Ohio Man Calls 911 Over Beer Dispute, Hits On Female Operator And Seeks Her Digits

After calling 911 to complain that his ex-wife was withholding five cans of Milwaukee’s Best beer, a tipsy Ohio man hit on the female emergency operator, asking for her “personal phone number” and remarking, “You sound kinda pretty.”

John Bansley, 46, was arrested Monday morning on an open container charge, shortly after purchasing a six-pack at a market in Avon Lake. After being cited by police, Bansley was transported to the home of his former spouse, who agreed to take custody of him (and his remaning five beers).

But when the woman refused his subsequent request to turn over the beer, Bansley called the Avon Police Department for help in recovering his suds (the 911 recording is below). While simultaneously quarreling with his ex-wife, Bansley told the police operator, “It’s a fight over a beer.”

As Bansley explains the dispute over the beer, the operator can be heard whispering--apparently to a cop being dispatched--“They are arguing over his beer.”

After telling Bansley that she was sending an officer to his wife’s home, the operator said, “Well, if you need anything else call me back, okay?” Bansley replied, “Well, you got a personal phone number? You sound kinda pretty.” Laughing, the police employee declined Bansley’s digit gambit.

When the patrolman arrived at the residence, Bansley was arrested for misuse of the 911 system. Seen in the above mug shot, Bansley pleaded no contest Tuesday to that misdemeanor count and the open container rap. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail, though 25 days of that term were suspended. So Bansley should be free tomorrow.