There Once Was A Time When The U.S. Military Enjoyed Spiking The Football

Who knew we were so civilized?

In light of the White House announcement today that post-mortem photos of Osama bin Laden will not be made public (until, of course, they are eventually leaked), here is a video flashback to the days when the U.S. military regularly spiked the ball.

The military once filmed the execution of American enemies (by hanging and firing squad) and distributed the footage for use in newsreel reports that were often shown in theaters before feature films.

Below you’ll find three such examples, all of which TSG found at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

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Ronny Raygun negotiated with and armed terrorists; Obama executes terrorists. Enough said.
Odumbo will soon release pictures of interrogations at Gitmo to appease his Marxist voters. Sheesh
And why should he appease you? He has more important things to worry about.
gwb handled the hanging of saddam real nicely didnt he
Okay stupid. Bush didn't hang Saddam, the government in Iraq did. It was covered by Al Jazzera It ended Saddams influence with a whimper.
I Doubt if there are any pictures !!!!! Everyone knows how honest the GOV. is . Just a SCAM !!!!
Half of what Alex Jones says is crazy. Thats how he gets listeners.
The only ones authorized and has legitimate rights to see the body are CIA-JSOP, Seal Team 6, Ship's Pathologist and the deep blue sea......the rest of you nagging sissies wanting to see the body, rent deep sea diving gear and have at it!!!
Correct, kind of a need to know thing. the world knows he's dead, that's really all that's needed. someday though, i hope somebody like Ken Burns makes a documentary covering it. just my opinion.
Screw everyone who demands the photo. If it's going to cause harm to one soldier/American citizen it is not worth it. You barbaric lunatics can find yourself your own most wanted man in the world, take pictures and send them to whomever you want.