Don't Ever Forget What Happened The Last Time The Government Shut Down


With a possible shutdown of the U.S. government looming, it is helpful to remember what happened the last time federal workers received a forced furlough.

According to an FBI interview report:

Unable to begin a new paying job, a 22-year-old female intern continued to work at the White House.

Said intern’s “personal relationship” with President Bill Clinton began on November 15, 1995, the day after the government shutdown began.

On that Wednesday evening, the intern, seizing the moment, told Clinton she “had a crush on him.” The 42nd President responded by accompanying the intern to a back study behind the Oval Office, where he kissed her.

“Unclothed genital contact” would later occur, along with “kissing, hugging, touching, and oral sex on the person of the President, but not intercourse.”

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There is no federal budget, even though there are only two days left until the placeholder budgets expire. The idea of a government shutdown seems increasingly more real. How this shutdown would affect individuals varies greatly. This might leave several people searching for a cash loan to get by.
Demorat socialists want so badly to take over the United States, not realizing their lavish lifestyle will die when capitalism dies. As liberalism advances, the nation declines. The lack of morals and standards will eventually ruin this country as it has others before it.
The "who" want so badly to "what"??? Come out of denial, dear, and KNOW THYSELF.
And Yet, the repukes seem to be the ones pressing another shutdown.. you have about as much common sense as memory, I see... and lavish lifestyles??? Reallllly?? THAT is a repuke PRE-REQUISITE!! Like Michael Steele and having Repuky gofers at a stripper/lesbian bondage bar?? That lavish lifestyle?? Best evidence of the NON-existence of God is that the universe doesn't choke on morons like YOU and puke them into black holes.
US govt should force tea baggers to finish their education or at least, get a GED before allowing them to mingle in the public...
Although not a fan of Nobama. I believe the presidency of any country should come with either complimentary or free blowjobs for whomever is in office. I don't want the guy with the Nuclear codes to have any sexual frustrations whatsoever................................
Someone must stop the spending. The Constitution calls for a meeting of Congress at least once per calendar year. They can't spend if they are shutdown.That is a political statement, the government never ceases to function. The federal government should be reduced by 50%, term limits of one term per legal citizen for life applied, and full disclosure of where funds come from and where they are spent.
Clinton was one of the best POTUS that we had....tea baggers just want to shut the govt down to flex their so-called political power...alqaeda want to shut down our govt just to show their political power....wealty one percenters want to shut down our govt just to show us who is really in charge of the money.....If those who do not love the USA would pack up and leave, this country would be in a much better condition for financial, economic, ethical, social, religious, behavioral recovery.
Thanks, TSG for reminding us of the dirty deed the previous DEMOCRAT president committed while the country was in such 'chaos'...or at least the Democrats said it was chaos, just like they're trying to make such a big deal out of a shutdown, now. OMG! We all might die without the government being open for business for a day or two. How will we survive? How will we visit an IRS office and have one of their lovable agents help us gladly pay our taxes? How will we fly if the TSA won't be able to feel us up? How will we be able to protest against the government if they won't be open to hear us? Our children will starve if the public school lunch rooms will be closed. Babies won't be killed if Planned Parenthood is closed. What will we do?!!! Poor Clinton was so worried about the shutdown that he just had to relieve his stress, somehow. I'll bet Obama will relieve his stress by either throwing a huge party for all his cronies or maybe take them all to another country to eat ribs and ice cream (on the taxpayers dime, of course). Uh oh, maybe he can't do that if Air Force One won't be able to fly, what with the shutdown and all. Maybe he'll just stay home at the White House and play basketball, smoke, have a few beers and lament that he married an Amazon of a woman who could whoop his behind if he even dared to think about getting an intern like Lewinsky.