Suspect Offers Decent Rationale For Stealing Trojan Twister Vibrator From Walgreens

A man caught stealing a sex toy from a Walgreens in Florida told cops that he pinched the Trojan product because “he and his wife were having marital issues,” according to a police report.

Despite that explanation, Eric Green, 31, was arrested last Thursday night on a theft charge for allegedly swiping the item from the Palm Bay retailer.

Cops were summoned by a Walgreens worker who saw Green pick up a Trojan Twister vibrator (seen at right) and head into the store’s bathroom with the battery-powered device, which sells for about $50. The employee told cops that he then “heard noise consistent with the packaging of the merchandise being opened” inside the bathroom.

When the Walgreens clerk confronted Green as he emerged from the bathroom, the suspect allegedly bolted from the store and tossed the vibrator in a garbage can outside. Green then ran to his truck, where he was apprehended by “Officer Badman.”  

A second cop, Officer Michael Fretz, reported that, “I looked into the trash can and saw a Trojan Vibrating Twister in the garbage can.” Fretz added that when he placed Green into a squad car, “the suspect stated that the only reason he took the vibrator was because he and his wife were having marital issues.”

Green, pictured in a mug shot at left, was later released on his own recognizance and given a court date.

The waterproof Twister, which Trojan markets as an “intimate massager,” is reportedly “perfect for internal and external stimulation.” Along with offering five speeds and three “pulse patterns,” the Twister has an adjustable silicone tip that can be placed in four “unique positions.” Additionally, the Twister comes with “an elegant satin pouch for discreet storage.”