple’s two children, Sadie and Matthew.

The quartet was trapped in the overturned vehicle until two men--one of them George Zimmerman--arrived to help the family out of the car. Zimmerman did not witness the crash and left after speaking with a deputy responding to the scene. He is not mentioned in the sheriff's report.

The Gerstles, who were not injured in the accident, are pictured above in a October 2011 photo snapped at a Disney World Halloween party.

Zimmerman has reportedly been in hiding after being acquitted earlier this month of murdering Trayvon Martin.