Yes, Mohamed Atta Is Awfully Lucky He Did Not Come Face-To-Face With Mark Wahlberg

Those box cutter-wielding hijackers would have not stood a chance against actor Mark Wahlberg (as the performer recently explained to Men’s Journal).

Because the 40-year-old Boston native (f/k/a “Marky Mark”) has proven his skill at impromptu combat.

In his younger days, while roaming Southie with a posse of fellow hoods, Wahlberg showed an impressive ability to engage opponents with a variety of weapons, according to court filings by Massachusetts prosecutors.

And by “opponents” we mean African-American schoolchildren (“black niggers”) and Vietnamese immigrants (“slant-eyed gooks”) who crossed Wahlberg’s path.

Young Wahlberg, investigators noted, was a triple threat. He was equally dangerous with rocks, a wood plank, or just his fists.

Mohamed Atta & Co. will never know how lucky they were.