Cops: Inmate Had Condom Stuffed With 30 Items Crammed Up His Anus

A Florida inmate is facing new criminal charges after a strip search turned up a remarkable array of items hidden inside a condom sticking out of his rectum.

Neil Lansing, 34, was jailed Friday after being sentenced in Drug Court on a possession charge. It appears that Lansing stocked up on contraband in anticipation of serving his time, according to a Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office report.

During a “routine search of inmates” Friday night, jailers “observed part of a condom sticking out of the defendant’s anus.” After the item was dislodged, deputies discovered it contained:

* 17 round blue pills marked “54/199”

* 1 cigarette

* 6 matches

* 1 flint

* 1 empty syringe with eraser over needle

* 1 lip balm container

* 1 condom

* 1 CVS receipt

* 1 paper coupon

Lansing, pictured in the above mug shot, was charged with illegally possessing drugs (the blue pills were Oxycodone) and tobacco inside a county jail.

Comments (19)

Only one cigarette? Are they sure it wasn't one carton?
What a very talented guy! Anyone that can suitcase that much stuff would do well in the Frisco bar scene!
The pills were Roxicodone 30 mg, a narcotic pain reliever. Very dangerous.
The only thing not mentioned was the Barbie Malibu Dreamhouse complete with Ken and his entire extended family visiting for the super bowl.
Lip balm?????
Actually, the article said "lip balm container". I'm guessing it was empty of lip balm and that he stashed the pills in the empty container.
Nice guess, but I'm thinking the cigarette was in the lip balm tube. Otherwise, that cigarette would have looked kinda crappy when it came out (bent/broken....not brown!!)
My thought was that the receipt and coupon were used to wrap up some of the other items?
Interesting.... a receipt and a coupon....... don't think he would be making returns or purchases while in jail. I guess they might work as a mini fire starter....