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    Meet Vanquesia Hatisha Lowe.

    The 24-year-old Floridian was arrested Saturday after she stashed a “glass vibrator” in her purse and walked out of a Spencer’s gift shop at a Vero Beach mall, cops charge.

    After entering the store, Lowe “went to the adult section in the back,” where she “selected a glass vibrator valued at $24.99.” She then allegedly removed the sex toy from its packaging and placed the item in her purse.

    Lowe exited Spencer’s, but was apprehended at a nearby Aeropostale store. While she initially denied taking the item, Lowe subsequently handed the sex toy over to a store manager.

    Pictured above, Lowe reportedly told police that she “did not think she was going to get caught.” Lowe was charged with misdemeanor theft and booked into the county jail, from which she was released Saturday night on $500 bond.

    An Indian River Sheriff’s Office report does not indicate whether cops seized the sex toy as evidence. While the report describes the glass item as a vibrator, it appears the pleasure aid is actually a dildo for which batteries are not an option.

    As seen here, Lowe is just the latest Spencer’s patron to be collared while allegedly trying to pilfer merchandise from the store’s popular adult toy section.

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    Ohio cops are investigating the ransacking of a Circle K store that was overrun early Saturday morning by up to 70 juveniles.

    According to Akron police, the suspects “entered the gas station and started to destroy and steal property” during the so-called mob and rob attack.

    As seen above, a couple who stopped at the Circle K for gas shot video of the juveniles fleeing the store with stolen merchandise. A woman in the car called 911 and reported that the suspects were “running around in the parking lot like wild children.”

    An Akron Police Department report--which classified the incident as vandalism--noted that the juveniles “entered business to destroy property” and that “misc merchandise damaged and stolen.”

    A store manager estimated that the suspects stole several hundred dollars worth of items. It is unclear how much damage the Circle K suffered during the 10-minute rampage.

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    A hulking restaurant patron who told South Carolina cops that he “had been joking with an African American family and calling them racial slurs” was arrested Saturday night after allegedly assaulting a female waitress who asked him to leave the eatery due to his behavior.

    According to police, Dustin Lowery, 23, struck waitress Megan Churchill in the face during the incident at Shuckers, a raw bar in Myrtle Beach. The 260-pound, 6’ 4” Lowery, seen at right, was charged with misdemeanor battery.

    Churchill told police that Lowery and his family “were causing a disturbance and using racial slurs towards another family.” Churchill said the diatribe was “so bad” that the other family left the restaurant. The 23-year-old waitress added that Lowery slapped her in the face when he was asked to leave Shuckers.

    When questioned by police, Lowery--who smelled strongly of booze--said that he had been jokingly directing racial slurs at the other family, claiming that while “he did not know the family...he didn’t believe they minded” being denigrated.

    Lowery, who works for a construction firm, claimed that he only struck Churchill after she hit him. Lowery, cops noted, outweighs Churchill by 120 pounds and is 13 inches taller than her.

    A witness corroborated Churchill’s account of the encounter, saying that the diner “tried to leave without paying and was cursing and using racial slurs.”

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    Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, the 24-year-old gunman who today killed four U.S. Marines during a shooting spree in Tennessee, is pictured above in photos taken following his 2012 graduation from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

    The images were uploaded to the Facebook page of Abdulazeez’s mother Rasmia.

    Another photo from Rasmia’s page (seen below) shows her and her husband seated next to each other with their son standing in the background.

    Abdulazeez was shot to death today, though investigators have not revealed whether he was gunned down by law enforcement personnel or whether he took his own life after the attacks on a pair of military facilities in Chattanooga.

    A federal prosecutor called the shootings “an act of domestic terrorism."

    As seen below, in his high school yearbook, Abdulazeez included a quote attributed to Javed “Hijabman” Memon, a blogger who says that he started a web site to chronicle “my struggles as a first generation American Muslim of South Asian descent.” The quote--“My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?”--has also appeared on t-shirts sold by “Hijabman.”

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    A hulking McDonald’s employee was arrested yesterday after allegedly urinating on his pregnant girlfriend during an argument in their Florida home.

    Christian Betts, 26, is locked up on a felony aggravated battery count following his bust by St. Petersburg cops.

    According to police, the 400-pound, 6’ 8” Betts was arguing with the victim--who is five months pregnant--when he “aimed his penis at her and urinated on her.” Betts then shoved the woman and left their apartment after gathering up some of his belongings.

    A criminal complaint does not disclose where in the couple's apartment the incident occurred.

    Seen in the above mug shot, Betts is scheduled this afternoon for a Circuit Court hearing during which a judge could set bail.

    7/16 UPDATE: Betts was released from jail late last night after posting $5000 bond.

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    Like most fellow Iowans, Crystal Knight was intoxicated at 2:45 AM Saturday.

    However, Knight, 26, made the mistake of haranguing cops who arrived to break up a physical altercation on a downtown Iowa City street. Knight, cops reported, “immediately began screaming at the top of her lungs and continued with abusive rhetoric. She showed signs of intoxication.”

    Still, police allowed Knight (seen above) to leave the scene.

    But Knight continued to scream obscenities as she walked away. As a result, she was subsequently arrested, prompting a new high-decibel attack.

    If Knight thought cops might give her a second second chance, she killed that possibility by telling one officer, “You bitch ass, broke ass, 21 Jump Street rookie ass punk.”

    The cop surely realized that Knight’s cutting pop culture cite was more a reference to Jonah Hill than Johnny Depp.

    Knight, whose rap sheet includes arrests for assault, theft, and driving while barred, was arrested for public intoxication.

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    A Florida woman is facing a domestic battery charge after allegedly using a dildo to batter her female domestic partner during a fight in the couple’s residence, police allege.

    The confrontation Saturday evening occurred while a St. Petersburg Police Department officer was inside the home of Annette Kielhurn, 57, and Gamze Capaner-Ridley.

    The cop was present to oversee Capaner-Ridley’s removal of personal belongings from the house, a move apparently prompted by Capaner-Ridley’s filing the prior day for a civil domestic violence injunction against Kielhurn.

    After the women tussled over possession of a dress, Officer Eric Blomgren directed Kielhurn not to touch the 47-year-old Capaner-Ridley. However, “Shortly afterwards the defendant intentionally shoved a ‘dildo’ in the victim’s face and grabbed her right arm while arguing whose it belonged to,” Blomgren reported.

    As a result, the cop arrested Kielhurn for domestic battery. An arrest affidavit does not indicate whether the dildo was seized as evidence.

    Seen above, Kielhurn--who has Capaner-Ridley’s first name tattooed on her chest--was booked into jail on the misdemeanor charge. She was released from custody after posting $500 bond. According to court records, Kielhurn was arrested in late-June for trespassing (and the case is pending).

    Kielhurn, a former New York State corrections officer, served about three years in prison for narcotics trafficking after a 1996 police search of her rental car turned up 25 kilos of cocaine in the vehicle’s trunk.

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    A young man who waved and danced with a Confederate flag inside a Walmart Saturday night threatened to shoot people inside the South Carolina store after employees escorted him from the business, police report.

    Workers told cops that the white suspect--who appeared to be about 18--entered the Spartanburg store around 6:45 PM “with a Confederate flag around his neck and shoulders. The male then began to wave and dance with his flag in the middle” of an aisle, according to an incident report.

    Walmart employees then approached the man and guided him to the exit. “While walking out the male stated that he would come back with a gun and shoot people inside of the store,” investigators noted.

    The suspect, who left the scene on a black moped, was wearing a white t-shirt, black shorts, orange hat, and cowboy boots with a camouflage pattern.

    In the wake of last month’s Charleston, South Carolina church massacre, Walmart ceased selling merchandise bearing the Confederate flag. Last Thursday, Gov. Nikki Haley signed a law that removed the battle flag from the South Carolina State House grounds.

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    A federal jury today convicted a gay porn star/escort of extorting $500,000 and a luxury car from a business tycoon who made the hush money payments when threatened with the exposure of his paid sexual encounters with the accused shakedown artist.

    After deliberating for two hours, a U.S. District Court panel in Los Angeles found Teofil Brank, 25, guilty of six felony counts in a scheme that targeted Donald Burns, a 51-year-old businessman with waterfront estates in Palm Beach, La Jolla, and Nantucket.

    Brank, who has been in custody since his arrest in March, faces a maximum of 53 years in prison when he is sentenced in September by Judge John Walters.

    According to court records and transcripts, Brank (seen at right) threatened to post incriminating photos of Burns to Twitter--along with “embarrassing information” about the businessman’s sexual past--unless he received hefty hush money payments.

    In response to the threats, Burns initially wired $500,000 from his Goldman Sachs account into Brank’s bank account and also gave the porn star (who used the stage name “Jarec Wentworth”) his Audi R8, which investigators valued at $180,000.

    When Brank demanded an additional $1 million and an L.A. condo in return for his continued silence, Burns contacted the FBI.

    Burns (seen below) testified at trial that he paid Brank and several other porn actors for sex. He also admitted paying some of the men referral fees for introducing him to other sexual partners. Burns told jurors that his paid liaisons were “a way to have sexual contact without commitment and I had the resources to do it." He also claimed that the encounters were a way for him to cope with the demise of a lengthy relationship.

    Justin Griggs, one of the escorts paid by Burns, testified yesterday that the businessman flew him and other young men to his Palm Beach and Nantucket homes, where, “It was really just hanging out, surfing, grilling out, going to dinner, and then we would have sex, group sex.”

    Burns, a regular on the society circuit, made his fortune through the 1997 sale of a telecommunications firm he co-founded. He also chairs the board of Magicjack Vocaltec Ltd., the publicly held company that produces the magicJack Internet phone device.

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    Federal agents last night arrested a baby-faced Nebraska boy, 12, for his role in the murder of a man during an armed robbery.

    Jarrell Milton was collared at 11:30 PM by U.S. Marshals Service agents in Minneapolis, nearly 400 miles from the boy’s Omaha residence, police reported.

    Investigators allege that Milton and two other boys--Shuntayvious Primes-Willis, 15, and Jamar Milton, 17--last month lured two men to an Omaha park with the ruse of conducting a marijuana sale. Jarrell (seen in the adjacent mug shot) and Jamar are brothers.

    Instead, cops say, the trio first flashed guns during the meeting and then opened fire on the two victims, one of whom was shot to death, while the other man was wounded. According to prosecutors, the three alleged assailants all have gang affiliations.

    Primes-Willis and the elder Milton have been charged as adults with first-degree murder. Police have recovered two guns used during the crime and are searching for a third weapon.

    Jarrell Milton will be returned to Omaha, though it is unclear what charges will be filed against him. Investigators did not disclose how the boy got to Minnesota or who might have helped him flee Nebraska.

    Milton is one of seven children born to Iyanna Moss, 37, who spent time in jail for felony assault when the boy was a toddler.

    Milton’s father, Javaris Milton, 37, is locked up in a Minnesota prison, where he is serving a life sentence for a January 2010 murder. 

    After robbing a Minneapolis drug dealer of his marijuana stash, Milton--who brandished two handguns--shot the man multiple times. Cops found the victim, Dontae Johnson, lying face down in the snow outside his van. Milton, seen below, was also convicted of firing shots at an associate of Johnson's who ran from the van.

    During a police search of Milton’s Minneapolis home, cops found “notebooks of handwritten rap lyrics that described murdering people with two guns,” according to court records.

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    Meet Tracey McCloud.

    The 44-year-old Ohio woman was arrested yesterday after she dialed 911 to complain that food she ordered at a Chinese restaurant was not up to her standards.

    According to the Alliance Police Department, McCloud called 911 from the Main Moon Chinese Restaurant around 4:30 PM Monday.  

    When a dispatcher asked, “What’s your emergency?,” McCloud replied, “I had bought some Chinese food and it’s not to par to me.” McCloud explained that restaurant workers were refusing to give her a refund.

    The incredulous operator requested the caller’s name and asked, “And this is why you called 911?”

    “Umm, what am I supposed to do? Jump over the thing and beat em up and get my money back?,” McCloud responded.

    After cops were dispatched to the restaurant, McCloud was arrested for misuse of the 911 system. She is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on Friday on the misdemeanor charge.

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    A Florida man battered his ex-wife after accusing her of cheating on him with a sex toy, according to police who arrested him yesterday for domestic battery.

    As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Triston Horne, 36, was visiting his former spouse’s Bradenton home last Wednesday when the pair began to argue. Misty Clark told police that Horne does not live at the residence, though she “does invite him over to the house.”

    Clark invited Horne over on July 1 to spend the night because “he was going to take her to work” the following day, cops noted.

    While in Clark’s bedroom, the duo quarreled. When Clark repaired to the bathroom, Horne barged in and “began accusing her of cheating on him. He told her that she was cheating on him with a sex toy,” according to the affidavit.

    After allegedly twisting Clark’s hand, Horne returned to the bedroom, where he “grabbed Misty’s sex toy and went back to the bathroom.”  Horned then "snapped the sex toy in half and walked away."

    With the help of her teenage daughter, Clark subsequently pushed Horne out of the residence. Clark told cops that she used to be married to Horne, but “later learned that Triston was already married to another person and that their marriage was null and void.”

    Seen above, Horne was arrested yesterday on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. He is being held in the county jail in lieu of $1500 bond.

    While Horne’s rap sheet includes three prior domestic battery arrests, charges were eventually dropped in each of those cases.

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    The man beaten unconscious this weekend following a July 4th concert in Cincinnati originally fought with one opponent, but then was pummeled by others, according to video shot by an onlooker.

    As seen above, the victim was left bloodied during a melee late Saturday at Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. The unidentified man (pictured below) was later transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where he was treated and released the following day.

    Police are investigating the incident, which was one of a series of disturbances that occurred as the concert and a Cincinnati Reds game were concluding.

    The video was shot from inside a city bus by a passenger who believes the confrontation began after the victim “was trying to get on the bus and bumped into the black dude.”