There's A New Mark David Chapman Photo For Your Dartboard

A parole hearing for John Lennon’s killer today was postponed a month so that state officials have additional time to gather records. On five prior occasions, the Division of Parole has refused to release Mark David Chapman.

The 55-year-old murderer has spent nearly 30 years behind bars for the December 1980 slaying of the former Beatle. Chapman’s release has been strenuously opposed by Yoko Ono, the musician’s widow.

Chapman is pictured above in a mug shot taken two weeks ago at the Attica Correctional Facility in upstate New York. He appears to have let his hair grow out, as it were, since posing for a December 2003 mug shot. In that image, seen above, Chapman is bald and looks much older.

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Wow, dig the new design of the SG. Excellent, and you got comments now for the fans! Been a huge fan of you guys for years, now it`s even better! Anyway, about this Mark Chapman, I have feeling this time they are going to parole him for the simple fact that they`ve run out of excuses to hold the guy, which I heard is the real reason they delayed this hearing. They want more time to come up with a plan for his release. Personally I think it`s a death sentence because obviously people are going to be gunning for him but you can`t hold a prisoner for that, so I assume they are going to go the whole route of a getting him a new ID and stuff although with this press we got today, I just can`t see how he can hide. I`d be begging them to keep me in.