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    Angered that “Christian music” was being played inside a McDonald’s, a Florida man cursed at employees and other patrons and demanded that they “turn it off and play Muslim and Hindu music,” according to cops who arrested the customer.

    Joseph Allen, 46, walked into the McDonald’s around 10:20 AM Tuesday and created “a threat to the safety of others,” according to a Largo Police Department report.

    Allen, cops say, “began cursing at customers and employees” due to the “Christian music” being played over speakers in the fast food restaurant (seen below). The “Christian music” to which Allen referred was apparently Christmas tunes.

    Allen, who appeared intoxicated, approached McDonald’s workers "in an aggressive manner," leaving the employees “in fear for their safety.”

    Police responding to a 911 call confronted Allen, who reportedly admitted to cursing at McDonald’s workers and customers. A search of Allen turned up a small bag of methamphetamine in a pants pocket. Seen above, Allen was booked into the county jail on disorderly conduct and narcotics possession charges.

    Allen, a convicted felon, is locked up in lieu of $2150 bond. His lengthy rap sheet includes busts for assault; robbery; grand theft; trespass; battery; disorderly intoxication; lewd and lascivious exhibition; distributing stolen property; criminal mischief; and carrying a concealed weapon.

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    An argument between two Denny’s workers “over a hard boiled egg” was broken up yesterday by a South Carolina cop, according to a police report.

    In response to a 911 call about a “disturbance between employees,” a sheriff’s deputy arrived at the eatery in Spartanburg around 10:30 PM.  

    The cop learned that workers Nancy Michelle Kirkpatrick, 56, and Quanisha Dre’Shawn Fenn, 21, had “got into an argument over a hard boiled egg.” During the squabble, Fenn said, Kirkpatrick called her a “bitch.” “After that,” a cop reported, “Ms. Fenn called her mother.”

    Fenn’s mother, Toska Marie Lightner, 47, subsequently arrived at the Denny’s and began arguing with Kirkpatrick. During the squabble, Lightner threw a tape dispenser at Kirkpatrick (who was not struck by the item).

    Kirkpatrick declined to press an assault charge against Lightner.

    The police report does not further detail why two adults were arguing over a hard-boiled egg.

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    Meet Derek Edwards.

    The 26-year-old Iowan’s holiday spirit appears to have sagged early Sunday after he was arrested for drunk driving. Following a minor accident, Edwards was found by cops at the wheel of his 2016 Chevrolet Malibu.

    Edwards, an Iowa City resident, smelled of booze, had bloodshot eyes, and impaired speech, according to a police report. A subsequent Breathalyzer test recorded his blood alcohol content at nearly three times the legal limit.

    As seen above, the teary Edwards was wearing a festive Christmas sweater when he posed for his mug shot. Court records do not identify Edwards’s holiday drink of choice.

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    The Colorado landlord who was recorded on a home security camera having sex in his tenants’s bed is free on bond following his arrest on trespass and obscenity charges, records show.

    Carlos Quijada-Lara, 39, was busted last week and spent two days in jail before his release from custody. Seen in the adjacent mug shot, Quijada-Lara was scheduled for a hearing today in El Paso County Circuit Court.

    As TSG reported on December 2, Quijada-Lara is accused of illegally entering the Colorado Springs apartment of Logan Pierce and Mikaela DiGiulio in late-November. A motion detection camera in the condo’s bedroom recorded Quijada-Lara and another man having sex on the married couple’s bed.

    During their six-minute encounter, Quijada-Lara and his partner are seen engaging in oral and anal sex. When finished, Quijada-Lara’s acquaintance wiped his genitals with one of DiGiulio’s dresses. The soiled garment, Pierce told TSG, had been worn by his wife at the pair’s wedding in March.

    Pierce and DiGiulio rented the $1100-a-month apartment from Quijada-Lara after responding to a Craigslist ad in July. The couple vacated the premises after discovering that it had been used as a hook-up spot while they were away at work.

    Quijada-Lara (left) and his partner are seen disrobing in the below screenshot from the security video. Quijada-Lara’s partner has not been charged.

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    Two days after FBI Director James Comey wrote Congress to disclose the apparent discovery of additional Hillary Clinton e-mails, the bureau told a federal judge that a review of the material would likely produce evidence of the improper handling of classified material, court records show.

    In fact, a subsequent FBI analysis of the e-mails determined that the correspondence--found on a laptop shared by Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her husband Anthony Weiner--contained no information to alter the previous FBI conclusion that Clinton should not face charges in connection with her use of a private e-mail server when she was Secretary of State.

    The FBI’s justification for reviewing thousands of e-mails found on the Dell Inspiron laptop--which was seized in connection with a sexting probe targeting Weiner--are contained in a search warrant application that was unsealed (with redactions) today in U.S. District Court in Manhattan.

    The FBI’s October 30 search warrant application, which was approved by Magistrate Kevin Fox, was prepared and filed by Department of Justice prosecutors.

    Click here to download a PDF of the 21-page court filing.

    According to an affidavit sworn by an FBI supervisor whose name was redacted from the filing, investigators contended that there was probable cause to believe that the Abedin/Weiner laptop contained “evidence, contraband, fruits and/or other items illegally possessed” in violation of criminal statutes dealing with the handling of sensitive “national defense” material.

    Noting that the Dell laptop contained thousands of Abdein e-mails, the FBI concluded that the cache included correspondence exchanged by Abedin and Clinton and that there was probable cause to believe that those e-mails contained “classified information which was produced by and is owned by the U.S. Government.” The laptop, the FBI added, “was never authorized for the storage or transmission of classified or national defense information.”

    A “complete forensic analysis” of the Dell computer, the FBI affidavit stated, would allow federal agents to “determine if classified information was accessed by unauthorized users or transferred to any unauthorized systems.”

    Following a review of the laptop, Comey issued a follow-up letter on November 6--two days before the presidential election--reporting that no evidence had been discovered to change the bureau’s prior finding that "no reasonable prosecutor" would file charges against Clinton.

    Though the names of Abedin and Weiner have been redacted from the documents, references to Abedin are contained in bracketed sections of the filing, according to an order by Judge P. Kevin Castel, who unsealed the search warrant records.

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    Meet Ryan Burdette.

    The 22-year-old Floridian was arrested this week in a prostitution sting. Burdette, cops say, responded to a Backpage.com ad posted by an undercover detective posing as a hooker.

    After meeting up at a Residence Inn in Port St. Lucie, Burdette allegedly negotiated with the female undercover and arrived at a price of $34 for an act detailed in a probable cause affidavit.

    Sadly, the court filing does not further describe the negotiation’s opening offer, counter proposal, or how the pair settled on such an odd price. Or if the accused john drove a hard bargain.

    Burdette was charged with soliciting prostitution, a misdemeanor.

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    A chrome-domed criminal will serve two years in prison for heading a Rogaine theft ring that targeted more than two dozen pharmacies in Ohio, according to court records.

    Andres Arias, 36, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Common Pleas Court in Warren County and was sentenced on a felony count.

    Arias, seen above, was named earlier this year in a 12-count indictment charging him with participating in an “organized retail theft ring” that victimized numerous CVS and Walgreens stores. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dropped money laundering and theft raps in return for Arias’s plea to engaging in corrupt activity, the indictment’s top charge.

    According to investigators, Arias, a Florida resident, and several cohorts stole Rogaine and other over-the-counter drugs from the pharmacies and then shipped the products to a “retail fence” in New Jersey. “Some of the items would then appear online to be sold on eBay,” the indictment noted.

    The stolen Rogaine was not for the personal use of the bald Arias, who is now known as prisoner A730999 in Ohio’s Department of Rehabilitation & Correction.

    In addition to serving two years in custody, Arias has also been ordered to pay $22,000 in restitution.

    Ohio, Rogaine, theft
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    An Oregon man arrested Monday posed for a mug shot with his pet parrot on his shoulder.

    Following a court hearing, a Washington County judge ordered Craig Buckner, 38, jailed for violating release terms in connection with multiple misdemeanor theft cases.

    Buckner, not expecting to land behind bars, arrived at the courthouse with his four-year-old red parrot, which he placed in a tree before heading inside the building.

    After Buckner was taken into custody, he told a court deputy that his companion parrot was outside in a tree. Concerned for the bird’s safety, the deputy accompanied Buckner--who was handcuffed and shackled at the waist--to retrieve the parrot (which, by then, was surrounded by crows).

    As seen above, Buckner posed for a series of mug shots, one of which shows the parrot perched on his left shoulder. The parrot was subsequently picked up by a friend of Buckner’s who agreed to care for the bird.

    Buckner will be able to reunite with his parrot if he can post $10,000 bond, according to jail records.

    According to his Facebook and LinkedIn pages, Buckner owns Pacific Coast Cannabis Plantation, a “Medical marijuana/Hash Lab” that grows “High Quality Flower and we make concentrates both solvent and solventless extracts becoming one of the most sought after products in the dispensaries.”

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    Meet Luis Humberto Ramirez.

    The 36-year-old was arrested Thursday evening for public intoxication after cops in Mountain Home, Arkansas found him reeking of booze and “holding onto a pillar for support” outside a shelter in the Ozark Mountains city.

    “The offender’s face was covered with permanent marker,” reported a cop who was unaware how Ramirez gained a triangular soul patch and other facial adornments.

    Ramirez, who had scratches on his face and scrapes on his arms and legs, was booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor charge. He was so intoxicated that police were unable to administer a Breathalyzer test.

    Ramirez was subsequently released from custody after posting bond.

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    Meet Eva Gaitan.

    The 32-year-old Floridian is jailed on a stalking charge after she allegedly distributed naked photos of her ex-husband to the man’s employer and parents.

    Gaitan (pictured at right) was arrested yesterday on the misdemeanor charge at the Palm Harbor home she once shared with her ex-spouse. The couple's marriage was dissolved in February, according to court records.

    Police allege that Gaitan “mailed a CD of the nude images to her ex-husband’s parents” and hand delivered “packages of CDs” to her former husband’s workplace. The CDs were labeled “Requires Immediate Attention.”

    Gaitan, investigators charge, obtained the explicit photos “from her ex-husband’s flash drive.” In a post-arrest interview, Gaitan reportedly confessed to “burning the images to discs” and then distributing the CDs.

    Gaitan, who has pleaded not guilty, is being held in the Pinellas County jail in lieu of $1000 bond. A judge has ordered her to have no contact with her ex-husband.

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    A pair of men described as “feminine” and wearing fake eyelashes and long red nails are being sought in connection with a yoga pants heist at a Victoria’s Secret store in South Carolina.

    Deana Milligan, an employee at the Spartanburg store, told cops that she observed two black men enter the business around 9 PM Wednesday “and hang out near a yoga pants display.”

    Milligan said that the duo proceeded to place multiple pairs of yoga pants in shopping bags before fleeing the store without paying for the garments.

    A Spartanburg Police Department report describes the suspects as wearing “red sweatshirts and red sneakers and had nose rings.” Milligan described the duo as “feminine and stated they were wearing fake eye lashes and long red nails.” One suspect, Milligan added, had a neck tattoo, while his accomplice wore a black hat atop a Mohawk haircut.

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    The Donald Trump voter seen berating a Starbucks worker in a new viral video is a Miami home builder who has repeatedly been accused of violence against women and was arrested in 2014 for allegedly threatening to kill his wife, records show. 

    David Sanguesa, 53, is seen on the video calling a female employee “trash” and declaring, "Because I voted for Trump. Trump. You lost, now give me my money back...You’re garbage. You’re complete trash.”

    Sanguesa claims that workers at the Coral Gables Starbucks refused to give him the coffee he paid for because they had somehow divined he was a Trump supporter. Sanguesa, whose truck has a Trump sign attached to its tailgate, contends that he was the victim of “racism” and “discrimination” at the hands of the Starbucks workers.

    The patron who filmed Sanguesa’s antics (which can be viewed below) contends that he became upset because his order was taking too long. 

    According to court records, three women have filed court petitions accusing Sanguesa of domestic violence or repeat violence, actions that resulted in the issuance of injunctions against Sanguesa and his enrollment in a court-ordered treatment program.

    In February 2014, Sanguesa was arrested following a confrontation with his wife in their South Miami home. Sanguesa’s spouse told cops that, during an argument, he threatened to kill her. The woman charged that when she tried to dial 911, Sanguesa grabbed the phone from her, “causing a scratch” on her forearm. Sanguesa’s wife said she was carrying the couple’s 14-month-old son when Sanguesa took the phone from her.

    Sanguesa (seen in the above mug shot) fled the residence before police arrived, but was arrested three days later. He was charged with misdemeanor battery and tampering with a witness, a felony. Sanguesa was later released from custody on $5000 bond and a judge ordered him to stay away from his wife. Prosecutors ultimately declined to pursue the charges against Sanguesa, whose rap sheet includes a pair of drunk driving busts.

    Sanguesa, who graduated from Texas A&M with a psychology degree, relocated his construction/remodeling business from Houston to Miami in 2004. A 1996 Houston Business Journal story reported that Sanguesa was in charge of the construction of former President George H.W. Bush’s home in the city’s Tanglewood section.

    When not haranguing low-wage workers, Sanguesa is a triathlete who loves to “swim, travel, exercise, diving, boating and fishing,” according to his LinkedIn page. Sanguesa also reports that he volunteers at a Catholic church in Miami. On Sundays, Sanguesa says, he reads epistles to congregants at a morning mass.

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    After having his sexual advances rejected by a woman nearly 50 years his junior, a 78-year-old Texas man dropped trou and mooned the object of his desire, according to cops who arrested the septuagenarian for obscenity.

    Police say that Robert Scott approached the 29-year-old woman Saturday afternoon outside a DoubleTree hotel in Kenner, Louisiana. Scott, seen at right, told the woman that she was attractive.

    “You look like a model, we should go out. I can treat you real well,” Scott told the woman, according to police. "No thank you, I have a boyfriend," the woman replied.

    When the woman--who, cops say, was attending "a class for aspiring models" at the hotel--did not jump at the retiree’s offer of a date, Scott instead suggested a “sugar daddy” arrangement. From there, Scott’s overtures took on a sexual tone, as first reported by The Times-Picayune.

    The offended woman responded by telling the elderly pickup artist to "Please get out of my face."

    Scott did not handle the rejection well. Police allege that Scott unfastened his buckle and dropped his pants and underwear to the ground, introducing the victim to his not-so-super moon. "Okay, I'll get out of your face," said Scott, who allegedly exposed "his anus, buttocks, and part of his genitals" to the victim.

    Scott--who was wearing a cowboy hat and blue jeans--was subsequently arrested outside the hotel and booked into the county jail on $5000 bond. He was released from custody yesterday due to overcrowding at the lockup.

    It is unclear why Scott, a Houston resident, was in Kenner or if he was staying at the hotel.