"Revenge Porn" Pioneer Hunter Moore Cuts Plea Deal, Faces Years In Federal Prison For Hacking

Hunter Moore, the degenerate “revenge porn” pioneer, will plead guilty to pair of felony computer hacking charges, according to a plea agreement with federal prosecutors that was filed today in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles.

In the agreement, Moore, 28, admits to paying a codefendant to steal nude photos from the e-mail accounts of female victims (seven of whom are referenced in the document by their initials).

Those purloined images were then uploaded to IsAnyoneUp.com, the notorious web site founded by Moore (pictured at right).

As a result of his plea to the felony counts, Moore faces a mandatory minimum of two years in federal prison, and a maximum of seven years behind. Additionally, he could face a $500,000 fine and a maximum of three years probation upon his release from prison.

The plea agreement notes that prosecutors and defense counsel both reserve the right to argue for a sentence outside of federal sentencing guidelines.

The plea agreement, which Moore signed on February 12, also details the strict limitations and controls over his future online activities, all of which will need the approval of his probation officer.

Moore’s codefendant, Charles Evens, is scheduled to go on trial March 24, though court filings indicate that his lawyer has also been engaging in negotiations seeking a “pretrial resolution” of the criminal case.

According to the 15-count indictment filed against Moore and Evens, Evens hacked the e-mail accounts of hundreds of victims. In e-mails, Moore directed Evens to “hack more” and “hack all week for me.” In one 2011 e-mail, the indictment charged, Moore advised Evens that they “needed to create new e-mail accounts and delete evidence of the hacking scheme.”