Dopey Texas Perp Taunts Local Cop With Vulgar Tattoo He Will Soon Regret

After Jonathan Thompson was arrested Monday for fighting with his stepfather, the 30-year-old Texan was booked into the county lockup, where jailers took his mug shot and photographed his tattoos for identification purposes.

As seen at right, that inventory included a piece disparaging a local constable who had arrested Thompson in March for burglary (and who also busted him this week).

The constable, Woody Wallace, told TSG that after he learned of the tattoo--which Thompson got following his burglary collar--he asked Thompson why he would have “Woody Wallace Can Suck My Dick” inked on his thigh. “He said, ‘Because I was mad at you the last time,’” Wallace said.

Wallace, now a candidate for Trinity County sheriff, said that Thompson was sentenced to probation following the burglary conviction. However, in light of this week’s arrest, Thompson (pictured above) could have his probation revoked and be sent to state prison for two years.