Stripper/FBI Informant Who Torpedoed Federal Judge Plots Literary Career

The Georgia stripper-cum-FBI snitch who helped bag a federal judge on drug and weapons charges says she is satisfied justice has been served--and is now setting her sights on becoming an author.

Last October, TSG identified Sherry Ann Ramos, 27, as the confidential informant who cooperated with federal investigators to ensnare U.S. District Court Judge Jack T. Camp Jr. in an undercover sting.

Ramos provided her FBI handlers with details of her relationship with Camp, who she met while working as an exotic dancer at Gold Rush Showbar in Atlanta. Ramos told agents that she shared various narcotics with Camp, whom she said paid her for sex.

The 67-year-old Camp, who pleaded guilty in November to a felony drug charge and two misdemeanors, was sentenced last Friday to 30 days in prison. When asked via Facebook what she thought of her former paramour’s punishment, Ramos responded, “he shouldve got life.” Though she then noted, “but i can live with 30 days.”

Ramos, who herself once spent three years in federal custody added, “u look forward to my book coming soon ‘Da Truth And Just Us For All.’” It is unclear when that tome will--like Ramos once was--be available for purchase.

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The FBI was involved with this case and all this guy got was 30 days? As for stripper girl, your 15 seconds in the light are over so go back to the pole you came from. Like shizz said, read a book!
Ugly bitch needs to go away
a good prerequisite to writing a book is actually reading one