Marked Man Arrested By Ohio Cops Following Drunken Auto Crash

Meet Christopher Gerhart.

The 21-year-old Ohioan was partying early Sunday morning when he passed out, allowing his friends to write on him with markers.

As seen in the adjacent mug shot, this doodling was later memorialized when Gerhart was arrested for drunkenly causing an accident involving three other vehicles. A Breathalyzer test recorded Gerhart’s blood alcohol content at .189, more than twice the .08 legal limit.

Gerhart, who was driving a Ford truck, was arrested for drunk driving and two counts of felony aggravated vehicular assault. During a court appearance today, a judge set Gerhart’s bond at $150,000.

If Gerhart, who remains jailed, can secure his release he will have to be fitted with an alcohol monitor prior to his release from custody. He will also be barred from “any establishment whose primary purpose is the sale of alcohol.”