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    Texas cops last night arrested a 13-year-old girl in connection with a viral video showing her attacking a classmate who was holding a small child in her lap.

    The teenager surrendered to police and was booked into the Dallas County Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center on assault and injury to a child charges.

    Video of the attack can be seen below.

    Investigators--who did not identify the defendant due to her age--began probing the girl after video of the June 19 assault was posted online. The attack occurred outside an elementary school in Rowlett, a Dallas suburb, and was the result of a prior disagreement between the assailant and the 14-year-old victim.

    As seen in the video, the victim was sitting at a table holding her three-year-old cousin when she was approached by the attacker and another girl. As the girls converse, a male voice can be heard saying, “Take the baby off, the baby’s the reason why she not getting beat up.”

    The victim, who apparently declined demands to fight, was subsequently yanked to the ground by her hair and beat by the 13-year-old. As she was pulled from a bench, the girl’s cousin went flying in the air and landed on a concrete slab. The victim and her cousin suffered minor injuries during the fracas, according to police.

    The attacker is facing a felony injury to a child rap related to the boy tumbling to the ground. She has also been hit with a misdemeanor assault count for attacking the older girl.

    None of the other teens present has been charged, including the young jackass who can be seen dancing and gyrating over the victim as she is being pummeled.

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    A Florida man struck his live-in girlfriend as the couple argued over his inability to achieve an erection following a night out drinking, police allege.

    According to investigators, Kevin McWhirt and his girlfriend Tabitha returned to their Bradenton home last night around 9:15 PM and “attempted to consensually engage in sexual intercourse.”

    However, the couple “began to argue over the fact that Kevin could not achieve an erection,” a cop reported in a probable cause affidavit.

    Tabitha told an arresting officer that the argument turned physical, with McWhirt pushing and slapping her. She also charged that McWhirt “used his finger to flick her nose.”

    McWhirt was arrested after a cop concluded that he was the “primary aggressor” during the confrontation.

    Seen above, McWhirt was charged with battery and booked into the county jail, where he remains locked up. McWhirt is scheduled for a July 28 court appearance on the misdemeanor count.

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    An Alabama man tried to smuggle Oxycodone to his imprisoned wife by hiding the pills between the patties of a McDonald’s double cheeseburger that he dropped off at the local jail, cops report.

    Timothy Lee Thompson’s bid to get two powerful pain pills into the tiny Red Bay city jail was thwarted when a police employee searched the McDonald’s grub and discovered the narcotics.

    Pictured below, Thompson, 31, was arrested Friday for promoting prison contraband. He was subsequently freed on $2500 bond after being booked on the felony count.

    Thompson’s spouse Ashley--who is facing a theft charge--remains locked up in the jail, which houses up to four inmates, according to Red Bay Police Department Chief Jana Jackson.

    Jackson told TSG that her department allows inmates to receive food and care packages from friends and family, but added that the items are checked before entering the lockup. Thompson was aware of this, since he had previously dropped off a book for his wife and watched as an officer did a page-by-page examination of the volume.

    Since inmates are fed bologna sandwiches and Hot Pockets, the dropping off of other food has been allowed by police. However, following the Oxycodone smuggling attempt, food items brought to the jail for inmates must now be “sealed,” Jackson said.

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    A 90-year-old man dissatisfied with the service at a Florida post office yesterday pointed a handgun at a worker and threatened to “blow his head off,” police charge.

    HB Shea, the accused nonagenarian, was arrested outside the post office in Boca Raton by Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office deputies who seized his weapon. Shea lives in a nearby condominium development.

    Pictured at right, Shea was initially transported to a local hospital for a medical evaluation before being booked into the county jail. He has been charged with aggravated assault and a pair of weapons counts (for which bond has not been set).

    Shea could also face a federal charge related to his carrying a handgun into a post office.

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    A woman was assaulted by her “on and off boyfriend” after walking in on him performing oral sex on another woman in a bedroom in the couple’s Florida home, police report.

    Richard Chancey, 50, was arrested around 4 AM yesterday and booked into jail on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. He remains locked up in lieu of $1000 bond, according to jail records.

    Responding to a 911 call, a Sebastian Police Department officer interviewed Sharon Lisovich, who said that she “began yelling at Richard and arguing with him” after discovering her beau “performing oral sex” on another woman, who is only identified as Angelika in the police report.

    As they argued, Lisovich recalled, Chancey struck her in the face with “an open fist.” Angelika confirmed Lisovich’s account of being hit by Chancey, but she “refused to advise on anything further.”

    When questioned by a cop, Chancey said that he was “in the spare bedroom with Angelika performing oral sex on her when Sharon walked in and became upset with him.” Chancey claimed that Lisovich struck him in the back, but that he did not return the blow.

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    A suspect in an Arkansas shooting was wearing a t-shirt reading “You can run, but you can’t hide” when he was tracked down late Tuesday evening after several days on the run.

    Tieren Watson, 26, was apprehended at a Little Rock motel by a task force of local police and federal marshals.

    Pictured at right in handcuffs, Watson was arrested in connection with a June 13 shooting in Benton that left a female victim hospitalized in serious condition.   

    Watson, a convicted felon, is facing an array of charges, including battery, aggravated assault, and weapons possession. He is being held in the Saline County Detention Facility.

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    The second woman involved in the notorious Indiana Walmart shampoo aisle fight has been arrested for her role in the scrap, video of which recently went viral.

    Rebecca Mills, 39, was collared yesterday on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge for brawling with Amber Stephenson inside the Beech Grove store on June 4. Mills was booked last night into the Marion County jail, where the adjacent mug shot was taken.

    Mills tangled with Stephenson, 34, after alighting from the motorized scooter she was driving across the suburban Indianapolis store.

    As seen on videos of the fight, Mills got the worst of the 10:30 PM brawl, and even endured punches and kicks from Stephenson’s six-year-old son (who also threw items at the prone Mills and, as seen below, doused her in shampoo near the fight’s conclusion).

    Stephenson was arrested last week and initially charged with felony child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. A misdemeanor disorderly conduct count was also subsequently filed against her.

    Stephenson claimed in a recent radio interview that Mills used a racial slur during an argument with a Walmart employee, which prompted her to confront Mills. However, when she was first interviewed by cops, Stephenson never mentioned the racial slur, nor did Walmart workers report hearing Mills use the word “nigger.”

    In a June 10 police interview, Mills said that Stephenson “came out of nowhere” and began yelling at her for “being in a wheelchair.” During the ensuing fight, Mills said that Stephenson “fish hooked” her. A police report offers this explanation of that term: “Mills explained that Stephenson put her finger in Mills’ mouth and pulled on her cheek so that Mills could not get away from Stephenson. Mills said that this caused a lot of pain and injury to the outside of her face, as well as the inside of her mouth.”

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    Arkansas cops are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a pantsless man who was spotted Thursday afternoon masturbating next to a truck outside, of course, a Kum & Go convenience store.

    According to police in Springdale, “Witnesses reported seeing a white male standing next to a Ford Ranger truck. Callers stated that the male did not have any pants on and appeared to be masturbating.”

    One witness snapped a photo of the man, who “realized he was being watched and quickly left the area.” It is unclear whether the man completed the act before departing.

    The image of the Kum & Go suspect is seen above.

    Members of the public are encouraged to contact the Springdale Criminal Investigation Division at (479) 750-8139 if they can identify the man.

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    A Florida woman has been charged with engaging in sexual activity with her pit bull, according to cops who found photos of the canine encounters stored on the suspect’s cell phone.

    In the course of an investigation into the transmission of harmful material to a minor, police earlier this month searched the phone of Ashley Miller, an 18-year-old Bradenton residence, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

    In a folder titled “2-face fun,” investigators found 17 photos of a “canine performing oral sex on an unknown white female.” In a subsequent interview with cops, Miller acknowledged she was the woman in the photos and that she was being licked by her dog “2-face.”

    Miller said that the female dog, which she has owned since 2006, has “licked her vagina approximately 30 to 40 times,” police reported. Miller further explained that she “would call 2-face into her room, take her pants off, open her legs and 2-face would lick her vagina.” She added that a prior dog, named "Scarface," also licked her on a similar number of occasions.

    Seen in the above mug shot, Miller was arrested Friday and charged with two misdemeanor counts of sexual activities involving animals.

    Miller, who was freed from jail Saturday after posting $1000 bond, is scheduled for arraignment on July 14.

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    As he maybe prepares to possibly announce his purported intention to join the crowded Republican presidential field, Donald Trump may soon have to explain his bizarre voter registration history, which includes him twice abandoning the GOP.

    Here is a brief review of the multimillionaire’s voter history as reflected in New York City Board of Elections records:

    * JULY 1987: Trump registers for the first time from his Fifth Avenue penthouse. The real estate developer, 41 at the time, reports having previously been registered from his boyhood home in Queens (though his prior party affiliation is unclear). Trump enrolls as a REPUBLICAN.

    * OCTOBER 1999: Trump dumps the GOP and enrolls as a member of the INDEPENDENCE PARTY.

    * AUGUST 2001: Trump enrolls as a DEMOCRAT.

    * SEPTEMBER 2009: After eight years as a Democrat, Trump returns to the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

    * DECEMBER 2011: Trump lasts two years before he again abandons the party of Ronald Reagan. He eschews the GOP in favor of siding with no party. On his registration form, “The Apprentice” star checks off the box marked “I DO NOT WISH TO ENROLL IN A PARTY.”

    * APRIL 2012: Trump registers as a REPUBLICAN.

    As of press time, Trump--who turned 69 on Sunday--remains registered as a Republican.

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    The Colorado man who blasted a malfunctioning computer with a volley of shots from his 9mm pistol has pleaded guilty to a criminal charge stemming from the April execution, according to court records.

    Lucas Hinch, 38, this month copped to discharging a firearm within the city limits of Colorado Springs, where he operates a homeopathic herb store with his girlfriend.

    As part of a plea deal, a Municipal Court judge placed Hinch (seen at right) on a six-month deferment, a probationary period that requires him to not commit any new legal infractions. Upon successful completion of the terms of the deferment, the misdemeanor charge against Hinch will be dismissed.

    In an e-mail, Hinch told TSG that he did not anticipate shooting any more computers. “Despite my previous actions (perforating a Dell), I'm always very laid back,” Hinch said, adding, “Since I have no criminal record and considering the circumstances, the judge found the situation hilarious.”

    Police cited Hinch after responding to an April 20 911 call reporting shots fired in the alley behind Hinch’s residence (which also houses his business). Cops discovered that Hinch had fired eight shots into a Dell XPS 410 model. The late computer is pictured below.

    A Colorado Springs Police Department blotter entry--headlined “Man Kills His Computer”--noted that a “fed up” Hinch had been “fighting with his computer for the last several months.” The dispute ended when Hinch “fired 8 shots into the computer with a handgun, effectively disabling it.”

    “Most individuals have had a similar disposition towards computers when they fail during critical times,” Hinch said. “I just happened to dispatch mine within a rather unwarranted location, yet preferred means.”

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    Arizona police are hunting for a man who was videotaped urinating through the mail slot of a Scottsdale furniture store.

    A store surveillance camera recorded the suspect relieving himself last Wednesday morning, according to Sergeant Ben Hoster, spokesperson for the Scottsdale Police Department. Cops are investigating the incident as a “urinating in public case.”

    As seen in the above video, the suspect--with his unleashed dog in tow--“stops, unzips the front of his shorts, and urinates in and through the mail slot,” cops noted. The urine soiled a rug and mail at the upscale Atelier store (which sells Miele and Poggenpohl products).

    Police described the urinator as a “muscular white male, mid 20’s, 6’0 tall, 200 pounds, with medium length groomed hair, no visible tattoos, wearing a white with gray striped tank top, turqouise shorts, white slip on loafers.”

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    The Indiana Walmart brawler who urged her six-year-old son to punch another shopper “in her fucking face” wants you to know that she is a doting mother and that, “I don't raise my children to take any shit!!!”

    In a Facebook message posted today, Amber Stephenson, 34, thanked her supporters in the face of a police investigation into her recent fight with Rebecca Mills, 39, at a Walmart in Beech Grove, an Indianapolis suburb.

    Video of the brawl--which went viral earlier this week--shows Stephenson yelling at her child, “Johnny, punch her in the face! Johnny, punch her in her fucking face!” Stephenson, pictured at right, directed the boy to join the fray while she had Mills pinned to the ground in the store’s shampoo aisle.

    During the course of the five-minute scrap, Stephenson’s son kicked and punched the prone Mills, and struck her with items taken from the store’s shelves. The child also doused Mills with shampoo or lotion as the brawl concluded.

    In a radio interview yesterday, Stephenson claimed that she tangled with Mills after Mills allegedly used a racial slur during a dispute with a Walmart employee. In her Facebook post, Stephenson stated, “I didn't know standing up for someone is wrong and sorry I don't raise my children to take any shit!!!”

    Fight videos contain no references to Mills using a racial slur.

    Stephenson has yet to address why she directed Johnny--a recent kindergarten graduate partial to gaudy timepieces--to punch Mills “in her fucking face!”

    In his own Facebook posts, Johnny Bishop--Stephenson’s fiancée (and young Johnny’s dad)--wrote of his beloved, “Thats my baby she wont start shit but she will deffintly finish it love u babe.” He also claimed, “it was self defense and walmart didnt have any security to stop it.”

    Stephenson recently completed courses at Kaplan College, where she studied to be a dental assistant. Stephenson secured an externship with an Indianapolis dentist whom she identified by name in a since-deleted Facebook comment.