Meet James Dobran, The Notorious Ohio Dunkin' Donuts Urinator

What kind of a guy goes into a Dunkin’ Donuts at 1:30 AM and urinates on the front counter?

Meet James Dobran.

The 19-year-old Ohioan was collared early yesterday after workers at the Alliance donut shop called 911 to report that a patron had exposed himself and urinated on the counter and floor.

Cops who confronted Dobran at the Dunkin’ Donuts outlet noted that he smelled of booze and showed other evidence of intoxication, according to an Alliance Police Department report. Dobran is seen in the above mug shot.

It is unclear why the teenager chose to relieve himself on the counter of the business, which has a bathroom available to customers.

After being transported to police headquarters, Dobran “stated that his people from Youngstown would kill me very soon,” reported Patrolman Donald Bartolet. Along with public indecency and criminal mischief, Dobran was hit with resisting arrest, underage consumption, and aggravated menacing counts.

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This is just a shame. We just graduated last year. And I am tired of reading all of these horrible things posted about him. He is a really sweet boy, and it is a shame what had happened. And if you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself and do not say it at all.
He smelled of booze and tried to pee on the doughnuts,i doubt the professor had anything to do with that! Now, if he reeked of weed and tried to eat the doughnuts without paying, that's a hole new doughnut!! more likely a pledge
"public indecency and criminal mischief, ...resisting arrest, underage consumption, and aggravated menacing" are nothing compared to the price tag for the biohazard clean-up the state health department will demand before the store can reopen. If there's any justice, he'll have to shoulder the cost of that clean-up.
Probably a college student who listened one too many times to his leftist professor ranting about the evils of capitalism.
this happened in ohio. this kid is a gangster wannabe not an intellectual.