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    A Washington State man who was charged today with making death threats against Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr. in unhinged online posts stocked up in recent weeks on ammunition and ballistic armor, but was stopped from purchasing a 9mm handgun after the Secret Service flagged his name in a federal background check database.

    Chase Bliss Colasurdo, 27, is charged with making interstate threats against Kusher and Trump Jr., according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle. Colasurdo was arrested yesterday in Kent, the Seattle suburb where he resides.

    Click here to download a PDF of the seven-page felony complaint.

    Federal agents began investigating Colasurdo after a “concerned citizen” contacted the FBI in mid-March about threatening posts on his social media accounts. For example, a February 27 Instagram post showed a hand pointing a gun at an image of Kushner. A day earlier, Colasurdo allegedly sent an e-mail to multiple news outlets declaring that he would “personally Execute” Kushner for “his countless treasonous acts.”

    On March 4, investigators allege, Colasurdo posted a photo of Trump Jr. along with the caption, “I would just like to let the secret service know that I am going to Execute this faggot.” Two days earlier, Colasurdo posted to Instagram a photo of Trump Jr. with two of his children. “Your kids will be fine,” a caption read. “You are still going to get executed for treason.”

    During a March 19 interview with federal agents, Colasurdo--an amateur MMA fighter--claimed that his Instagram account had been hacked, but noted that he had no plans to hurt anyone. Colasurdo also told agents that he was previously diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia while detained in a mental facility after a 2015 assault arrest.

    Following the March interview, Colasurdo continued directing threats “against Jews and public figures” from his e-mail and social media accounts. One of Colasurdo’s frequent targets has been Ben Shapiro, the conservative pundit. A photo posted to Instagram on April 7 shows Colasurdo lounging on a bed holding a rifle.

    As part of the federal probe of Colasurdo, agents accessed his Gmail account, which revealed purchases last month of body armor, a bulletproof baseball cap, rifle armor, and 300 rounds of 9mm ammunition. On April 3, Colasurdo sought to buy a $549 Sig Sauer 9mm pistol from an online retailer, but that purchase was denied since the Secret Service had flagged Colasurdo's name in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

    After Colasurdo’s arrest yesterday, a search of his residence yielded the ballistic armor and ammunition he recently purchased, as well as assorted firearm accessories, night vision goggles, a gas, mask, a framed portrait of Adolph Hitler, a Nazi flag, and anti-Semitic books like “The Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion.”

    Pictured above, Colasurdo is scheduled to make an initial appearance this afternoon at U.S. District Court In Seattle.

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    A man who stuffed a large Angus beef rib roast worth $62 down the front of his pants at a Florida supermarket had his alleged meat heist spoiled by an alert store employee, according to an arrest report.

    Cops say that Eric Worden, 40, jammed a seven-pound rib roast into his pants and then sought to exit a Publix supermarket in Parrish, a Tampa suburb. But Worden’s rib bid late last month was thwarted by a Publix manager who approached the accused thief to “challenge him about the roast concealed in his pants.”

    “Alright, you got me,” Worden reportedly declared as he “removed the roast before fleeing out the exit doors” around 8:30 AM.

    Worden, seen at right, was subsequently apprehended in the shopping plaza where Publix is located. After initially claiming that he had not stolen the rib roast (since he dropped it before fleeing), Worden acknowledged putting the meat down his pants, and that he had no money to pay for the rib roast.

    After its stay inside Worden's pants, the rib roast was discarded “due to contamination,” cops reported.

    Worden was charged with misdemeanor theft and booked into the county jail. Now free on $500 bond, Worden has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor count. Worden has a lengthy rap sheet, which includes time in state prison for burglary and trafficking in stolen property.

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    As she accused her boyfriend of cheating, a 24-year-old woman stripped off her clothes Saturday afternoon and began “dancing, shouting” in the parking lot of a busy Utah shopping center, according to police.

    Responding to a call about “a female naked and fighting a male,” a cop in Sandy, a city 18 miles south of Salt Lake City, encountered Kaitlin Adderley in a lot at The Commons at Southtowne.

    A probable cause affidavit indicates that Adderley, seen at right, disrobed outside a Verizon store and adjacent to a Nothing Bundt Cakes outlet.

    Adderley, who was dressed when a cop arrived, reportedly said she took off her clothes “because her boyfriend doesn’t want her anymore.” Her beau said that Adderley got nude as she accused him of cheating, as first reported by Pat Reavy in the Deseret News.

    A witness who lodged a complaint with police said she spotted Adderley “naked in public dancing, shouting, and grabbing at a male.” The witness, who was accompanied by her two-year-old child, said the minor also viewed Adderley’s display (which, the affidavit reports, “took place in a busy public area with constant vehicle and pedestrian traffic”).

    Arrested for disorderly conduct and lewdness involving a child, Adderley was booked into the Salt Lake County jail.

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    A Florida Man who was being investigated for causing a drunken disturbance yesterday at a public library was arrested after he gave cops a bogus social security number and a fake name--Jason Bourne.

    Cops say that Jonathan Chapman, 45, was asked several times Tuesday afternoon to leave the Pinellas Park library, but he refused. Chapman, who was reportedly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol, was subsequently asked to identify himself by a patrolman.

    Instead of providing his actual name, Chapman claimed to be Jason Bourne, the title character in a series of Robert Ludlum thrillers that were adapted for film (and which starred Matt Damon).

    The Bourne identity, however, was fabricated.

    Cops eventually identified Chapman and charged him with resisting an officer, a misdemeanor, for providing the phony name and invalid social security number.

    Pictured above, Chapman is being held in the county jail in lieu of $150 bond. His rap sheet includes prior collars for trespassing, public intoxication, and dealing in stolen property. A criminal complaint lists Chapman’s residence as a private home in St. Petersburg.

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    A Florida teenager is accused of striking his stepsister in the head with a thrown potato after she failed to pay him enough attention, cops say.

    Tyler Scott Parker, 18, was busted Sunday afternoon on a domestic battery charge following a spud tossing incident at his family’s Tampa-area residence.

    Parker, seen at right, began yelling at the victim and threatened to throw a potato at her if she “did not stop ignoring him,” according to a criminal complaint.

    After Parker’s stepsister “replied to the defendant,” he allegedly threw the potato, which struck his kin in the head. Parker was subsequently arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge.

    The victim does not appear to have been injured in the potato attack.

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    The version of the Mueller Report released this morning contains 855 separate redactions, the bulk of which appear in the section devoted to the Russian government’s actions to influence the 2016 election for the benefit of Donald Trump.

    The redactions were made by Attorney General William Barr in the weeks after Special Counsel Robert Mueller provided him with the 448-page report on March 22.

    The redactions range from single words and footnotes being blacked out to entire pages of the report being shielded. Of the total redactions, 730 appear in the report's section examining Russian intereference in the last presidential election (and contacts between "the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump Campaign").

    Barr’s redactions cover four categories:

    * Material gathered via grand jury proceedings

    * Information that, if disclosed, could reveal sources and methods used by intelligence agencies in the U.S. and abroad

    * Details that could affect ongoing criminal investigations

    * Information that could infringe on the privacy rights of peripheral, third-party individuals somehow involved in the Mueller investigation

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    A Pennsylvania man who was high on bath salts when he opened fire on fireflies that he mistook for “green laser lights” has been sentenced to a maximum of six years in prison following a plea deal with prosecutors.

    Jesse Shields, 31, was arrested last June after he and his girlfriend broke into a Clinton County residence. Claiming to have been attacked, Shields said “there was something on his skin that was burning” and asked the homeowner if he could use the shower. After disarming Shields, the homeowner allowed the intruder to use the bathroom.

    When cops arrived at the residence, Shields and Katherine McCloskey, 23, were taken into custody. Seen above, Shields and McCloskey are parents of a one-year-old child.

    During police questioning, Shields said the couple had been driving around in a truck when McCloskey “started seeing green laser lights coming from the sky and was hearing voices.” Shields added that he also “began to see and hear the same,” claiming that “the truck began to shake.”

    In an effort to scare off the pursuing laser lights, Shields said he used a .357 Magnum revolver to fire a warning shot.

    McCloskey told police that she and Shields “started seeing a lot of green lights that are similar to fire flies, but they were not fire flies because they were blinking twice.” Shields, she added, grabbed her father’s handgun and “fired the gun to scare whoever was messing with them.”

    Shields was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to felony weapons and criminal trespass charges. He was ordered to serve between three and six years behind bars. Shields’s rap sheet includes convictions for narcotics distribution, theft, making terroristic threats, criminal mischief, and assault.

    McCloskey pleaded guilty in November to disorderly conduct and driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Sentenced to a maximum of six months in custody, McCloskey is currently locked up at the Muncy State Correctional Institution.

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    Incensed that a St. Louis hamburger joint had run out of chocolate ice cream, a female suspect went on a 2:25 AM rampage, breaking out the restaurant’s windows with a baseball bat and spitting on employees, according to police.

    Officials are seeking the public’s help in identifying the woman who trashed the Rally’s Hamburgers outlet on March 27.

    According to a St. Louis police summary, investigators classified the incident as a burglary and listed three women as victims. The suspect, cops say, became “enraged after ordering her food” and “then used an aluminum baseball bat to break the glass windows of the business” and threaten the victims (none of whom were injured).

    Investigators say the woman went ballistic after Rally’s workers informed her they only had vanilla ice cream available. Upon learning that there was no chocolate ice cream in stock, she spit on employees and then set upon the business’s windows with a baseball bat

    It is unclear whether the woman entered Rally's with a baseball bat or retrieved it from her car upon learning that no chocolate ice cream would be forthcoming.

    The suspect fled in a gray SUV before police responded to 911 calls from the restaurant (seen above).

    Police described the suspect as a black woman between the ages of 25 and 35. She was wearing blue jeans, a green jacket, and a yellow shirt during the attack.

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    Angered by the noise coming from a union picket line across frome their home, an Ohio couple allegedly made sugar cookies spiked with a laxative and gave the baked goods to striking school employees, police allege.

    According to investigators, Bo Cosens, 29, and Rachel Sharrock, 25, are both facing a felony contamination charge. Seen above, Cosens and Sharrock are each locked up in lieu of $1 million bond.

    The couple lives on the same street where workers have been protesting since going on strike in late-March. Picketers on the line outside the Claymont Primary School in Uhrichsville are often saluted by passing motorists with a honk of a horn.

    That repetitive noise, cops say, prompted Cosens and Sharrock to target the workers.

    Police began investigating the pair upon receiving a tip about vides on Cosens’s Facebook showing the couple preparing the laxative-spiked treat. Additionally, video captured the couple discussing the delivery of the cookies to the strikers.

    A union official told cops that no strikers ate the cookies, which were apparently delivered by a friend of the accused couple. The cookies were turned over to police and have been sent to a laboratory for testing.

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    While not illegal for an Olive Garden enthusiast to dine while “not wearing a shirt...and shoveling spaghetti into his mouth using his hands,” a Florida Man was collared Sunday after drunkenly causing a disturbance at the popular Italian food joint.

    Cops allege that Ben Padgett, 32, badgered Olive Garden patrons for money and yelled "various expletives" inside the Naples hotspot. Padgett, who smelled of alcohol, was tucking into some pasta while seated on a bench outside the eatery when police arrived.

    Pictured above, Padgett was busted for disorderly intoxication. Before handcuffing Padgett, cops directed him to “wipe his face and hands from the debris of eating the food.”

    The complaint against Padgett was lodged by Olive Garden manager Ronald Worst.

    Padgett is being held in the Collier County jail in lieu of $3500. He has been ordered to stay away from Olive Garden (seen below), where you’re only considered family if you use utensils and wear a shirt.

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    Meet Jeremiah Bullfrog Robison.

    The Oklahoman, 30, is back behind bars following his arrest this week on firearm and theft charges.

    Robison’s rap sheet includes convictions for robbery, weapons possession, domestic battery, and violating probation, and he has served several years in state prison. He is currently being held on $10,500 bond in the Tulsa County lockup

    Robison’s parents were presumably fans of the Three Dog Night hit “Joy to the World.” Which, of course, is no excuse for saddling a kid with the middle name Bullfrog.

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    A Florida Man charged with killing a Chihuahua with a floor scraper told cops that there was a “strong magnetic force between him and the dog and the dog had to go,” according to a police report.

    Aaron Merwine, 27, was arrested Saturday evening for killing the dog, named Lucky, at his residence in Venice, a city outside Sarasota. Merwine, who works as a packer at Walmart, is locked up in the county jail on multiple felony charges.

    The dog’s owners adopted the dog from Merwine’s family and had brought the eight-pound canine back to the residence for a visit.

    A witness told cops that Merwine used the scraper to stab the Chihuahua five times. “The scraper still had blood and dog’s fur on it,” reported cops, who obtained the item from a neighbor who took the scraper from Merwine, who is pictured above.

    Merwine “appeared under the influence of unknown intoxicant,” the police report states. Merwine is expected to undergo a court-ordered competency evaluation in advance of his May 10 arraignment.

    Outfitted with a steel blade, a broom-length floor scraper can be used to remove old flooring, tiles, and adhesive residue.

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    A week after paying $8 million for a private island in the Florida Keys, a real estate developer was arrested for stealing $300 in merchandise from a department store, police report.

    Andrew Lippi, 59, was busted Saturday on a felony grand theft rap for allegedly swiping coffeemakers, linen, and light bulbs from a Kmart in Key West.

    According to a Key West Police Department report, Lippi purchased the household goods and then returned the items to Kmart, where employees discovered that the boxes no longer contained the new items.

    For example, cops say, a box that was supposed to hold a $165 Keurig coffeemaker instead had a basketball inside. In another package, a used coffeemaker replaced a new $55 Hamilton Beach model.

    During police questioning, Lippi denied swapping out the merchandise, which investigators valued at $300.59.

    Lippi was collared Saturday evening at Kmart and charged with grand larceny. He was nabbed shortly after returning a $27.99 bed skirt that he bought earlier in the day. However, police reported, “the bed skirt had been replaced by a pillow case.”

    Lippi was booked into the Monroe County Detention Center, from which he was freed the following morning without bond.

    Lippi’s bust came days after he closed on the $8 million purchase of Thompson Island, a gated island adjacent to Key West.

    Pictured in the above mug shot, Lippi--who has been barred from returning to Kmart--is scheduled for arraignment on April 18.