Rowdy Florida Woman Explains To Cops, "You Can’t Tell Me What To Do. Obama Owns This Motherfucker!"

A woman who was causing a disturbance on a Florida street rejected a cop’s demand that she stop using profanities by explaining, “Fuck you nigger. You can’t tell me what to do. Obama owns this motherfucker!”

That logic on the part of Tamaria Epps did not sit well with Fort Pierce cops, who last Thursday arrested the 20-year-old for disturbing the peace. Epps, pictured in the mug shot above, is free on $375 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned on the misdemeanor count on May 24.

According to a Fort Pierce Police Department report, cops encountered Epps when they responded to break up a fight between two girls at a school bus stop. As the officers separated the combatants, Epps “started to yell profanities at the crowd.” When an officer asked her to refrain from cursing in front of juveniles, Epps reportedly responded, “Fuck you. This is a free country.”

She then invoked the president’s name and his reported ownership of “this motherfucker.” Epps added, “Fuck all Y’all. Y’all can’t do shit to me.” Police responded to that assertion by placing Epps in handcuffs, but not before she spilled liquid on them from a plastic cup she was carrying. Asked what was in the cup, Epps responded, “Budweiser.”

While Epps claimed she was at the bus stop to prevent the fight, three witnesses told cops that she was actually there to join the brawl.