Florida Cop Laughed When Asking 7-Eleven Clerk About Selling Trayvon Martin His "Famous Skittles"

During an interview with a Florida store clerk who encountered Trayvon Martin moments before the unarmed teen was shot to death by George Zimmerman, a Florida cop laughingly asked the witness, "Did you have any idea that you were the 7-Eleven clerk that sold him the famous Skittles?"

The recorded interview, conducted March 29 in the Orlando offices of the Florida Departent of Law Enforcement, was included in discovery material released today by prosecutors.

An interview excerpt can be found here:

The unnamed clerk was working the register at the 7-Eleven on the night of February 26, when Martin, 17, purchased Skittles and a can of Arizona Iced Tea. He told investigators that he could not recall the transaction, which was captured on a store surveillance cameras (as seen above).

During the interview, the clerk was asked about the sale of the "famous Skittles" by an investigator named David, who chuckled upon finishing his question. The question was met by laughs by several other individuals present for the interview (a group that included two of the clerk’s family members and a second investigator). The 7-Eleven clerk, however, apparently was not among the group chortling.