Either This Perp Is An Insane Clown Posse Fan Or A Big Panda Enthusiast

Meet Andrew Davis.

The 20-year-old Oklahoma motorist was arrested Tuesday evening after he struck a man with his car, dragged the victim 100 feet, and fled the scene. Davis, pictured in the above mug shot, was charged with felony counts of assault with a deadly weapon and hit-and-run.

It is unclear why Davis, who is jailed in lieu of $25,000 bond, was wearing black and white face paint. Though observers could be excused for mistaking Davis for a fan of Insane Clown Posse, whose "Juggalo" followers are partial to similar facial adornment.

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He spent too much time with PS3, his info was stolen and he run a muck cause he had no PS3 online gaming. LOL Clowns do vex me!
Tobey Maguire researching a new role?
They do, and they do it for you and me too. Now let's see what the judge does with this, pardon me, can't help myself....... what the judes does with this a$$clown. Oh, there I said it. I am so sorry........
And this is what Seal Team 6, Delta Force, CIA Special Ops risk their lives everyday for???
That's right -- they do it for the dumbest members of society and no one else...so you should be feeling very safe.
I am combat veteran, in your opinion-one of the dumbest-what's your overseas combat experience??? I'm also a retired federal criminal investigator-what have you done for the United States of America lately Sir???
Mo Ma' I fell off a few barstools in South Korea and Thailand. I could have been killed.
Thailand??? U.S.Embassy??? 5th floor???
Milo Oblong lives!
It would seem he at least has the "Insane" part down pat.