Delusional Superhero Anthony Weiner Liked Telling The Ladies About His Cape, Tights

Anthony Weiner’s superhero delusions were not limited to the Las Vegas blackjack dealer to whom he lustily wrote last year about his cape, tights, and search for a “sidekick.”

In private Twitter messages last month to a Delaware high school student, Weiner told of butting heads with Republican congressional opponents. Describing how he returned fire at his political foes, Weiner told the 17-year-old girl, “I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape shit.”

The girl shared Weiner’s tweets with acquaintances and posted his tights/capes quote on her Tumblr blog, along with the notation, “My favorite congressman <3.”

The teenager’s Tumblr page has since been deleted, and her parents did not respond to TSG messages left at their home.

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This guy is just plain stupid. The arrogance combined with over-inflated ego caught up with him. He is a scum-sucking bottom feeder like all politicians, except what separates the soon-to-be ex-Congressman is that he is a pervert. Now his wife is pregnant and his unborn child will come into the world stained with his sin. The child won't have the bragging rights or out-sized privleges of being a Congressman's child. Instead, this child will only be able to tell anyone who cares, that his or her father is a foolish pervert.
Can anyone say "Another elected Bonehead"? I bet you can.
Rep.Wiener is standing firm on his no resignation stance but I think that within a week he will go soft and vacate the office. There is so much pressure on him right now to leave that he will have no option but to go limp and pull out. I just can't wait to see the headline" Wiener Screws Himself".
Weiner is a dangerous narcissistic psychopath. As if the congress; the presidency and the supreme court needed more. Maybe they'll be so busy wanking themselves, and each other, they'll leave the rest of us the hell alone! Right now, we're assaulted by the Weiner's and Boehner's on each side with a Pelosi smacking in the middle. If this weren't so tragic, and dangerous, it would be funny as hell. They're coming! Lock and Load!!!
Weiner is only human, just like the many big mouthed morons posting crap everywhere..no one is a perfect saint. Move on and leave this poor smuck alone...
Ah, you're just mad because people are dissing your super hero. Um....did you mean 'schmuck' or did you just visit MoveOn.org while eating a half a peanut butter sandwich with jelly on it?
What human makes an ass out of himself like this? If you are beating your meat on Twitter and talking about tights and capes, and stupid enough to post this stuff on public boards where you know it is going to be discovered AND you are a politician, AND your last name is Weiner, do you really think we are not entitled to a good laugh on him.
Hmmm....feelings of grandeur, sexual deviency, corrupting minors, emotionally hurting others, split personality and self-destruction. Yep, it's true that liberalism is a mental disorder.
The guys a phony and a fool.IHe is such an egotist and in love with himself and determined to find a little immature girlfriend he can impress. What he dose is go to the grocery store and buys a canadian suasage and stuffs it down his pants then takes pictures of himself. He has a Napolionic complex and needs to make himself feel better because the gals throughout his miserable existance have nick named him shorty or short stuff.
^ Writes Canadian sausage on grocery list