NYPD Officers Star In Impromptu Dirty Dancing Display During Brooklyn Parade


Now that video of some NYPD officers dirty dancing at last week’s West Indian Day parade is going viral, here are a few images showing some other members of New York’s Finest enjoying themselves at the annual Brooklyn celebration.

As seen in the above images (click to enlarge each photo), one officer from the 78th Precinct in Park Slope was pinned against metal barricades by a costumed reveler who appears to be grinding the appreciative patrolman in the vicinity of his, um, utility belt. After those Caribbean ministrations, the cop accepted a kiss.

Another dancer backed up on a second policeman, who actually pulled out his phone to record the view from above (which bemused onlooking cops and performers). As seen in this photo, the cop receiving the impromptu lap dance kept his weapon holstered at all times.

The parade images were taken by photojournalist (and TSG pal) Nancy Siesel.