No, Kids, The 911 Operator Is Not There To Settle Beefs With Daddy

Despite reports that a 10-year-old Illinois boy called 911 last week and complained about the dinner his father served, police tapes show that the child actually dialed the emergency number and hung up without speaking.

When the operator called the number back, the boy’s father, Stefan Cristoltean, answered the phone and explained that his son had been misbehaving. “I told him to call 911. He’s misbehaving in front of me and I told him, ‘Call them, let them come over here and see who’s right.’” And the child did just that.

Click below to listen to excerpts from the October 14 dispatch tape.

At one point on the tape, the 41-year-old Cristoltean told the operator, “Now he’s begging me to tell you not to come over here.” In the background, the boy can be heard wailing, “Don’t come over. Noooo.”

Cristoltean calmly explained, “I said, ‘You know what? Call 911 if you think that you have a disagreement with me and you’re right.’ And he called 911.” While beckoning the boy to return to the dinner table from his bedroom, Cristoltean told the operator, “He thinks that is just a joke this 911. I’m telling him that is not a joke and we have to impose some rules in the house and the have to follow the rules.”

When a Buffalo Grove Police Department officer was dispatched to the Cristoltean residence, the child noted that his dinner, “was edible but that he wanted something more to his liking,” according to an online police blotter, which notes, "Yes, we are a full service police department." Before departing the Cristoltean home, the cop advised on the proper use of the 911 system.

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Agree with you completely. Dad's a sicko.
And how would you deal with this situation?
This family has a table from a "diner" in their house? It's funny, most people just have regular "dinner" tables in their houses.
There is for sure no shortage of beer in the house.