There Once Was A Time When The U.S. Military Enjoyed Spiking The Football

Who knew we were so civilized?

In light of the White House announcement today that post-mortem photos of Osama bin Laden will not be made public (until, of course, they are eventually leaked), here is a video flashback to the days when the U.S. military regularly spiked the ball.

The military once filmed the execution of American enemies (by hanging and firing squad) and distributed the footage for use in newsreel reports that were often shown in theaters before feature films.

Below you’ll find three such examples, all of which TSG found at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland.

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Dear Working Liberal: I usually enjoy your comments partly because of my own liberal tendencies but mostly because it's refreshing to read rational, knowledgeable comments at a forum like this where so many people obviously operate in "knee-jerk" mode and base their opinions on the latest drivel from Fox News. But you've got me scratching my head now. Do I understand correctly that you are telling the harpies who want bin Laden's death photo to go out and make one of their own? I guess I'm a bit slow on the uptake today. Must be all that pot I'm smoking in my liberal town where it's legal to use weed for medical purposes. The quality certainly beats the hell out of the stuff available way back when I was a kid and did it for fun. Actually, it's still fun AND it takes my pain away! Mea culpa maxima for my buzz-killing density!