Police Probe How Woman Got Glued To Toilet Seat In Home Depot Restroom

A female shopper using the restroom at a Home Depot in Georgia became fused to a toilet seat that had been covered in glue, police report.

When a Banks County Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived at the retailer, a store manager reported that Illyanna De La Keur, 40, “had gotten stuck on the toilet in the female public bathroom.” Emergency services workers subsequently “removed and obtained the toilet seat” from De La Keur’s “behind.”

Seen below, De La Keur, a stay-at-home mom, was then transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Mary Dean, the Home Depot manager, told an investigator that she found a “brown paper sack” on the bathroom floor that contained a bottle of Loctite glue. Dean added that the other toilet seats seemed to have been covered in “what appeared to be some kind of glue.”

The Loctite glue container and the toilet seat were subsequently placed in a police evidence locker. The three damaged toilet seats were valued at $20 apiece, a deputy reported.

According a sheriff’s spokesperson, the November 27 gluing incident remains an open investigation.