Delusional Superhero Anthony Weiner Liked Telling The Ladies About His Cape, Tights

Anthony Weiner’s superhero delusions were not limited to the Las Vegas blackjack dealer to whom he lustily wrote last year about his cape, tights, and search for a “sidekick.”

In private Twitter messages last month to a Delaware high school student, Weiner told of butting heads with Republican congressional opponents. Describing how he returned fire at his political foes, Weiner told the 17-year-old girl, “I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape shit.”

The girl shared Weiner’s tweets with acquaintances and posted his tights/capes quote on her Tumblr blog, along with the notation, “My favorite congressman <3.”

The teenager’s Tumblr page has since been deleted, and her parents did not respond to TSG messages left at their home.

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The use of' 'Large.' and then 'tights and cape shiat' tell me this guy was leading up to more explicit references.
The use of' 'Large.' and then 'tights and cape shiat' tell me this guy was leading up to more explicit references.
This is a distraction. We should be discharging ALL the elitist, progressive, unresponsive, and out for themselves congresspeople who have been stealing from our pockets for years while we have been apathetic. All parties. We should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen. How do we let thieves like Rangel and Geitner get away with it? Enough is enough!
He sported his tiny crank, so what's the big deal here??
"big deal", no. Tiny deal, yes. Still wondering if the explicit pics were actually Huma...
The big deal is that people like you have to ask that and yet you vote.
TruthBear.....Yes, I do vote, I love watching reruns of "The Three Stooges," Lady GaGa, Mork & Mindy, Limbaugh, Beck & O'Reilley. Sarah Palin could out think Michelle Bachmann any day of the week. There's nothing like a quick 7-11 Smoothie brain freeze followed by a hot cup of black coffee with extra sugar. Superglue taste better than Elmer's white paste especially spread over lead paint chips with baloney, but you probably know all about that already....
Judging by those comments, at least we know you're a male.
OK, see, the fact that he's posting pictures of his private parts on Facebook or Twitter and then sending them to a young college girl, and he's married, well, that's certainly not a good thing, but it's not the worst thing either. The question that the media--and no one else to this point has asked--if Anthony Weiner has all this time to do this, what amount of time is he really putting into doing the job that his constituency elected him to do!!?? See, this is what no ones getting into. This is the same thing that came out about former--Illinois--governor Rod Blagojevich--the guy was doing all this shaking down of various people that the ass wasn't even doing his damn job the people sent him to the governors office to do!! His chief of staff and various other aids were signing important documents and papers to keep the state running to the best of their ability!! What I'm saying is that folks are asking him to resign, but if it can be shown that he's doing his job, well, keep him in his position as Congressman, and if it's shown that he really isn't doing his job at all, well, get rid of the bum then!! Simple as that. All the crap communication that he's posted on Facebook and Twitter and the like, well, that's just a bunch of bull$%#@& talk, doesn't really mean anything. People are much to consumed with a bunch of nothin instead of dealing with the real issues. L. D. Green, Chicago, Illinois
I agree with you. If Weiner screwed himself this bady, just imagine how much damage he can and will do to his constiuents if he refuses to resign. He can't protect himself nor act in his own best interest, how can we expect him to do the same for the people he was elected to represent. This lying pervert has no one to blame for this mess but himself. Of course, he doesn't see it this way but that is because he is and always has been a weasel.