Oliver Urface Joins Curious Roster Of Donors To Stephen Colbert's Super PAC

While the pace of donations to Steven Colbert’s super PAC has slowed, “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” continues to bank contributions from supporters with rather curious names.

Federal Election Commission records show that Colbert’s committee has recently received two separate contributions (totaling $275) from one Oliver Urface of Knoxville, Tennessee. While Urface purportedly lives on Shane Lane, an actual street, no record of his existence could be found in various online databases.

The donations from Urface--whose full name could, of course, be mistakenly pronounced as “All Over Your Face”--follow prior contributions from Colbert supporters like Pat Magroin, Harry Ballsagna, Ibin Yerkinoff, and Frumunda Mabalz. The uniquely named quartet last year donated an aggregate total of $37 to the entertainer’s political committee.