Man, 22, And Woman, 52, Busted For Having Sex In Stranger's Hot Tub

Meet Kristie Sheldon and Lucas Arneson.

Sheldon, 52, and Arneson, 22, were busted this week for disorderly conduct after a Minnesota homeowner called cops to report that two naked strangers were having sex in her hot tub.

Police were summoned around 11:30 PM Tuesday to a home in Eagan, a city 15 miles south of St. Paul. There they discovered Sheldon and Arneson, a St. Paul native, enjoying the hot tub (the temperature outside was in the mid-20s).

After citing Sheldon and Arneson for disorderly conduct, cops dropped them off at a nearby house (which is not outfitted with a backyard spa). That residence is occupied by Sheldon’s 29-year-old son, whom she apparently was visiting from her home in Montana.