Woman, 18, Meets Guy On Dating App, Gets "Cold Feet," Calls 911

After matching with a man on a dating app, an Iowa woman exchanged texts with him before arranging to meet in person yesterday at her residence.

But when Sumaya Thomas, 18, got “cold feet,” she dialed 911 in a remarkably harebrained bid to avoid an IRL interaction, according to cops.

As detailed in a criminal complaint, Thomas, who lives in an Iowa City suburb, called police to report that her abusive ex-boyfriend had shown up outside her residence and was sending her threats via Snapchat to “hit, punch, kick, and stab her.”

Thomas claimed that she “has known this man for two years and that she was pregnant with his baby.”

Officers responding to Thomas’s residence encountered a “male leaving the scene” and began an “in depth investigation about the reports being made.” The man, who was detained by police, explained that he began speaking with Thomas “just over a week ago on a dating app,” and provided text messages that showed “he was being honest and he really did just meet this female.”

After multiple interviews with police, Thomas (seen above) admitted she had been lying, claiming she “got cold feet on meeting him and no longer wanted to.” She fabricated her tales of abuse because she “didn’t think officers would help so she made up this call and the events that she described.”

After being read her rights last night, Thomas, cops reported, explained she pulled the 911 gambit “because she didn’t want the male here and felt we wouldn’t be able to do anything if she just called normally.”

Thomas, seen above, was arrested for placing a false 911 call and making a fake report of an indictable offense, both of which are misdemeanors. Thomas was released from the county jail earlier today following her initial court appearance.