Face Behind The Name: Meet Joshua Holly, Suspected Miley Cyrus Hacker

Meet Joshua Holly.

The Tennessee man, 21, was named Friday in a felony information charging him with possessing roughly 200 stolen credit card numbers. Holly, who was arrested December 30 on a federal criminal complaint, has agreed to a waiver of indictment, which often signals that a defendant has agreed to plead guilty.

Pictured at right in a United States Marshals Service mug shot, Holly is scheduled for a February 11 appearance in U.S. District Court in Nashville.

Holly first gained notoriety in 2008 after he admitted to hacking pop star Miley Cyrus’s e-mail and MySpace accounts. According to an FBI affidavit, Holly (using the alias “TrainReq”) stole and distributed racy images of Cyrus, who was then a minor. Holly, who has earned six figures sending out spam messages, has not been charged with the incursion into Cyrus’s accounts

Though Holly told TSG last February that he had stopped hacking after the FBI raided his home, he continued to brag about his assorted illegal exploits in online forums like Digital Gangster. If convicted of the credit card count, Holly faces up to ten years in jail and $250,000 in fines.

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Is it weird that I'm incredibly turned on right now?
Not really. He looks like he has really soft skin. I bet his hands are so frail. So brittle. So delicate.
Ginger has a raging case of gingervitis. No eyebrows are a sure sign of this disease festering within his body. Rumor has it this infection spreads like any other STD. We can write the history books to include this freckled *** along with Carrot Top as the only significant gingers to ever read about. But his new close acquaintances inside prison wont care, for as the prison-code states: "Its all pink on the inside!". For the price of a carton of cigarettes, you too can have your very own ginger. No returns, all sales are final! On a side note..He made a six figure salary spamming people? Clearly im in the wrong line of work. Its rumored that less than 1% of all spam ever lead to any sort of financial payoff, but its that 1% that keeps everyone occupied. Personally I think the spammer side of him is the worst - Its easy to explain that Miley just has irresponsible parents and she's growing up like a typical celebrity; why she decided having those photos online is just another example we've read before and will read again, several times, before this year is over. In 5 years no one will care about Miley, the same way Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse went out. In the end, she'll be far worse off than you and I. Couldn't pay me any amount of money to live in Britney's world..Same thing will happen again with poor Miley.
Way to go, Lee Harvey! I mean seriously dude, you've got it all going on: douchey mustache, Tom Petty 'do, eastern European throat mole...short of disfigurement, you couldn't do more to keep your virginity intact. Alas, that prison sentence might help bust your cherry! BTW: You should anticipate, accept & embrace what's in your future. First step, changing your alias from "TrainReq" to "TrannyReq'd".
Wow, does he look creepy. This guy has the highest hairline I've ever seen...doesn't it look like someone carelessly placed a very messy wig on the top of his head?
But he looks like such a nice boy......