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    Accused of pleasuring himself while walking around a Target store, an Iowa man told cops that he was “not masturbating his actual penis,” but rather “a dildo he had in his shorts.”

    Despite that convincing explanation, Deshawn Brown, 25, was busted for indecent exposure, according to a criminal complaint.

    Seen at right, Brown, who lives a few blocks from the Target in downtown Iowa City, was caught on camera earlier this month “touching his clothed genitalia as well as his exposed penis.”

    The defendant, investigators stated, “has prior incidents of the same behavior.” In July, Brown was sentenced to two years probation for indecent exposure and placed on Iowa’s sex offender registry. 

    When questioned by police about his Target stroll, Brown reportedly claimed to actually have been engaged with a stashed sex toy. However, cops noted, video evidence “suggests the phallic object in his hand was indeed connected to his person.”

    Charged with several misdemeanor indecent exposure counts, Brown was released from custody last night after posting $3000 bond. He is also facing a probation violation count related to his sentencing earlier this year.

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    A Louisiana nurse survived an attempted spork stabbing by an “extremely combative and aggressive” patient, police report.

    Officers were dispatched yesterday to Glenwood Regional Health Center’s behavioral health unit “in reference to a disturbance” around 2 AM.

    Upon arrival at the West Monroe facility, hospital staff told cops that Madison Bingham, 19, had been “extremely combative and aggressive” toward staff and “made numerous threats.”

    The patient was arrested after a female nurse said Bingham “attempted to stab her with a plastic ‘spork.’” The nurse was able to dodge the alleged spork stabbing bid.

    Monroe, who lives in Vicksburg, Mississippi, was arrested for simple assault, a misdemeanor, and booked into the local parish jail, where she is locked up in lieu of $500 bond.

    A probable cause affidavit does not reveal why Bingham was in the hospital, or whether the spork was seized as evidence.

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    A Florida Woman is facing a felony charge after allegedly shoving a bag of dog poop into the face of an elderly neighbor, cops report.

    Kali Robertson, 28, was arrested Sunday morning after a confrontation at the mobile home park where she and the 76-year-old victim live in separate residences.

    According to a complaint charging Robertson, seen at right, with battery on a victim 65 years or older, she became upset with Daniel Powell, who “would always speak with her while she walked her dog.”

    Robertson, cops say, took an “unsecured bag of dog feces and pushed it” into Powell’s face, “leaving feces smeared on his face and the bag on the ground.”

    The dog waste bag “matched those in the defendant’s possession and she ultimately admitted to the battery,” a Pinellas Park Police officer noted.

    Robertson, who was released from jail Monday after posting $2500 bond, yesterday pleaded not guilty to the third degree felony.

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    12/7 UPDATE: Jury convicts Trump superfan

    The Trump superfan busted for allegedly forging his dead father’s name on a 2020 election mail-in ballot is a convicted felon who was sentenced to 12 years in prison for financial fraud and ordered to pay $22 million in restitution, an amount he recently challenged via a bizarre pro se motion in which he requests to “identify” as “HUNTER BIDEN” in all future court proceedings, records show.

    Robert Rivernider, 58, was charged last week with fraud and forgery for allegedly signing his father’s name to the ballot, which was postmarked days after the older man’s October 2020 death (which was due to COVID-19, according to a federal court filing).  

    As detailed in a criminal complaint filed in Sumter County, Florida, based on a comparison of signatures for Rivernider and his father, “there appear to be similarities between the signatures in the 2020 election” that match Rivernider’s signature, “but not prior versions of [his father’s signature].”

    Pictured at right, Rivernider moved into his father’s Wildwood home after his May 2020 release from a federal lockup in Estill, South Carolina. In December 2013, Rivernider was sentenced to 12 years in prison after pleading guilty to an investment scheme that defrauded victims into "purchasing real estate investment properties based on material misrepresentations, concealed facts, and material omissions,” according to prosecutors.

    Rivernider was convicted in the District of Connecticut, where the U.S. Attorney’s Office was, at the time of his plea, headed by John Durham (whose name might ring a bell).

    A judge granted Rivernider’s early release after the felon filed a “compassionate release” motion citing his heart ailments and the rampant COVID-19 spread in the federal prison system. Additionally, Rivernider noted that his elderly father had been left alone following the death of Rivernider’s mother.

    Finding that Rivernider’s recidivism risk was “low,” Judge Robert Chatigny freed the convict, who, upon release, began serving a five-year probation term (which ends in May 2025).

    Rivernider does not credit Chatigny for his freedom, however. His release was “thanks to President Trump,” according to his account on X, formerly known as Twitter. On his Substack bio, Rivernider writes, “Freedom fighter TRUMP WON.”

    Upon arriving in Florida, Rivernider has served on the board of Villagers for Trump, the leading Trump/MAGA group in The Villages, the sprawling retirement community. In a court filing, he reported working as a GOP field organizer in Florida and Georgia. According to another court document, Rivernider got a job in 2021 as a legislative representative for an unnamed organization “that helps people have a voice on Capitol Hill.”

    What Rivernider has not done, prosecutors charged earlier this year in a probation violation report, is adhere to a court-ordered restitution schedule.

    Rivernider has chafed at the repayment plan and sought to have his conspiracy and wire fraud convictions set aside. He blames representatives of the “United States Corporation” for his legal travails.

    In a June 2023 motion--which he filed pro se--Rivernider declared that the “Department of INJustice” has made a mockery of the rule of law and the federal bench has “refused to recognize FRAUD ON THE COURT.” As such, since “anyone can identify as anything they like,” Rivernider asked the judge to “identify and treat the defendant in the above-captioned case as “HUNTER BIDEN” from this point forward.”

    In addition to asking the court to “dismiss the entire case,” Rivernider sought an apology “to the defendants and their families, order the persecutors to do the same, and all resign.”

    In a one-sentence order signed on August 1, Chatigny denied Rivernider’s motion, which the judge called “frivolous.”

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    A 30-year-old woman is facing a domestic battery charge after allegedly striking her daughter. With a frozen chicken.

    Cops say the purported poultry crime occurred early yesterday in the St. Petersburg, Florida residence of Mary Marquardt and her child (whose age is not listed in court records).

    “The victim stated that the accused threw a frozen chicken at her and struck her on the right leg,” according to an arrest affidavit.

    Marquardt’s sister told police that she observed the defendant tossing the bird (and striking the victim with the chilled chicken).

    The affidavit does not disclose what prompted the alleged attack, which resulted in Marquardt’s bust on a misdemeanor count. She posted a $150 cash bond last night after spending about 20 hours on ice at the county jail.

    Seen at right, Marquardt, who has pleaded not guilty, has been ordered by a judge to have no contact with her daughter.

    The document does not specify if the victim--who apparently escaped injury--was hit with a whole chicken or just a bird part.

    Marquardt was arrested in 2018 for headbutting her husband during an altercation that, cops say, left him with a “busted bloody bottom lip.” After Marquardt’s spouse requested that she not be prosecuted, the battery count was dropped by the state attorney.

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    A Missouri man is locked up following an alleged crime spree that included him pointing a gun at multiple victims while stealing a taco from a Mexican restaurant in St. Louis, records show.

    Antonio Murray, 19, was charged this week with robbing Lilly’s Panaderia at gunpoint earlier this month. Witnesses told cops that Murray pointed a gun at bakery employees before swiping a taco.

    After being collared, Murray reportedly admitted that he “walked up to the taco stand with the gun out, asked for a taco, and left without paying,” according to a probable cause statement.

    A female employee told cops that she had been preparing the taco for another customer when Murray approached her and grabbed the food item, declaring “it belonged to him” while pointing the gun at “multiple people.”

    When arrested, Murray--charged with felony robbery--was carrying a BB gun in his waistband which “did resemble a real firearm.”

    The taco holdup is just one entry on Murray’s pending criminal court docket. The teen faces a pair of misdemeanor property damage counts for allegedly smashing two separate store windows.   

    Of more legal concern is a complaint charging Murray with breaking into a St. Louis home on September 5 and striking two victims, stealing a TV, and tasing a third victim. He allegedly returned to the residence on September 17 and attacked a man before whipping a female victim with a belt. Murray then “retrieved a broomstick and inserted it into [the woman’s] anus.”

    After victims identified Murray via a police photo lineup, he was arrested for robbery, burglary, assault, and sodomy. “The defendant was interviewed and admitted to all the crimes,” investigators reported in an arrest warrant filed yesterday.

    A judge has ordered Murray to be held without bond, ruling that the teen is a “danger to the crime victim, the community or another person.”

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    After being arrested for leaving her two children alone yesterday in a locked, sweltering vehicle outside a Walmart store, a woman asked cops to turn up the air conditioning in the patrol car taking her to jail for child abuse, investigators report.

    Police say the victims--ages three and six--were “left in the vehicle without the engine running, windows closed, and parked in the sun on black asphalt,” according to criminal complaints which note the temperature outside the St. Petersburg, Florida store was 91 degrees.

    The children had been in the car for more than 20 minutes before fire and rescue personnel arrived. At that time, Nyakobo Mar, 30, returned to her auto and was subsequently arrested on a pair of felony child abuse counts. She was also charged with resisting, a misdemeanor, for allegedly struggling with cops who sought to handcuff her.

    Mar, police say, “did not show concern for" either child’s health,” but “did ask for air conditioner in the cruiser to be turned up for herself.”

    The children were transported to a local hospital for treatment. Child welfare officials were contacted since “there are no family or friends in the area.” Mar has recently resided in Minnesota.

    Seen above, Mar “did admit post-Miranda to this offense on video,” reported Officer Derrin Knoop. Mar, who is scheduled for a court appearance today, is being held in the county jail in lieu of $20,500 bond.

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    A confrontation yesterday at a Family Dollar store resulted in the arrest of an armed man, records show.

    His weapon?

    A lollipop.

    Police say that Dalton Reed, 24, was in line waiting to check out at the convenience store in Clearwater, Florida when he got into a “verbal argument” with store manager David Johndrow.

    As the dispute escalated, Reed allegedly threw a lollipop at Johndrow, striking him the chest. Luckily, the lollipop lick “did not cause bodily harm,” according to an arrest affidavit.

    Reed was arrested for simple battery. Cops tacked on a possession of drug paraphernalia charge when a post-arrest search reportedly turned up a crack pipe in one of Reed’s pockets.

    No weapon was seized by Clearwater Police Department officers.

    Reed remains in the county lockup, where bond has been set at $650 on the two misdemeanor charges. Reed (pictured at left) has an extensive rap sheet, with convictions for grand theft, DUI, narcotics possession, loitering and prowling, and retail theft.

    A judge has ordered Reed to stay away from the Family Dollar (seen below) and have no contact with Johndrow.

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    A man spotted driving a Power Wheels Jeep on an Indiana roadway was arrested for piloting the toy car while under the influence, police report.

    John McKee, 51, was pulled over around 9 PM Wednesday when an Indiana State Police trooper noticed him driving a blue Power Wheels without lights or reflectors.

    McKee was stopped near his home in Vincennes, a central Indiana city near the border with Illinois.

    Since McKee appeared impaired, the trooper administered field sobriety tests (most of which McKee reportedly failed). McKee, who agreed to a blood draw at a local hospital, told cops that he had pot and crystal meth in his system, according to a criminal complaint.

    McKee was released last night from custody after posting a $5000 bond on the felony rap, according to Knox County Sheriff’s Office records. His rap sheet includes numerous convictions, for crimes like trespass, possession of drug paraphernalia, marijuana possession, and criminal mischief.

    As for McKee's ride--which can top out at 5 mph unless modified--"Troy's Towing was contacted to take possession of the Power Wheels," a trooper reported.

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    The latest McDonald’s cheeseburger attack comes from south Florida, where a cop has been accused of throwing fast food at his wife during a violent confrontation yesterday afternoon in their home.

    Investigators allege that an “irate” Andres Perez, 34, and his spouse had been arguing about “financial and infidelity issues” when the lawman “stormed into the kitchen in [his wife’s] direction throwing a McDonald’s cheeseburger at her.”

    The victim told police that Perez then struck her with a closed fist “to the right side of head behind ear” during the incident in their Miramar residence, according to an arrest report.

    Perez and the woman have been in a relationship for about eight years and have been “married for three years total and do share kids in common.” Charged with misdemeanor battery, Perez was booked into the county jail, where the above mug shot was taken.

    Perez, who bonded out of the Broward County jail today, is an officer with the Miami-Dade Police Department, which is headquartered about 25 miles south of Miramar.

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    Rice should only be thrown at newlyweds, not strangers with whom you have beef.

    A South Carolina man is behind bars after his arrest last night for striking a woman with thrown cooked rice on a Myrtle Beach street.

    Police say Jaimes Encarnacion, 31, was collared Monday evening following the late-night incident. Seen at right, Encarnacion has been charged with misdemeanor assault & battery.

    According to a police report, Encarnacion threw rice into the vehicle of a 43-year-old male witness. While it is unclear who was the intended target, the rice struck a 39-year-old South Carolina woman sitting on the passenger side.

    Cops noted that Encarnacion was holding a takeout container of rice when they arrived on scene. Additionally, “rice was also observed inside the vehicle near where the victim and witness were sitting.”

    The incident occurred on a retail strip adjacent to an ocean beach as well as a Mexican eatery and a restaurant selling sushi.

    Police cited no injuries suffered in the rice attack.

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    Meet Anastazia Cretcher and Alexander Dillman.

    Cretcher, 19, and Dillman, 26, were arrested after lifeguards reported seeing them having sex “in front of families and other beach goers” Monday afternoon in Daytona Beach, cops say.   

    One lifeguard reported that Cretcher and Dillman had “intercourse for approximately 15 minutes” near his watch tower. The other lifeguard said that he “observed the male erect penis penetration the females’s vagina,” according to an arrest affidavit.

    Cretcher and Dillman left the beach after being contacted by one of the lifeguards. The pair was busted after a sheriff’s deputy encountered them at the top of a nearby stairwell “in complete nudity.”

    While Cretcher denied having sex on the sand, she reportedly said the pair “left the beach to find somewhere more private.”

    Both Cretcher and Dillman were charged with indecent exposure, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Volusia County jail (where they remain behind bars). Dillman was also charged with resisting arrest for allegedly refusing to get in a squad car.

    Cretcher is facing an aggravated battery count for an earlier incident Monday during which she allegedly struck a female acquaintance with a metal beach umbrella tube. The victim told cops that Cretcher--who is known as “Molly”--had “acted belligerent and exposed herself to beachgoers all day.”

    In May, Cretcher was arrested following a bloody altercation with a male friend at a Daytona Beach resort. The victim told cops that his relationship with Cretcher “has been of a sexual nature as they film adult videos together, however neither party views their relationship as dating.” The man claimed that Cretcher bit him in the groin and punched him in the head. While the bite “caused significant injury to his genitals,” the victim told police that he “did not believe it caused any permanent damage.”

    Battery and aggravated assault charges were dropped when prosecutors declined to pursue a case against Cretcher, who recently moved to Florida from her family’s Ohio home.

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    An inebriated Florida Man was drinking a can of “Florida Man” beer when arrested Tuesday night for disorderly intoxication, police report.

    Seth Thomas, 39, allegedly was “yelling at traffic while walking in the roadway in front of traffic and refusing to stop” when he was collared by sheriff’s deputies on a street in Seminole, a city in the Tampa Bay area.

    Thomas, cops say, was drinking from a can of “Florida Man” at the time of his arrest. The beer, produced by the Tampa-based Cigar City Brewing, is a Double India Pale Ale that is “brewed with a nearly criminal amount of hops and a moderate bitterness that just about matches Florida Man’s general disposition.”

    Pictured above, Thomas was arrested for disorderly intoxication, a misdemeanor, and booked into the Pinellas County jail. He was released from custody last night after posting $100 bond.

    Thomas’s rap sheet includes recent convictions for obstructing police, trespassing, possession of open alcohol, and disorderly intoxication.