Woman, 19, Arrested For Filming X-Rated Webcam Performance Inside Oregon State University Library

A former Oregon State University student is facing a public lewdness charge after she filmed an X-rated video in the school’s library, a clip that has circulated widely on campus.

Kendra Sunderland, 19, was arrested Tuesday in connection with the video shot in the school’s sprawling Valley Library. Sunderland, seated at a table in the library, is seen exposing her breasts and vagina, while also licking and touching herself in the 31-minute video (screen grabs from which can be seen above and below).

The video was shot with Sunderland’s laptop and it appears she is exchanging typed messages with someone watching her exploits in real time. In fact, it seems that Sunderland’s performance was part of a webcam show. Other photos and videos found online depict the teenager--who uses an alias--engaged in similar lewd acts, all of which transpire in what appears to be her residence.

At one point in the library video, Sunderland pulls down her jeans to reveal her panties, and then turns around and grabs her exposed buttocks. She is also seen exposing herself and masturbating.

Sunderland has attended Oregon State, though she did not register for classes this term. It is unclear when Sunderland recorded the video, which shows her frequently looking around to make sure nobody notices that she is exposing herself.

Sunderland did not respond to a message seeking comment that was sent to her Facebook page (which contains two photos of her wearing Oregon State t-shirts).

If convicted of the misdemeanor lewdness count, Sunderland faces a maximum one-year prison term and a $6250 fine.