World's Worst Burglars Going To Jail For 180 Days

The Florida trio who filmed themselves discussing breaking into a home noting that they hoped the owner “didn’t have the alarm system,” and declared, “Fuck the police” as they heard sirens off in the distance were each sentenced yesterday to spend 180 days in county jail after pleading no contest to felony burglary charges.

As seen in the above clips (which we’ve combined into a single 3:54 video), Joshua VanSlyke, 18; Anthony VanSlyke, 21; and Gregory Williams, 18, filmed themselves on a camera belonging to the VanSlykes’s mother that police later found in one of their pockets.

In the taped musings made moments before the group robbed a marijuana plant from the Bradenton home of an acquaintance last December, Williams is seen wearing a black t-shirt, Anthony VanSlyke has on a black and white hoodie, while his brother Joshua wears a grey “Zoo York” hoodie.

In February Manatee County prosecutors offered Joshua VanSlyke, Anthony VanSlyke, and Williams, pictured left to right in the above mug shots, a deal that included a prison sentence of about 21 months followed by three years probation. Far harsher than the six months in county jail they received after being sentenced in court yesterday.