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    Arizona police are hunting for a man who was videotaped urinating through the mail slot of a Scottsdale furniture store.

    A store surveillance camera recorded the suspect relieving himself last Wednesday morning, according to Sergeant Ben Hoster, spokesperson for the Scottsdale Police Department. Cops are investigating the incident as a “urinating in public case.”

    As seen in the above video, the suspect--with his unleashed dog in tow--“stops, unzips the front of his shorts, and urinates in and through the mail slot,” cops noted. The urine soiled a rug and mail at the upscale Atelier store (which sells Miele and Poggenpohl products).

    Police described the urinator as a “muscular white male, mid 20’s, 6’0 tall, 200 pounds, with medium length groomed hair, no visible tattoos, wearing a white with gray striped tank top, turqouise shorts, white slip on loafers.”

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    The Indiana Walmart brawler who urged her six-year-old son to punch another shopper “in her fucking face” wants you to know that she is a doting mother and that, “I don't raise my children to take any shit!!!”

    In a Facebook message posted today, Amber Stephenson, 34, thanked her supporters in the face of a police investigation into her recent fight with Rebecca Mills, 39, at a Walmart in Beech Grove, an Indianapolis suburb.

    Video of the brawl--which went viral earlier this week--shows Stephenson yelling at her child, “Johnny, punch her in the face! Johnny, punch her in her fucking face!” Stephenson, pictured at right, directed the boy to join the fray while she had Mills pinned to the ground in the store’s shampoo aisle.

    During the course of the five-minute scrap, Stephenson’s son kicked and punched the prone Mills, and struck her with items taken from the store’s shelves. The child also doused Mills with shampoo or lotion as the brawl concluded.

    In a radio interview yesterday, Stephenson claimed that she tangled with Mills after Mills allegedly used a racial slur during a dispute with a Walmart employee. In her Facebook post, Stephenson stated, “I didn't know standing up for someone is wrong and sorry I don't raise my children to take any shit!!!”

    Fight videos contain no references to Mills using a racial slur.

    Stephenson has yet to address why she directed Johnny--a recent kindergarten graduate partial to gaudy timepieces--to punch Mills “in her fucking face!”

    In his own Facebook posts, Johnny Bishop--Stephenson’s fiancée (and young Johnny’s dad)--wrote of his beloved, “Thats my baby she wont start shit but she will deffintly finish it love u babe.” He also claimed, “it was self defense and walmart didnt have any security to stop it.”

    Stephenson recently completed courses at Kaplan College, where she studied to be a dental assistant. Stephenson secured an externship with an Indianapolis dentist whom she identified by name in a since-deleted Facebook comment.

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    Indiana police are investigating a fight between two female Walmart shoppers, one of whom is heard urging her young son to join the fray by punching her opponent in the face.

    Video of the fight--which apparently occurred this month--was first posted to YouTube three days ago.

    As seen above, clips show the women brawling in the shampoo aisle of the Walmart SuperCenter in Beech Grove, a city six miles outside Indianapolis. Seen below, another video of the brawl--which was shot by a second Walmart patron--shows the boy squirting shampoo or lotion on his mother’s opponent and then throwing the container at the woman as she gets to her feet.   

    It is unclear what prompted the fight, which began after one of the women (who was wearing a “You Only Live Once” t-shirt) beckoned her opponent to step off a motorized shopping cart. “You don’t even look like you need to be in a wheelchair,” the woman said, adding, “Get your fucking ass up...Get up.”

    The women then exchanged blows and quickly tumbled to the floor, where the now-barefoot fighter in the “YOLO” t-shirt sat astride the other woman. After the woman’s six-year-old son threw a shampoo bottle at the other combatant, she yelled, “Johnny, punch her in the face! Johnny, punch her in her fucking face!”

    Over the next few minutes, the child is seen punching and kicking his mother’s prone opponent. He also struck the woman with items taken from store shelves and doused her in what appears to be shampoo or lotion. “I’m not playing,” the boy says at one point.

    Asked about the fight, Beech Grove Police Department Chief Mark Swartz replied in an e-mail, “it is being investigated.” As for what possible crimes were committed, Swartz said that, “the prosecutor will have the say on charges.”

    While both women could face counts like disorderly conduct and criminal damage for their mutual combat, the boy’s mother seems to have further criminal exposure. In prior cases where parents have directed their children to start or join fights, charges have included child abuse, child endangerment, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

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    Firefighters battling a blaze at a New York State residence turned their hoses on a drone that was hovering above the building in an apparent attempt to down the $2200 quadrocopter being operated by a local hobbyist.

    John Thompson was flying his drone yesterday above the structural fire in Montgomery, an Orange County town about 65 miles north of New York City.

    As seen in the above video, Thompson’s drone was hovering about 80 feet over the home when it was targeted by firefighters. Around the video’s 12:00 mark, a fireman on the home’s deck aims a hose at the drone and soaks it with blasts of water. About 30 seconds later, a second fireman--working from the ground--tries to douse the drone.

    Thompson, who was stationed across the street, then quickly landed the drone.

    In a Facebook post, Thompson (seen at left) noted that, “My second take off the camera did not record so it look's like they destroyed a $2,200.00 drone.” He accused the firemen of misconduct for trying to “blow my drone out of the sky with the fire hose for filming the fire.”

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    A Walmart manager is free on $50,000 bail following his arrest for allegedly taking photos of a nine-year-old boy while the child went to the bathroom in an Arkansas store, according to investigators.

    Antoine Jones, 35, was busted late last month on felony video voyeurism and child pornography charges stemming from an incident at the Walmart in Malvern, a city about 45 miles southwest of Little Rock.

    Police charge that Jones, pictured at right, slipped his phone under a bathroom stall occupied by the child and took images of the boy.

    After the child reported the incident to his mother, Malvern Police Department officers were summoned to the Walmart. Jones, an assistant manager at the store, was subsequently arrested.

    Jones, who has been suspended by the retailer, will likely face additional charges based on dozens of images found on his phone. The probe of Jones has expanded to include FBI agents and law enforcement officials from other jurisdictions, according to a police spokesperson.

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    A Louisiana man who was once convicted for surreptitiously collecting urine samples from female shoppers at a Dillard’s department store has been busted for using his cell phone to photograph women using the bathroom at a nearby Lowe’s store.

    Kenneth Porche, 34, was arrested yesterday on video voyeurism charges. During police questioning, Porche reportedly “admitted to going into the women’s restroom and photographing a female while she was in the stall,” according to the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office.

    Investigators believe that Porche took bathroom photos on more than one occasion inside the Lowe’s in Houma, the city where Porche resides.

    Seen above, Porche was booked Monday into the parish jail on the felony charge. He was released from custody this morning after posting $25,000 bail.

    As reported in these pages, Porche’s first public bathroom arrest came in January 2003 after he hid in the women’s bathroom at Dillard’s (which is about two miles from Lowe’s) and collected urine samples.

    How, you might ask, did Porche surreptitiously collect those samples? According to cops, he disabled one toilet’s flushing mechanism and then lined the bottom of the bowl with cellophane wrap. When a woman finished using the tampered toilet, Porche emerged from the adjoining stall and collected the liquid trapped by the plastic film.

    Upon his arrest, Porche was carrying four zip-lock bags containing urine. Two of the bags had descriptions written on them--"old woman" and “young, high heels, should drink.”

    In a police interview conducted the day after his arrest, Porche said that he had “done a lot of soul searching” and “knew what he done was wrong.” However, Porche noted that he did not think he needed help. When asked if he had told his girlfriend about his urine fetish, Porche “stated that he did not because he believed that she would think it would be disgusting.”

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    A naked, meditating man was arrested yesterday morning after he was spotted perched near a Florida bus stop.

    Carl Wright, 46, is facing a disorderly conduct charge in connection with the incident on a St. Petersburg street. Wright, seen at right, is being held in lieu of $250 bond.

    According to a misdemeanor criminal complaint, Wright was “sitting naked in a meditation like pose while completely nude” around 9:50 AM. Wright was in “plain, public sight, behind a bus stop,” reported Officer Brian Rivera.

    Wright, who cops say is a transient, has been arrested several times for trepass in the past two years. His rap sheet also includes collars for disorderly conduct and public urination.

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    Meet Notorious Neal.

    The 20-year-old North Carolina man was arrested Sunday for larceny in Alamance County, where the adjacent mug shot was snapped by jailers.

    Notorious Neal is locked up in lieu of $350 bond.

    According to court records, Notorious Neal is currently on probation for a November 2014 misdemeanor larceny conviction. Notorious Neal's rap sheet includes a prior conviction for wanton injury to person or property, a misdemeanor for which he was placed on probation.


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    Playwright Sam Shepard was arrested last night on a drunk driving charge near his New Mexico home, police report.

    Shepard, 71, was collared outside a Santa Fe restaurant after concerned eatery employees called 911 to report that an inebriated patron was trying to drive away in a pickup truck.

    When questioned by police, Shepard--who reportedly smelled of booze and had bloodshot, watery eyes--said that he had consumed two tequila drinks. While he declined to take a Breathalyzer, Shepard agreed to perform a series of field sobriety tests (which, cops say, he failed).

    Charged with aggravated DWI, Shepard was released this afternoon from the Santa Fe County jail after posting $5000 bond.

    Shepard, who won the 1979 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, has two children with the actress Jessica Lange, his ex-companion. In addition to writing, Shepard has also worked as an actor, appearing in films like “Black Hawk Down” and “Days of Heaven.” He was nominated for an Academy Award for his 1983 portrayal of test pilot Chuck Yeager in “The Right Stuff.”

    In 2009, Shepard was convicted of drunk driving in Illinois. He was sentenced to probation and ordered to perform community service and attend alcohol education classes.

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    A career criminal is locked up on a domestic battery rap for allegedly dousing her 70-year-old father with a bottle of Cool Mint Listerine during an argument at the Florida home they share.

    According to police, Elaine Robinson, 47, became “agitated” as she quarrelled Wednesday afternoon with her father Marvin. At one point, Robinson retrieved a “1 Liter bottle of Listerine Cool Mint and splashed” the mouthwash all over her father’s face.

    The incident, cops noted, was observed by an independent witness. The elder Robinson was not injured in the mouthwash attack.

    Robinson was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and booked into the Pinellas County jail, where she is locked up in lieu of $5000 bond.

    While a police report notes that Robinson, pictured below, does not have any prior battery convictions, her lengthy rap sheep includes a voluntary manslaughter conviction for which she served seven years in prison.

    Robinson, who has been in and out of state prison over the past 25 years, has also been convicted of grand theft, cocaine sales, possession of stolen property, and disorderly intoxication.

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    A grand jury has declined to indict the Kentucky woman who was wearing an “I Heart Crystal Meth” t-shirt when arrested last year for allegedly trafficking in crystal methamphetamine, court records reveal.

    Grand jurors in Laurel County last week voted “No True Bill” in the cases of Deborah Asher, 37, and codefendant Richard Rice, 57.

    The panel’s May 15 decision effectively dismisses felony narcotics charges filed against the pair, who were arrested last November “in possession of 3.37 grams of crystal meth and a set of digital scales,” according to sheriff’s investigators.

    Circuit Court documents show that “no witness appeared” before the grand jury, apparently prompting jurors to reject charges against Asher and Rice. A sheriff’s spokesperson said he was attempting to determine why investigators did not testify before the panel.

    Following Asher’s collar, cops circulated the above photo of her that was snapped at the Laurel County detention facility. Asher spent about three months in the jail before being extradited to Ohio to face unrelated charges.

    Rice is in the Laurel County lockup serving a three-year sentence in a narcotics case that preceded his arrest with Asher.

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    A Michigan woman arrested last year for biting off part of her boyfriend’s ear during a fight in their home has cut a plea deal that spares her jail time but requires enrollment in anger management classes as part of a probation term.

    Danielle Nebelung, 32, entered a no contest plea Friday to a single misdemeanor domestic violence charge, according to Circuit Court records. Pictured at right, Nebelung was originally charged with two other counts, including felony assault with intent to maim.

    According to cops, Nebelung attacked Anthony Caruso last March in the suburban Detroit home they shared. In a court filing, Caruso charged that Nebelung, who has worked as a makeup artist, jumped on his back and began chomping on his ear “like a dog would.”

    The portion of Caruso's ear that was torn off by Nebelung was later surgically reattached.

    While Nebelung’s criminal case has closed out, she remains a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit filed last October by Caruso, who is also suing a Macomb Township bar where Nebelung (seen below) was allegedly overserved on the night of the bite.

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    A Florida man is facing a felony charge after allegedly battering a female relative because he “did not agree with the way she was cooking hard boiled eggs,” police report.

    Cory Lee Shinkman, 23, was collared last week following a confrontation in the St. Petersburg home he shares with the victim and other family members.

    According to cops, after Shinkman argued with his cousin about the boiled eggs, he followed her out the back door “and pushed her against a dresser and scratched her.”

    When questioned by police, Shinkman reportedly “admitted the offense,” but said that his cousin “pushed him inside the house first.” A witness, however, contradicted Shinkman’s claim that the woman was responsible for escalating the incident.

    Shinkman, whose rap sheet includes a prior battery conviction, was freed from the Pinellas County jail after posting $1500 bond.