Donors To Stephen Colbert Super PAC Include Frumunda Mabalz and Ibin Yerkinoff, Records Show

In announcing that his super PAC has raised more than $1 million, Stephen Colbert today filed a report with the Federal Election Commission identifying his donors and the amount of money they gave to “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow.”

A careful analysis of the FEC report reveals that several Colbert supporters may actually be funneling money to the comedian via aliases. Such as:

* Harry Ballsagna, of Gladstone, Oregon, donated $1 on December 17.

* Frumunda Mabalz, of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, donated $1 on August 9.

* Pat Magroin, of Lakeside, California, made two donations totaling $25.

* Ibin Yerkinoff, of Levittown, Pennsylvania, donated $10 on August 19.

Apparently, Heywood Jablome and Phil McCracken are already committed to the American Crossroads effort.