Man Claims Public Masturbation Was Not "Intended" For Woman Who Called Cops

Meet Paul Payton.

The Louisiana man was arrested yesterday after a woman complained that he “exposed his genitals and began masturbating several different times.” Video of this affront--which allegedly occurred near a boat dock while Payton was seated in his Mitsubishi--was captured by the woman on her cell phone.

When approached by a Monroe Police Department officer, Payton, 43, admitted to masturbating in public, according to a probable cause affidavit. But the suspect offered a curious justification: “The act,” he reported, “was intended for another female that was parked by the victim.”

The affidavit does not further describe for whom the act was actually “intended,” or whether this other woman was aware (or desirous) of Payton’s gift.

Despite his misdirected masturbation claim, Payton was arrested on obscenity charges and booked into the Ouachita Parish Jail, where he is being held in lieu of $10,000 bond.

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I bet she still has the video....she went home and did her own masturbating to it
He probably prefers the "joint". When his arm gets tired he'll have someone to take over. I bet he has a conviction record a mile long...!!!
10k for jerking off wow.
Are we to assume that the car door was open and how the woman was able to take video of the act? I wouldn't be surprised if the perv gets a lawyer to sue the woman for taking video of his private parts like women do when they get video taken of them in public. Used to be, the victim would take off and get a cop, but now they stick around and get video. What a world we live in.
How else would she prove her allegation? She'd be lucky to drag a cop away from his donuts.
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No not the ugly one. That one. * points at attractive woman with one hand. Sticks hand in pants with other.
That's probably what he said when confronted by the cops, too, lol....
Are you sure that this guy wasn't a priest, preacher, rabbi, former governor, congressman, senator or movie star??? Meanwhile, this nut is shakingdown his "Po Boy" like it owes him money for the viewing of someone in the next car???? Oh this guy is sick sick sick!!!!
Good questions but we'll never know. However, based on his demographic, the odds are better than 95% that he's a democrat and proud supporter of obama.