John Lennon’s Murder Was “Unfortunate,” Says Killer Mark David Chapman

John Lennon’s killer last week told a parole board panel that he believed that by slaying the ex-Beatle, “I would become somebody, and instead of that I became a murderer and murderers are not somebodies.”

In a September 7 appearance before the New York State Division of Parole, Mark David Chapman said he made a “horrible decision” to shoot Lennon in front of his Manhattan home in December 1980. “Instead of taking my life, I took somebody else’s; which was unfortunate,” Chapman said.

Click here to download a PDF of the transcript of Chapman’s parole hearing, which ended with commissioners denying his release.

Noting that, “I am not anybody special just for pulling out a gun,” Chapman claimed that his “life has changed because of Jesus Christ.” According to the transcript, Chapman spoke at length about his religious devotion, noting that there is “something more important than me getting out and that is me knowing him and finding his forgiveness in my life; that is extremely important to me, the number one thing in my life.”

Chapman, who has served nearly 30 years in prison, is next scheduled for a parole hearing, his seventh, in 2012.

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you can tell he is still looney as a goose. Does he really think he will ever be allowed to live in the outside world? the minute that guy steps on public ground someone will put a bullet in his brain, just as many have promised over the years. you are a nobody-who killed a somebody.
I personally don't think that he should serve a life sentence in jail, I think that his life should be taken in jail, by the biggest bull but humper in the prison. Whether he has God on his side or not, he's still going to rot in hell.
Hopefully Jesus will stand by him for the rest of his life in jail. Not that I really care, as long as he remains where he is. Rot away Mark David Chapman. You are right, you are nobody. Just the guy that killed John, a murderer. You hurt so many people from your self indulgent actions, I really doubt God will ever forgive you, because he was a really big Beatles fan.