Don't Ever Forget What Happened The Last Time The Government Shut Down


With a possible shutdown of the U.S. government looming, it is helpful to remember what happened the last time federal workers received a forced furlough.

According to an FBI interview report:

Unable to begin a new paying job, a 22-year-old female intern continued to work at the White House.

Said intern’s “personal relationship” with President Bill Clinton began on November 15, 1995, the day after the government shutdown began.

On that Wednesday evening, the intern, seizing the moment, told Clinton she “had a crush on him.” The 42nd President responded by accompanying the intern to a back study behind the Oval Office, where he kissed her.

“Unclothed genital contact” would later occur, along with “kissing, hugging, touching, and oral sex on the person of the President, but not intercourse.”

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What's with all the political Democrat vs. Republican bullshiat. Every day on here is some sort of crap about how the Republicans are better than the Democrats and vice versa. As far as I'm concern they all have shiesters among their ranks. If you don't like it or have faults with our government then do something about it rather than complaining on an entertainment site such as this. For Christ (who I don't even believe in) sake we all get railroaded by the government but then again we do live in the best place on earth...where people are free to do what they want...where we don't have a tyrannical leader who force feeds us propaganda and executes us for our personal beliefs. If you don't like it lets talk about all of the people who take advantage of our system...have kids one-after-another and force the government to take care of them at tax payer expense. Maybe we should kill these people? Maybe we should punish them for their stupidity? It sounds outrageous but that is something that is done in other parts of the world. Bottom line is...it's not ever going to be perfect...its not about Republican vs. Democrat...it's about how overburdened our system is with the growing population, our energy consumption, our deteriorating infrastructure and our dwindling job market....How do we fix these problems? Both parties aren't doing shiat about it except arguing amongst temselves. Now I'm gonna go and get myself a blow job!
Oh yeah, and then it was the Bush clan stomping round the middle east for oil (at a cost of $6bil per month), the threats to Syria, Iran and N. Korea which certainly helped the cause of 'the west' not being war mongers, the Medicare Program which cost $50bil and then ended up that states had to step in to stop the federal legislation failing miserably. Oh and what about Orleans; that certainly went well didn't it. Remind me, is Blackwater still there? Of course the Bush clan did help financially, oh wait, they ended up nearly doubling national debt to $8.2tril. There's also the $1tril trade deficit - that was a smart move. But the environment is looking good. Oh wait, no, the opposite of good - in fact horribly bad. Which admittedly is a global issue, however, the US hasn't exactly been flying the flag for good intentions. Of course militarily the have outshone their republican counterparts, resorting to using the national guard and reserves to make up more than 40% of the current make up of troops in combat deployment. I mean they manage to do all this and still their so called 'secret' prison camps and judicial system STILL gets caught torturing prisoners, who aren't in fact prisoners because they weren't arrested, just bundled into a vehicle and disappeared. Yeah, good going Republicans. You need to educate yourself - this is EXACTLY the kind of mentality which shines the USA in appalling light, and EXACTLY why the US is seen as the real global terrorists rather than the fabricated Al-Quaeda which was created by the CIA in the 70's. EDUCATE YOURSELF RETURD!!!
I suppose 0bomba's Kinetic Military Action for oil in Libya is acceptable to you huh? Didn't 0bomba say he would end Iraq...and Guantanamo Bay...and the oceans would recede etc? What an awful joke this president has turned out to be and his administration is full of bumbling idiots. You talk about the environment like 0bomba had nothing to do with the oil leak in the Gulf... but don't worry because your media covered for him and played the whole thing down. How is Afghanistan going, or Iraq, or Libya? Your biased media won't talk about them anymore and are simply running cover for the man they helped elect. Tell me this: How much in unfunded liabilities does this country owe to social services like medicare, medicaid and SS? Haven't conservatives for the last 30 - 40 years been saying that we cannot afford this crap? Sure it lasted for 3 - 4 decades on credit but guess what, the bill is due. There isn't enough time, or space to write about all of the failings of this 0bomba admin in only 2 years! All of his failed promises, the stimulus package, the oil leak in the Gulf, Libya, 0bombacare where they had to bribe even their own party's senators to get their votes, the housing crisis, high unemployment, $4 dollar gasoline (so is it 0bomba's oil cronies making all that money now?), transparency which apparently now means 'in secret' like 0bombacare negotiations or any of his personal records, declining salaries and rising cost of living, the global warming scam...I could write all day. This president and his party are an absolute failure!
I'm not saying he IS good. I'm saying the Republicans AREN'T. Also, you need to research your facts before you make a fool of yourself. Approx 2% of the worlds oil comes from Libya, so it's not like they're major players in that regard. And what's this about MY biased media? It's not MY media at all. And by the way, the deep sea oil drilling was singed off by Bush, just an FYI. My point is, they're politicians, they lie, cheat and defruad the populus of every nation.
You're ignorant and wrong. The 0bomba administration signed off on the oil rig's safety. Sorry pal but 0bomba owns that one. Your trying to justify the 'Kinetic Military Action' in Libya only strengthens my point about your obvious hypocrisy. Oil is oil and whether it is 2% or 10% it will have an impact on the market. Why else are we involved in a Libyan civil war and not in the Ivory Coast for example? I will agree with you about politicians, and if you really mean what you say about them then welcome to the TEA party. Republicans are bad, Democrats are worse, and it is time to lead this country in a new direction with a candidate that supports the TEA party principal of less government means more prosperity.
I miss Clinton.....didn't vote for him but damn, he was fun to watch.... And the 60 million that was spent in the hummer investigation, all that we got out of it was the fact that the intern had a eating disorder.....
so a government shutdown leads to oral sex? i gotta get a government job!