Films By Lucifer Valentine 666 Will Never Be Allowed Into Great White North

Considering sending a DVD copy of “Professor Shino’s Classes on Seduction” to your cousin in Kamloops?

Be warned that Canada’s Border Services Agency considers that Japanese anime production obscene and could seize it. The 2006 film is among the 65 DVDs reviewed by Canadian government employees during the second quarter of 2010, according to a list of “Admissible and Prohibited Titles” released today.

That entertaining document, excerpted here in a PDF, discloses that 41 titles were deemed admissible, while 24 DVDs were prohibited from being distributed in the country.

The border agency does not detail why certain videos are barred, but titles can give a hint, such as “Asian Femdom Genitorture” and “Regoregitated Sacrifice,” a film credited to Lucifer Valentine 666. Films that were judged suitable for Canadian screenings included “Supersquirt 5” and “The Gangbang Girl, No. 35.”