For What It's Worth, Donald Sterling Is A Registered Republican (Like Every Other Billionaire You Know)

Since there have been contradictory reports about Donald Sterling’s political affiliation, there’s this:

While the Los Angeles Clippers owner has made small contributions to Democratic candidates--though not for nearly 20 years--the billionaire is currently registered to vote as a Republican from his Beverly Hills estate.

According to Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder records, the 80-year-old Sterling’s GOP registration is out of 808 N. Beverly Drive, a Beverly Hills property owned by The Sterling Family Trust (of which Donald Sterling is trustee).

The Registrar-Recorder’s web site allows visitors to key in a voter’s surname, date of birth, zip code, and the house number of their residence. After inputting that information for Sterling, the site generates a new page reporting “Registered Party: REPUBLICAN.”