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    A Connecticut man on his way to court to “take care of a speeding ticket” was arrested yesterday after cops clocked his car going 112 miles an hour, according to police.

    Seth Tichenor, 33, was arrested Wednesday afternoon by Vermont State Police officers who stopped his car on Interstate 89.

    Tichenor, seen in the adjacent mug shot, was pulled over after other drivers called 911 to report a “vehicle traveling in excess of 100 mph and weaving in and out of traffic.”

    Cops subsequently clocked Tichenor’s car going nearly 50 miles above the road's 65 mph limit.

    Tichenor, who “was headed to traffic court to take care of a speeding ticket,” was busted for negligent driving and speeding, police reported. He is scheduled for an October 27 court appearance.

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    The notorious “Akron Pooper” appears to have been scared straight.

    It has been six months since the serial civic menace last defecated upon, or in, vehicles parked on the streets of Ohio’s fifth-largest city, according to police.

    Investigators believe that the suspect--a middle-aged white male--is responsible for the vile vandalizing of at least 20 autos since 2012. The “Akron Pooper” usually struck in the predawn hours in the city’s Castle Homes neighborhood.

    In early-March, cops circulated the above image of the suspect, which was snapped by a man whose daughter’s vehicle had been pooped on several times. The perpetrator was photographed with his pants at his knees as he hovered above the woman’s 2004 Dodge Neon.

    But since cops began publicizing the repulsive spree in a bid to get the public to help identify the man, the “Akron Pooper” has gone underground. Akron Police Department spokesperson Lt. Rick Edwards said no arrests have been made, “nor have we had any more incidents reported since the photos were released.”

    While investigators have received multiple tips on the pooper that have not panned out, citizens can still drop a dime to police at (330) 275-2552.

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    A shoplifter who wore a “Won’t Be Caught” t-shirt is being sought by cops who say that the woman and an accomplice stole handbags worth more than $700 from a Florida store.

    The suspect is seen above in an August 30 surveillance photo taken at a Marshall’s department store in Sanford.

    The two women were filmed “selecting multiple handbags and then passed all points of sale, making no attempt to pay for their selected merchandise,” according to police. The below photo shows the duo running from the store carrying the stolen loot.

    In March, a woman wearing a “Won’t Be Caught” t-shirt was recorded on a security camera after she and a female sidekick stole nearly $1500 worth of perfume and cologne from a beauty supply store in Tampa.

    In late-May, cops arrested Toccara Marlesha Huff in connection with the theft at the Ulta Beauty Supply store. Investigators identified the 33-year-old Huff--a convicted felon who has a rap sheet filled with dozens of arrests--as the woman wearing the “Won’t Be Caught” t-shirt.

    Huff was released on $4000 bond, but when she failed to show for subsequent court hearings, a judge issued an arrest warrant for her. Huff’s bond has been revoked, and the fugitive remains at large.

    It does not appear that the “Won’t Be Caught” thief seen in the August 30 surveillance photo is Huff. The Sanford department store is about 100 miles away from the Tampa beauty supply shop allegedly plundered by Huff and her cohort Ayanna Palacio, a convicted felon who is being held in the Hillsborough County jail.

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    A teenage bondage enthusiast is facing theft charges after she was caught stealing a “restraint system” from a Spencer’s store in a South Carolina mall, police report.

    An employee told cops that she spotted Tayler Aughtman, 19, “approach the bondage section and put something in her purse” Tuesday afternoon.

    After Aughtman left the store, she was confronted by workers, who “recovered an under the bed stretcher that was valued at $39.99,” according to a police report.

    The Spencer’s web site reports that the restraint kit (seen below) includes four cuffs, four 60-inch restraint straps, and a 60-inch connector strap. The items can “Turn your bed (or the one in that hotel you like to visit) into a bondage playground, with you as the center of attention.” Additionally, the store notes, “Restraint straps fit quickly beneath the mattress or bed frame for an instant bondage bedroom! Restrain your partner's arms or legs from the sides or top and bottom of the bed.”

    When a sheriff’s deputy asked Aughtman if she had “anything in her purse that was illegal,” the teen copped to stashing eight pairs of panties that she had taken from a Victoria’s Secret shop in the mall. The undergarments, valued at $84, were returned to the store, where a manager said that the business wanted Aughtman prosecuted for shoplifting.

    Pictured above, Aughtman spent a night in jail before she was released from custody early Wednesday morning.

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    The purported “computer specialist” who is reportedly peddling 32,000 Hillary Clinton e-mails is a scam artist in search of $500,000.

    In an, ahem, exclusive today, Radar Online reports the “stunning news” that the Clinton correspondence is now available to the highest bidder.

    Quoting an “insider” who appears to be the “computer specialist,” the gossip site noted that, “Hillary or someone from her camp erased the outbox containing her emails, but forgot to erase the emails that were in her sent box.” This glaring oversight, the site adds, is “the Presidential contender’s latest nightmare.”

    As proof of the e-mail cache, Radar cites the subject lines of several e-mails covering topics like Benghazi and hostages being held in Algeria. Radar’s “insider”--breathlessly, no doubt--warned, “If these emails get out to the public domain, not only is Hillary finished as a potential Presidential nominee, she could put our country’s national security at risk.”

    But before anyone actually wires that 500 large, they should be aware that the presumed hacker is peddling material that was actually swiped from the AOL account of Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal by the hacker “Guccifer,” who is now residing in a Romanian prison.

    As first reported in these pages, Guccifer (real name: Marcel Lazar Lehel) hacked into Blumenthal’s account in early-2013 and discovered an assortment of e-mails sent to Clinton, then the Secretary of State, at her private e-mail address. Lehel is pictured at right.

    While rummaging through Blumenthal’s account, “Guccifer” sorted its contents to show e-mail sent from Blumenthal to Clinton’s “hdr22@clintonemail.com” address. As seen above (click to enlarge), “Guccifer” screen grabbed a page from inside Blumenthal’s account showing two dozen e-mails sent to Clinton over a two-month period ending in February 2013.

    That screen grab--which “Guccifer” provided to TSG in March 2013--is now apparently being used as evidence to back up the claims of the “security specialist” seeking a six-figure payday. However, each of the six subject lines cited by Radar can be seen in the “Guccifer” screen grab.

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    9/2 UPDATE: Louisiana cops charge four women for drive-thru attack

    A confrontation at a fast food restaurant ended with a worker being pulled by her hair through the drive-thru window, according to video that was just posted online.

    The clip, shot from the rear seat of an auto, shows the female driver exchanging words with the restaurant employee, who appears to be wearing a McDonald’s uniform.

    After the worker slides the order window open, a woman can be heard saying, “Come on, bitch.” Then the driver leans over and, after grabbing the employee’s hair, pulls her through the window. After striking the side of the vehicle, the victim crashes to the ground between the car and the restaurant.

    A passenger then yells--apparently to the driver-- “Get out, Quita. Get out, Quita. Quita, get out. Open the door. Come open the door.”

    While unclear where the dispute was filmed, it is likely to have occurred this month.

    CLICK HERE for more tales of mayhem at the drive-thru window.

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    Missouri cops are on the lookout for a man who burglarized a Subway restaurant while wearing a blue unitard to conceal his identity.

    The suspect broke into the sandwich shop Sunday, according to police in Nevada, a city about 90 miles south of Kansas City.

    “Little information is known about the suspect due to the concealment of his identity by using a leotard suit,” noted investigators who released store surveillance photos in a bid to get the public's help in identifying the blue burglar.

    Local residents have compared the boot-wearing thief to an alien, a Smurf, a member of the Blue Man Group, and an “Avatar” cast member. In all likelihood, he is probably just a run-of-the-mill junkie.

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    There has been a potato salad attack reported in Florida.

    Days after a Sunshine State resident was nabbed for attacking his girlfriend with a plate of sauerkraut, a Bradenton man is facing a domestic battery charge for allegedly pelting his mother with potato salad during a confrontation in their home.

    Jonathan Smith, 34, was arrested Saturday evening after his mother Jennifer told cops that he attacked her as she sat down to eat dinner (potato salad and chicken) in the living room.

    “Jonathan grabbed a hand full of potato salad and threw it,” striking his mother in the face, reported cops, who noted that the woman had “food all over her and in her hair” when they arrived at the residence. Though his mother yelled for him to stop, Smith “continued to throw food at his mother,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

    After pelting his mother with grub, Smith allegedly pushed her to the ground, pulled her across the floor by her legs, and “spitted on her.”

    Seen at left, Smith--who works as a pallet builder--fled the home on his bicycle when his mother threatened to call 911. He was subsequently arrested blocks from the residence by a cop who noted that the suspect “appeared to be intoxicated.”

    In addition to the misdemeanor battery count, Smith--who is being held in the county jail--is also facing a probation violation charge stemming from a prior felony conviction. He is scheduled for a September 24 court appearance.

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    A naked driver who knocked out power to a Seattle suburb when she crashed her Volkswagen into a utility pole was under the influence of marijuana at the time of the accident, according to police.

    Crystal Daniels, 23, was charged this month with driving under the influence of an intoxicating drug after tests showed that the THC concentration in her blood was above the legal limit in Washington, where recreational use of marijuana is legal.

    Daniels, seen at right, is scheduled for a September 10 pretrial hearing in King County District Court on the misdemeanor count.

    According to police reports, Daniels, a Tacoma resident, drove her vehicle into a utility pole around 1:40 AM on June 17. The crash caused power lines to fall to the ground and resulted in “about a hundred yards of flames.” The resulting electricity outage affected about 4000 residents in Shoreline, a city about 10 miles from Seattle.

    Daniels, the car’s sole occupant, had to be removed though the crumpled vehicle’s rear window. "She wasn't wearing any clothing," a deputy noted.

    King County Sheriff’s Office reports offer no insight as to why Daniels was naked. When investigators sought to speak with her after the crash, she was conscious “but babbling and not responding to questions.”

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    After being arrested early today for disorderly intoxication, a 32-year-old Florida man compounded matters by telling cops that his name was “Kris Kringle” and that he was born in 1935.

    According to police, Casey Arundel was escorted from a St. Petersburg bar around 2:40 AM for “starting a fight with security personnel and other patrons.” When later approached by police, the “highly intoxicated” Arundel “continued his aggressive and belligerent behavior,” which triggered his arrest.

    After being detained, Arundel “provided his name as Kris Kringle with a date of birth of 11/7/1935,” according to a criminal complaint. “The defendant denied having any photo identification on his person to confirm,” cops added.

    Arundel’s true identity was later determined when investigators found his driver’s license “on his person.”

    Seen in the above photos, Arundel, a Seminole resident, was charged with disorderly intoxication and providing a false name to a law enforcement officer, both misdemeanors.

    Arundel, who was arrested last year for drunk driving, is being held in the county jail in lieu of $250 bond.

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    There has been a sauerkraut attack reported in Florida.

    According to police, Matthew Burnett, 40, "smashed a plate of sauerkraut" into the face of his girlfriend during an argument Tuesday evening at a Ramada Inn in Sarasota.

    Burnett and the 36-year-old victim met online and have “been together off and on for ten months,” cops noted.

    Following the sauerkraut assault, Burnett allegedly shoved the victim against a wall and then later grabbed the woman’s glasses off her face, resulting in a minor injury.

    Pictured at right, Burnett was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge and booked into the county jail (from which he was released on $500 bond).

    Burnett, who manages a Sarasota restaurant, is scheduled for a September 22 court hearing.

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    8/20 UPDATE: Google blurs out naked sunbather

    A topless woman sunbathing on a Mexico beach was photographed by a Google worker carrying a portable Street View camera rig and can now be seen with only her face blurred on the search giant’s popular mapping feature.

    As seen above (click to enlarge), the woman was recorded as she stood next to chairs set on a stretch of Cancun beach. While Google succeeded in fogging the woman’s face--and that of a male companion in red swim trunks--her breasts received no such consideration. 

    From other angles, the woman’s breasts are blurred, while a nude sunbather on a nearby stretch of beach is encased in a blurry, rectangular shroud.  

    The topless photo was spotted by TSG reader John Stansberry, who was doing some online recon in advance of a Mexico beach vacation.

    The Google worker who mapped the Cancun beach can be seen in the below surf reflection. The worker did such a thorough job that he/she even got close-up shots of two vacationers being ministered to by masseuses in a waterfront hut.

    Earlier this year, an Australian woman flashed a passing Street View car and the resulting photo somehow found its way onto Google. The image was later pixelated after media outlets reported on the topless stunt.

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    A suspect in a hit-and-run accident blamed the crash on her dog, telling a patrolman that he should arrest the pooch, police report.

    Christina Lamoreaux, 33, was involved last week in a one-vehicle crash outside her residence in Wildwood, Florida. Witnesses told cops that Lamoreaux “had left the scene and entered her own apartment.”

    During a police interview, Lamoreaux (seen at right) copped to fleeing the accident scene, but added that she “did not need to stay there due to the fact that she would pay for the damage.”

    Lamoreaux, who smelled of booze, then blamed the accident on her dog, though a police report does not detail the animal’s purported role in the crash. She then contended that, “I should arrest her dog,” noted Officer Matthew Reynolds.

    Instead of caging the canine, Reynolds arrested Lamoreaux, who subsequently failed a series of field sobriety tests at the Sumter County jail. She is facing charges for drunk driving, resisting arrest, and leaving the scene of an accident.

    Free on $2500 bond, Lamoreaux is scheduled for an August 26 arraignment on the misdemeanor counts.

    Last month, Lamoreaux posted to Facebook a photo (seen at left) showing her dog sitting in the passenger seat of a car. “The best road trippin friend… No backseat driving and no comments/complaints on the music choices,” the image was captioned.