Suspect Signed Name As "Thief" When Making Purchases With Stolen Debit Card

A suspect who used a stolen debit card to purchase a cell phone, beer, and cigarettes signed the sales receipts as “Thief,” according to a Pennsylvania court filing.

Police report that the male suspect swiped the card from a woman who gave him a ride home from a bar last week. The debit card, cops say, was inside a purse in the center console of the woman’s vehicle.

The victim, Joei Thompson, noticed the purse was missing the following day and filed a report with police in Butler, a Pittsburgh suburb. But Thompson’s debit card had already been used to purchase a $200 iPhone 6S at a MetroPCS store and a case of beer and pack of cigarettes from Butler Beer and Tobacco.

When cops examined the sales receipts for the two transactions, they discovered that the purchaser signed his name as "Thief."

The suspect used the surname “Latimore” during the iPhone purchase, which prompted Butler police to check a database that yielded the name Marc Latimore, who “matched the description” given by Thompson “as to the male she gave a ride to.”

Latimore, records show, has a rap sheet that includes convictions for disorderly conduct; marijuana possession; reckless endangerment; possession of drug paraphernalia; public drunkenness; and making terroristic threats.

But after police filed a six-count criminal complaint accusing Latimore, 28, of theft, fraud, and receiving stolen property, they withdrew the charges, according to court records. Investigators now say that the theft suspect used Latimore’s name during the phone purchase. Additionally, when a cop called the number assigned to the iPhone purchased with the stolen debit card, the man who answered “identified himself as Marc Latimore and provided the correct date of birth and address that we have on file for him.”

Butler police did not return TSG calls seeking comment about the withdrawal of the charges against Latimore (seen at left).

In a Facebook post, Thompson wrote that, “My whole life got flipped” by the theft of her purse, which also contained two phones. She urged her followers to “be a decent fucking human being and tell someone if you see anyone selling them or hear any idiots bragging.”

8/14 UPDATE: Police have charged Ewari Ellis, 36, with stealing the victim’s debit card. In addition to the counts initially filed against Latimore, Ellis, a Butler resident, is facing an additional misdemeanor count of falsely incriminating another person.

Ellis, pictured in the below mug shot, is a convicted felon whose lengthy rap sheet includes convictions for drunk driving; disorderly conduct; assault; burglary; criminal mischief; receiving stolen property; theft; narcotics possession; reckless endangerment; and firearms possession.