Burger King Brawler Hit With Another Felony Rap For Spring Break Melee

The beleaguered BK Brawler has been slapped with yet another felony charge stemming from her videotaped outburst last month at a fast food joint in Florida, court records show.

Prosecutors last week charged Nekiva Hardy, 30, with giving cops a false name after she was arrested for wreaking havoc in a Panama City Beach Burger King restaurant over spring break. Hardy, wearing a bikini and carrying no ID, told cops that she was “Kimesa Smith,” the actual name of an acquaintance of hers from Montgomery, Alabama.

Hardy, who was originally hit with a single misdemeanor battery count, has seen the charges against her expand. She now faces two felonies and four misdemeanors in connection with the March 19 incident made famous by a YouTube clip that went viral.

Bond for the new felony charge has been set at $15,000, bringing her total bond amount to $65,000. Hardy remains locked up in the Bay County jail and is next due in Circuit Court on May 10.

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