TMZ’s "Exclusive" Photo Of "Jerry Sandusky" Evaporates, Subject Probably An Insurance Agent From Toledo

So who is the poor air traveler TMZ mistakenly identified today as accused child molester/former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky?

In what the frequently unreliable gossip site blared as another “EXCLUSIVE,” the photo purportedly showed “Sandusky” this morning at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. “Sandusky” was waiting for a flight--to where the site did not disclose--and passing the time by “diving into a bag of Dunkin Donuts.”

The site claimed that “Sandusky” was approached by several people seeking to strike up a conversation, but he “politely declined to engage them.” The country's most reviled man apparently was traveling without security.

Around 6 PM, the site deleted its “Sandusky” exclusive, which was posted early this afternoon. Harvey Levin & Co. have yet to disclose why their “Sandusky” story disappeared. Levin, 61, is pictured at left.

Hey, on the plus side, they didn’t describe the image as a photo that “could have changed history.”

UPDATE: TMZ “explains” its latest embarrassing error. Offers no apology, of course, for linking poor guy to sordid child molestation case. Also reprints “Sandusky” photo--but this time makes sure to remove watermark (which is comprised of its logo repeating more than 100 times).