Famous New York DJ Latest Target Of Secret NYPD Fellatio Task Force

While it’s surely embarrassing for a well-known hip-hop DJ to get arrested with his penis in the mouth of another guy while seated in a parked car at 4 AM, perhaps racing to Twitter to decry “haters” and claim that he was targeted by a secret NYPD detective squad may not be the best stab at damage control.

But that’s what Calvin Lebrun, 44, did yesterday in response to word getting out that he was busted last Wednesday on misdemeanor public lewdness and indecent exposure charges. Lebrun, known as “Mister Cee” on Hot 97, was nabbed along with Lawrence Campbell, 20, according to a criminal complaint sworn by Officer Lindsay Agard.

The cop reported spotting Campbell (who used the name “Brooke-Lynn Pinklady” on his just-deleted Facebook page) “manipulating” Lebrun’s “exposed, naked, and erect penis” with his “mouth and lips in an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex.” The duo was collared March 30 in a car parked on Manhattan’s far West Side, two blocks from the Holland Tunnel.

Campbell (left) and Lebrun are pictured above. Lebrun has previously worked as Big Daddy Kane’s DJ and helped produce “Ready To Die,” The Notorious B.I.G.’s debut album.

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Perhaps he was just trying to manually inflate his ego....
Pathetic closet case.
So what? I think there are worse crimes in the Big Apple.
I guess you could say it was lust at first bite....or perhaps Cambell was just demonstrating the proper method to perform CPR to the DJ when things got "out of hand" when his zipper mysteriously broke and it was all just a simple little accident...
You're an idiot. How old are you? 12?
So many "down low" people in Hollywood and the Music Industry. What else is new?
FYI: The Twitter account is reportedly fake and still hasn't been verified.