Things Not To Say (Or Admit) To A Law Enforcement Agent (#3)

Steven South was arrested this week in Georgia for “simple battery family violence” after allegedly striking his wife during an argument.

When deputies with the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office spoke with South’s wife, she said that her husband slapped her in the face as he exited their vehicle (he was en route to a friend’s barbecue). Joanne South’s account was corroborated by a girl in the car.

Questioned by investigators, Steven South, 31, first denied hitting his wife. But when asked why her “face would be red on one side,” South changed his story, as seen in the above excerpt (click to enlarge) from a sheriff’s incident report. The admission resulted in South, pictured in the mug shot at right, being placed in “double lock handcuffs” and booked into the county jail.