Camera-Shy Texas Tridenthead Assaults Photographer With His Skateboard

Meet Johnathan Washburn.

The 23-year-old Texan allegedly assaulted a man who, intrigued by Washburn’s coiffure, made the mistake of photographing the skateboarder Monday night on an Austin street.

According to cops, Washburn clobbered the shutterbug in the head with his skateboard after the man refused to delete the image from his camera. That request was made by Timothy Beard, a 19-year-old Washburn pal who has been accused of stealing the man’s sunglasses.

Washburn, facing a felony charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, remains jailed in lieu of $12,000. Beard, hit with a felony theft rap, is also at the Travis County lockup, where he is being held on $7500 bond.

Presumably, Washburn was more cooperative when posing for the above mug shot taken by sheriff’s personnel.

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Gee if the 'locals' don't like having all the out of town folks from SXSW I am sure the folks behind the festival would LOVE to hear from you. So too would the businesses that rake in the cash during this same period. When I ran with punks in the 1980s I could never understand why people that would spend SO MUCH time on how they look, each one trying to outdo the other in an effort to be 'original'-only to snap at people who stared or tried to take pictures. what on earth do you expect people to do? hide their eyes? Look away? If you're such a punk rock retard that the only way you know how to say "don't take my picture man" is with your skateboard-while hanging on a public street during one of Austin's biggest open events of the year-its mister macho punk rock asshat who needs to get a grip, not the tourist. There's no "how to" manual for how to be a tourist in Austin-just like every big city. I live in SF and people have all kinds of different behaviors, including things like tipping, courtesy and rudeness depending on where they're from. If you can't cut it living in one of Texas' largest cities move out to the suburbs and let the big boys and girls live there.
Why isn't he "busted up" looking? The guy who allowed this goof-ball to hit him with his skateboard needs some man up lessons
With all of us CHL [Concealed Handgun License] holders in Texas the punk is lucky he didn’t get shot if the little bastard would have came at me with his board I would have stopped the threat.
OK, before you people start getting carried away...there's some details you NEED to know. Now I'm not defending shorty's actions by any means, it was a stupid thing to do...however; this past week is SXSW, if you don't know what it is...look it up. 300,000+ people flock to the small city of Austin Texas, and they treat the locals like absolute shiat! This photographer had absolutely ZERO business taking somebody's photo without their permission. We Austinites are not *** animals in a zoo, we live here, work here year round, we are not characters at Disney World for you to pose with. It's 2011, you've never seen a trihawk before? Really...go back under the rock from which you came. All I'm saying is that, if you want to come to our town, please do...have fun, spend your money, then leave...but please, do not disturb the wildlife as they tend to bite back.
^^ like x infinity. SXSW is over...finally. Now we can go about our ways without being left harassed, un-tipped and our beloved city polluted with the trash inconsiderate fools leave at the bus stops. This kid just got caught, that's the real deal.
never mind.....
Can't shave the punks head he has rights unfortunately, and it's not a sin to look as ugly as he does with his hair do. Welcome to what our world will look like 15 years from now because of freekie hair do's and pants pretty much down around their ankles.
John B., you hit the nail on the head and took the words right out of my mouth. This kid is a punk and deserves a TON of attention from the authorities. Maybe that'll fill his craving.
what a douchebag...
Not as much of a douche as the prosecutor bringing felony charges against someone for taking a pair of sunglasses. WTF?