Really, Where Else Can A Woman Be Expected To Hide 47 Heroin-Filled Balloons?

Meet Tiffany Giummo.

Ohio cops yesterday recovered a whopping 47 heroin-filled balloons that had been hidden inside the 20-year-old woman’s “body cavity.” Acting on a tip that Giummo was traveling to Columbus to purchase heroin, a Delaware County Sheriff’s Office deputy pulled over a car in which she was a passenger.

During questioning, Giummo admitted that she “did in fact have heroin inside her body and would retrieve it for the Deputy,” according to investigators. The hidden stash resulted in Giummo, pictured in the above mug shot, being jailed on a felony drug possession charge.

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Ah, the life of a drug mule. Full of peril, snitches and the prison-rape when things dont end like they want them to.
Agreed with BrushJumper ;) The word 'bucket' comes to mind!
It's saddens me that such a young girl has thrown her life away.
Better to have caught her now instead of her continuing to ruin so many other's lives with her drug dealing.
Where do you figure SHE is ruining lives with drug dealing? In all my years of drug use I never recall anybody making me take any of it. I do not condon Heroin use but instead of imprisoning users and small time sellers, if we attempted to help those addicted to rehab without fear of retribution we would have more citizens producing and fewer prisoners crowding our jails, costing us money and only learning how to be better criminals.
But, some people ARE forced to use drugs and become addicted victims and others are just plain STUPID and take it upon themselves to try it....like you. But, why should any illegal drug user be mollycoddled when a pedophile isn't, victims or not? Pedophiles also suffer from an addiction whether they take it upon themselves to offend or if they as victims, were introduced to pedophilia as a child. They, like drug users, don't necessarily see their 'crimes' as harmful to others because they think as long as it feels good then it's ok. No wonder they support Democrats. Drug users and pedophiles are dangerous to the public by perpetuating their harmful and illegal behavior, thus the need to remove them from society until they can be rehabilitated (which by the way, has a large failure rate) and if they can't be rehabilitated, then they should stay locked away so they can't 'infect' the rest of the population and bring us all down to their level of depravity. Better to spend tax money on our penal system (which sorely needs to be overhauled and purged of bleeding heart liberals) where criminals can be controlled instead of them living amongst us, abusing government aid where they're free to offend over and over again and pull other victims into their web.
It's called the hood. AKA keeping the black man down. It doesn't work. It's fitting that you support such a horrible cause. Your attempts to demonize the Democrats is pathetic. It may work with your racist neighbors on wheels but it doesn't work on people with an education. Lastly, drug users maybe, but pedophiles? I'd like to know where you got that from because frankly I can't imagine it's true. Oh and because your a teabagger I'll say one last thing. My balls, your mouth. Roll em' around.
Typical nasty leftist reply and using the race card as usual. Pathetic. Prisons are a horrible cause? I guess so, to someone like you who can't control yourself (your language is proof ), but I wouldn't doubt that you've either been in prison or are afraid you'll end up there some day (or possibly have a friend or loved one who's incarcerated). So of course, you'd like prisons to be lax and comfy. You remind me of the demon in "The Exorcist" movie, taunting, yet trying to be comical at the same time. It's obvious you're a very angry person and angry people are people to be wary of. I don't need to demonize Democrats....they do that very well on their own.
Angry, I shiat sunshine brother. Your the typical tea bagging nut job who can spin any political/non polital article into how the Liberals are ruining the country. How about us liberal states stop giving our money to your idiot infested red states. How about it. Look it up s for brains. No, I have never been to jail nor do I plan on going. That is unless the world was run your way. Me and my liberal friends would be taken away and never be seen of again.
Yep, typical lib, even lying about what you eliminate from your bowels even when the proof is in black and white. 'Liberals ARE ruining the country.....look around you. I'm sure plenty of people would agree. Liberal states give money to red states? You're also eliminating bull-s---t along with that so-called sunshine. Put the bong down, pal. And yes, I do point out the left's bad policies and incompetency whenever I can. You said, "Me and my liberal friends would be taken away and never be seen of again."....leftists always accuse the right of doing what they have done or wish they could do. I would just let the people vote (and honestly without implementing fraud like you leftists do) and then you liberals could just go slink away back under your rocks to plan your next pie-in-the-sky, pipe dream Utopian ideas that never work.