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    Today marks the 25th anniversary of Pee-wee Herman’s arrest for exposing himself inside a XXX theater in Florida. So celebrate accordingly.

    Pee-wee--actually Paul Reubens--was collared on July 26, 1991 after an undercover cop spotted him twice exposing himself inside the South Trail Cinema, Sarasota County’s only adult theater.

    According to a Sarasota County Sheriff's Office report, a detective watched as Reubens “exposed penis with left hand” and began to "masterbate" at 8:35 PM (and then again 10 minutes later).

    Seen above, Reubens was arrested on a sexual exposure charge. The star of “Pee-wee's Playhouse,” a graduate of Sarasota High School, was in town visiting his parents.

    Reubens pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor count and was sentenced to community service and ordered to pay a small fine. The professional fallout was more severe: CBS ceased airing his show on Saturday mornings, Pee-wee Herman toys were removed from store shelves, and the comedian became a punch line for countless bad jokes.

    But Reubens was not without his defenders. Members of the public questioned the priorities of Sarasota cops, while some celebrities issued statements in support of Reubens. "Whatever he may have done," Bill Cosby told People magazine, "he hasn't done that to children."

    Seen below, the South Trail Cinema--which was flanked by a Red Lobster and the Dutch Valley family restaurant--was demolished a few years after Reubens’s arrest.

    Over the years, reports have differed as to whether Reubens, 38 at the time, was pleasuring himself during a showing of “Nurse Nancy” or “Catalina Tiger Shark.”

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    Meet Derek Foreman.

    As seen in the adjacent mug shot, Foreman, 30, is nursing a boo-boo he got late Thursday after allegedly head-butting his mother in the face during a confrontation in their residence at the Oak Crest Manufactured Home Community in Largo, Florida.

    The reason for Foreman’s battering of his 55-year-old parent?

    “Def. and Victim had a verbal disagreement because the victim brought home Chick-fil-A and the Def. did not want to eat Chick-fil-A,” a criminal complaint notes.

    Faced with the fast food grub, Foreman “became upset” and head-butted his mother, causing her bottom lip to split, investigators allege. Foreman was arrested for domestic battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail.

    After a court hearing Friday, Foreman was released from custody and directed to have no contact with his mother. A judge also ordered Foreman to be outfitted with a device that monitors his alcohol intake.

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    Included in the nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee e-mails posted today by Wikileaks is a recent request from a top party official to “get someone to ask” Bernie Sanders about whether he believes “in a God.”

    Seen below, the May 5 e-mail from Brad Marshall, the DNC’s chief financial officer, was addressed to three fellow staffers, including Amy Dacey, the party’s chief executive officer.

    Writing in advance of the West Virginia (May 10) and Kentucky (May 17) Democratic presidential primaries, Marshall asked, “can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

    While the e-mail does not mention Sanders by name, it seems obvious that he is the individual whose religious preference was of concern to Marshall.

    In reply to the e-mail, Dacey wrote "AMEN."

    In addition to Dacey, the e-mail was sent to Luis Miranda, the DNC’s communications director, and his deputy, Mark Paustenbach. Marshall appears to be suggesting that the men recruit a reporter to question Sanders about his religious beliefs.

    The Marshall e-mail is the latest leaked document showing DNC staffers appearing to do Hillary Clinton’s bidding while Sanders was still in the race. Party officials are not supposed to favor one Democratic candidate over another during primary contests.

    The e-mails provided to Wikileaks appear to have been among the material lifted from the DNC’s servers by the hacker calling himself “Guccifer 2.0.” In a June 15 e-mail to TSG, the hacker wrote that, “The main part of the [DNC] papers, thousands of files and mails, I gave to Wikileaks. They will publish them soon.”

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    Meet Santiago Thomas Parker.

    Before the 58-year-old Floridian walked out of a Vero Beach grocery store with a stolen four-pack of Natural Ice beer, he had a message for the Hispanic customers inside the market.

    “Donald Trump is going to build that fucking wall and kick all of you mother fuckers out of here,” said Parker, who was born in Germany.

    Parker’s bellowing, cops noted, “made the Hispanic customers uncomfortable so much so...that they left the store.” When store manager Sharif Hanson, who is of Arab descent, asked Parker to leave the business, he replied, “Fuck you, Muslim bitch.”

    Parker, seen above, was subsequently collared by a sheriff’s deputy for swiping the Natty Ice, valued at $7.71.

    Before being arrested for shoplifting and disorderly intoxication, Parker made sure to continue “yelling and screaming racial slurs” at Hanson and customers leaving the grocery, police reported.

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    A quintet of children used a CPR dummy in a late-night bid to break into an Illinois convenience store, police report.

    The attempted 11:30 PM burglary of the Jackpot Supermarket failed since the Peoria business’s front door was protected by a series of metal bars, the Peoria Journal Star reported.

    According to cops, the suspects--three girls and two boys--are all around 10 years old. The CPR dummy, a Peoria Police Department report notes, “was used to break the glass out.”

    The children fled before officers arrived Monday evening. Cops noted that the glass on the market’s door had been shattered and that the young suspects had left the child-size CPR dummy behind at the crime scene.

    Market owner Moe Abdul told TSG that he was familiar with the minor suspects, saying that they had been previously thrown out of the store for stealing merchandise. The businessman--who paid $500 to replace the broken glass--estimated that the youngest suspect was eight and the oldest was around 15

    Abdul said that after the youths failed to break into his store, they proceeded to burglarize a neighboring market that did not have bars on its windows.

    As seen in the above store surveillance image, the CPR dummy--which could pass as a small, unclothed alien--was abandoned on the pavement outside the supermarket. The dummy was subsequently collected by a police evidence technician.

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    A couple is facing felony charges after they were spotted riding a stolen lawn mower in the nude at 8:30 AM on a Missouri road, records show.

    According to a court filing, Tanya Hopper, 40, and Larry Webster, 55, were busted last Tuesday following the bizarre incident near the city of Joplin.

    Responding to a 911 call about a naked man driving an orange lawn mower with a nude woman in his lap, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office deputies encountered Hopper and Webster in front of a friend's residence. The riding lawn mower was parked outside the home.

    During questioning, Hopper and Webster admitted to the naked mower ride. The suspects claimed that they had been skinny dipping at nearby Turkey Creek when their clothes were stolen by a man who emerged from the adjacent woods.

    Instead of walking home nude, the duo said they opted to drive away on a mower they claimed to have found in the woods.

    Since Hopper and Webster did not own the lawn mower in question--a $5000 Kubota "zero-turn radius" model--they were collared for felony stealing. The owner of the lawn mower told cops that it was on his property, not abandoned in the woods.

    Pictured above, Hopper and Webster were each released from custody on $500 bond.

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    In separate incidents early Saturday, two intoxicated Wisconsin motorists crashed their cars while playing Pokémon Go, investigators charge.

    According to cops, the first accident occurred at 2:35 AM when Benjamin Schappe, 25, “failed to negotiate a curve” and struck a pole in Verona, a town outside Madison. Schappe was transported to a local hospital with “non-life-threatening injuries.”

    Schappe, a Madison resident, was cited for drunk driving and inattentive driving.

    At 6:27 AM, Jordan Speigle drove off the road and into a tree in Verona, according to the Dane County Sheriff’s Office. Speigle’s Mitsubishi Galant caught fire after the crash, but the 26-year-old was able to escape from the vehicle.

    Speigle--who was treated for minor injuries at a local hospital--was cited for drunk driving and driving without insurance.     

    Seen above, Schappe (left) and Speigle both "admitted to playing Pokémon Go while they were driving," according to investigators.

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    The New York man who wrapped his car around a tree while playing “Pokémon Go” is a former Marine who was trying to “catch” Lapras, a blue sea creature, right before the crash Tuesday night.

    Steven Cary, 28, suffered a broken ankle and leg lacerations when he slammed into the tree while driving alone near a lake in Auburn, an upstate city about 25 miles west of Syracuse.

    Cary (left) and Lapras are pictured above.

    Cops report that Cary admitted to “actively playing the ‘Pokémon Go’ game while driving causing him to become distracted and run off the roadway into a tree.” He is expected to be cited in connection with the one-car crash.

    According to family members, Cary spotted the Lapras Pokémon and became briefly distracted, allowing the vehicle to careen off the roadway and into the tree. In an e-mail, Cary’s mother said that her son was “injured and extremely tired right now,” adding that, “my son is a former marine who is trying to be a firefighter and EMT.”

    The Lapras Pokémon has a shell on its back and is “most known for its fondness of moving people and Pokémon across bodies of water,” according to Wikipedia. The large sea creature is reportedly averse to fighting, which makes them “an easy target for hunters.” Whatever that means.

    Cary was driving his younger brother Zachary’s 1996 Honda Accord, which (as seen below) is now totaled. Cary’s sibling has launched a crowd funding campaign to raise $3000 to purchase a replacement vehicle. Launched last night, the effort has so far raised $215.

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    Considering a career in the exciting field of correctional services?

    Yes, the pay stinks, working conditions are often terrible, and you are surrounded by criminals, both accused and convicted.

    But where else can you meet characters like Lens Toussaint?

    The 24-year-old product of Haiti (seen at right) is a convicted felon who is locked up in a Florida jailed awaiting trial on charges stemming from a January 2014 shootout with a fellow urban pistolero.

    Toussaint was in his cell Thursday morning when “Dep. Acevedo” opened the food hatch so a nurse could provide the inmate with medication. When the hatch opened, Toussaint threw a cup of urine at his visitors. The liquid “went into both of Dep. Acevedo’s eyes, up his nose and down his throat,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

    “How do you like the taste of my dick?” asked Toussaint, who had previously told Acevedo that he planned on sexually assaulting the Manatee County jailer’s wife and daughters.

    For his urine toss, Toussaint was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, a felony. It is the latest entry on his rap sheet, which includes a conviction for breaking an iPhone over the head of his girlfriend. Toussaint repeatedly struck the victim with the phone after she sought to break up with the 6' 1", 200-pound cockroach.

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    The night before Micah X. Johnson ambushed police in Dallas, his younger sister posted a Facebook message deriding white cops as murderers and declaring that, “I for one think these cops need to get a taste of the life we now fear.”

    As seen above, Nicole Johnson’s post noted that, “White ppl have and will continue to kill us off.”

    Shortly before Johnson posted her message Wednesday evening, she uploaded a New York Times video that included footage of the struggle that ended Tuesday night with the death of Alton Sterling, who was shot to death by Baton Rouge cops.

    In a caption accompanying the video, Johnson wrote, “Makes me so mad.” She then asked, “When we decide we had enough n fight back.”

    Earlier this afternoon, Johnson wrote that she was “shutting down my Facebook as the news is stealing my private words, photos and harassing my friends. When its safe i will hop back on here.” Her page, however, remains online. [Update: Johnson’s Facebook page was deleted around 5 PM EST.]

    Johnson and her brother are seen in the below Facebook photo.

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    A popular rapper today identified the wrong man as one of the two Louisiana cops being investigated in connection with the shooting death of Alton Sterling.

    In a post this morning to his Instagram page--which has 9.5 million followers--Meek Mill (real name: Robert Williams) posted two photos of Robert J. Kinnison as well as a screen grab of a portion of Kinnison’s Twitter page containing his name.

    Above the images, a caption declared “the officer that shot #AltonSterling but the media won’t show you these pictures of him.”

    Except that Kinnison is not a cop. He describes himself as a trucker from Arizona. Police have named Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake as the officers involved in Tuesday night’s shooting of Sterling, 37, outside a Baton Rouge convenience store.

    Meek Mill (seen at right) appears to have further disseminated images that were either first published to Twitter or Instagram. One of the photos shows Kinnison, 33, holding a Glock handgun, while his Twitter page includes a picture of Donald Trump and the Republican candidate’s “Make America Great Again” slogan.

    The entertainer’s post, which remains online, has received more than 56,000 likes, though some commenters have pointed out that the rapper has identified the wrong person. In a caption accompanying the images, Meek Mill wrote, “I guess this not a thug..... If I say what I really wanted to say I would prolly b arrested!”

    In a video posted online, Kinnison said that he has received “lots of death threats” due to his being identified as one of the Baton Rouge police officers. “I want everyone to know that I’m not a cop from Louisiana. I am a trucker from Arizona. Get that straight,” said Kinnison. He added, “Someone has majorly trolled me on the Internet.” According to his Twitter page, Kinnison is a “Christian, Conservative, gun rights activist.” His bio also includes the hashtags “#DONALDTRUMP2016” and “#NRA.”

    Williams, 29, is best known for dating fellow rapper Nicki Minaj and getting scorched during a feud last year with the singer Drake.

    Following the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, director Spike Lee sent out a Twitter message including what he said was the home address of gunman George Zimmerman. But the address Lee tweeted to his 240,000 followers was actually the residence of an elderly Florida couple with no connection to Zimmerman or the shooting case.

    Realizing his mistake, Lee quickly apologized to the couple--who had received numerous death threats--and paid them $10,000 as part of a settlement agreement.    

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    Meet Brad Beard and Samantha Canipe.

    The young couple was arrested early yesterday for attacking each other with pizza rolls inside their North Carolina residence, according to police.

    Summoned to the Gastonia apartment around 1 AM, cops reported that Beard, 24, and Canipe, 21, had “assaulted each other by throwing pizza rolls at each other.” A Gastonia Police Department report does not reveal whether the bite-size delicacies were hot or cold (or whether anyone was injured during the fracas).

    The motive for the mutual domestic combat is also not addressed in the police report.

    Charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor, Beard and Canipe were each released from jail Monday afternoon on $2500 unsecured bond.

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    In a case tinged with prevention and regret, a South Carolina woman was arrested yesterday for stealing condoms and a pregnancy test from a store where she recently worked.

    According to police, Hannah Trent, 18, took the items Wednesday from an Ingles supermarket. An employee told police that surveillance cameras recorded Trent shoplifting “two packs of Trojan condoms and a pregnancy test.”

    Packaging for the items--valued at $31.21--was later found in the women’s restroom.

    When Trent returned to the store yesterday afternoon to collect her final paycheck, she reportedly copped to the theft when questioned by a store manager.

    Trent, seen above, was arrested for theft and booked into the Spartanburg County jail, from which she was released around midnight.