The Best Mug Shot Of A Fan Arrested This Week At A Lady Gaga Concert

Meet Nikki Oakley.

After attending a Lady Gaga concert Monday evening in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the 22-year was spotted by cops allegedly “yelling and swinging at people” in the parking lot of the BOK Center.

A Tulsa Police Department report charges that Oakley was intoxicated and copped to consuming “several shots of mixed drinks at the concert.”

“It was Lady Gaga, it was intense,” Oakley told TSG. Her cheap face paint, she added, was purchased at Hot Topic. And she was wearing a $40 Lady Gaga t-shirt at the time of her bust for public intoxication (though only a portion of the garment can be seen in the above mug shot).

Oakley was freed from the county jail after posting $150 bond.

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Brainless, tasteless & trashy with a horrible taste in music. Pathetic.
Just off the reservation for the night!
Baby, you were born this way!!!
THIS is who'll be affected by a federal government shutdown, don't take her Planned Parenthood $$$ away from her! ;)
I dont get government help cuz i dont need it. and im gay so no need for planned parent hood. thank you very much.
I was at the concert with her... we were pretty messed up. We were trying to paint a big "L" on our foreheads... ya know, for Lady GaGa. Then this moron tells us L is for Loser and we just started swinging. That's how the paint ended up in a swirly thing. Lady GaGa is TOTALLY intense so we're gonna get L tatooed on our foreheads so this can't happen again.
Listen "WAKO"- Alcohol and stupidity is a very bad mixture...and worst..being seen at a transgendered lady gaga function is down right embarrassing...leave that for the tea baggers and right-wingnut republican nations
What a jackass
LMAO!!!! This happens to be my sister. and me personally i dont think she was wanting to have that much fun. lol she did her 16 hr sentance and luckly she dont have to go back being she was in a different state and the first time being arrested. I LOVE YOU SIS!!!!