Man Tries To Break Down Stranger’s Door To Escape From Zombies And Snakes Chasing Him

An agitated Pennsylvania man tried to kick in a stranger’s front door to escape from zombies that were chasing him and an array of snakes biting at his ankles, according to a criminal complaint.

Police allege that Mitchell Pisarcik sought to force his way into a residence in Sandy Township in late-January. Pisarcik, seen at right, told occupants of the home that he was seeking refuge that evening from pursuing zombies and snakes.

Pisarcik, cops say, pounded on the home’s entrance with his fists and kicked out the front door’s window. As Pisarcik, 28, began climbing through the broken window, individuals inside the home armed themselves with a claw hammer and a frying pan. But when Pisarcik heard a police siren, he went to the home’s rear door and began trying to kick it in.

Unable to gain entrance to the residence, Pisarcik--wearing a t-shirt and jeans in the bitter cold--eventually laid down in the adjacent roadway, where police took him into custody. He was subsequently charged with criminal trespass, a felony, and several lesser charges, including disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

Pisacrcik, who is being held in the Clearfield County Prison in lieu of $25,000 bail, today waived a preliminary hearing in District Court.

No zombies or snakes were spotted by law enforcement officers, who concluded that Pisarcik was under the influence of a controlled substance during the bizarre January 21 incident.